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Setting up a business in Nigeria can be demanding and sometimes overwhelming. This is more so when there is little or no guide on what or what not to do. We will focus on an area of business which continues to receive high demand for quality services among Nigerian motorists. Mechanic services is what we will discuss on in this article. There has been a growing demand for more standardized car repair services. However what is obtainable on ground is still a far cry from what is desired.

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Nigeria’s Car Repair Industry

The car repair or mechanic industry in Nigeria is still in its rudimentary stages. Although there are standard mechanic workshops, they are grossly inadequate. What do we mean by a standard mechanic workshop? It simply means that instead of the traditional crude workshops which are very common, it means a workshop where almost every tool necessary for carrying out accurate car diagnosis and repair is available. This calls for a more refined approach to car repair.

Advantages of Standard Mechanic Workshops

The growing demand for more standardized mechanic workshops is justified in view of its immense benefits. Most mechanic workshops in Nigeria merely carry out trial and error repairs. Some mechanics have created more problems by trying to fix one. Therefore some people end up paying for additional problems caused by thier mechanics. Standard mechanic workshops are a solution to such problems. Although people may pay higher for services, the satisfaction they derive is priceless! A standardized mechanic workshop uses high tech equipment such as digital scanners, among others. These will pinpoint the exact problem to the technician thereby saving time.

People prefer standard mechanic workshops over traditional workshops. This is because they inspire confidence among clients. The car owner has an unwavering belief that he/she will not go back with such problem. In addition to this, a cleaner and better job is done. This is not meant to steal the shine from local mechanic workshops are there are very good technicians too. However, these are so few that finding them become a herculean task. Clients will prefer paying higher for enhanced services.

Some Tools for a Standard Mechanic Workshop

Starting a standard mechanic workshops requires significant investments in equipment. You need the right tools for best results. These tools create a win-all situation for both parties (that is service provider and client). You get satisfaction from offering excellent car repair services while the customer goes home happy. Some of these tools include hydraulic floor jack, a transmission stand, A complete set of mechanical toolbox, axle stands, a break pressure test kit, and an oil extractor or drain.

Others are a diagnostic machine, an OBD II scanner, a laptop computer, digital wheel balancer and TPMS scanner just to mention a few. These are tools which increase the degree of accuracy in vehicle diagnosis and repair.

Cost Implications

Setting up a standard mechanic workshop in Nigeria requires significant investments. Although there is no clear-cut sum required for investment, it runs into millions. An estimated start-up cost for a standard mechanic workshop can range from N8,000,000.00  to N30,000,000.00. Most of the costs will go to purchase of equipment a majority of which will need to be imported (and sadly so). You need to be financially prepared if you want to achieve your desire.

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Preparing your Business Plan

Because it is a more formal arrangement, when compared with traditional mechanical workshops, you need to draft a business plan. Your business plan holds the key to how successful your business will be. This is because it contains clear-cut goals/set targets the business is expected to achieve within a specified timeframe. You should give your total commitment to writing your business plan. It is necessary to seek for professional help in writing this document. This gives the added advantage of having a trained eye evaluate your business as well as offer highly useful tips.

It is necessary that you also register your business with the appropriate authorities and also train your workforce. Your workforce will need training on how to use available tools.

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