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Making money in spiritual ways comes in many different forms. Some in the form of a service rendered and some in the form of selling goods. But, in whatever kind of business, job or career, it is imperative that you demonstrate a sense of religious trust in your every day business affairs. Which means you will not cheat your clients and will serve them well. Because you believes from a spiritual view point cheating people is not good. So making money spiritually could have nothing to do with black magic but the truth, honesty and faithfulness demonstrated by people in their daily business lives.

The point is what you carry in your heart has a major impact in your business life. If you carry a vile character towards your customers you should not expect to succeed in life. But if you carry a merry and trustful spirit, your customers or clients will be happy with the service you provide. Besides, you will be making good money while serving your community.

List of Spiritual Ways to Make Legitimate Money

So here are some 10 jobs that tend to demand very high moral standards than most others. Though they are physical, they demand high level of spirituality. So much that we can classify them as spiritual ways to make money in Nigeria.

1, Police Officer

The job of the police is to protect people, it is not a simple task because we are talking about human lives. Only a trustworthy person will do his job perfectly without requesting for bribes before leaping into action when someone needs help.

2. Medical Doctor

Just like the police this involves the lives of people, the job of the doctor is probably the job that has the highest need for a moral and spiritual enlightenment by the people who practice it, because they are looking after the society’s health which is a huge responsibility.

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3. Lawyer

The profession of the lawyer is considered cool or at least they consider themselves so, but the important thing is the capacity at which they serve the community. They settle disputes, represent victims and fight for their rights in the court of law. This is no ordinary job, it is only with utmost sincerity that one can do a lawyer’s job.

4. Bookshop Ownership

Starting a bookshop may not seem like you are doing a serious deed for the community but if you reason a little you will find out that everyone learned to read and write using books, which is gotten from a bookshop. A bookshop owner is serving the community equally just as the remaining others if not even more.

5. Teaching Job

Probably the least paying of all the other jobs listed here, but that depends on the school and with the proliferation of private schools teachers are being well paid nowadays. And they deserve to be well paid because education is the bedrock of all societies and that is what the teacher strives for, to educate the next generation of the society to become useful members of it.

6. Soldier in The Army

Serving your country has never been better than serving as a soldier, it demands a lot of courage and bravery because facing the enemy is not simply a job, it is a duty, a sacred one at that.

7. Meteorological Expert

Those who studied geography, geology and other related courses serve us well by studying weather patterns, this is extremely important because it lets farmers make informed decisions, and not only them the government relies on this kind of data to prepare for contingencies such as setting up refugee camps in the case of floods and other natural disasters to help affected areas. So you see without the right kind of person (faithful one) providing data a lot of property and lives will be at stake.

8. Food Regulatory Agent

Every country has their form of food regulatory agency, in Nigeria it is called NAFDAC. They check the health of foods put into the market, to ensure we all survive and we don’t contract sever diseases.

9. Chemical Engineer

These are some of the highest paid people among those that are serving our community faithfully, if they decide to carry out their job anyhow, we will be in mortal danger. A single drop of the wrong chemical in a water purification plant can kill dozens and so is a single mistake in a petroleum plant can be hazardous to the environment and people alike.

10. Head of State

Nigeria is a big testimony that the wrong head of state can be gruesome to the citizens of said state. It is a job that is built on compassion, strength of character and trust. A negligent leader cannot serve the country properly and the consequences of such action will be grave, very severely so. So the job of the president besides being well paid is the biggest form of trust given to any particular person and serving with a good spirit is the biggest form of service anyone can give to the community.

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