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A travel and tour agency involves dealing with products and services that has to do with traveling documents, Airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rental services, tour and recreation, providing information on customs, etc.

Starting a travel and tour agency business can be rewarding provided you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Here are things you must put into consideration before getting started

Type Of Travel And Tour Agency You Want To Run

You can decide to outsource your clients to other big traveling agencies, therefore earning you your own fee for outsourcing or rather you can be selling airline tickets and travel packages on their behalf as a sales agent.

Network with Other Agencies

Be associated with different agencies to create a good relationship between you and airline managers. Your business will get recognition among other agents in the industry.

Register Your Business

Find a name that would be suitable and standout among many other competitors and also a name that would drive your clients your way. (IATA) is a body responsible for Airline, Cargo Agents, and Sales Agent. The IATA is a body that regulates airlines and travel agents worldwide. They operate with you after meeting up their necessary requirements.

Start-Up Capital

Starting a travel and tour business requires lot of capital to start up with because there are many things to put into consideration;

Getting an office space from local property agents could be expensive considering where you want your office to be situated. And your office has to be in a good location where travelers can be meet.

Registration with either trade association or IATA

Recruitment of staffs could also be tasking as well

Getting your business insured too requires money

Choose A Good Location

Target the place that is best suitable for your business. The area where your business is situated needs to be visible to customers. You must understand that, for your business to grow, you need a serene environment that looks like a central business district in your area. This will enhance the volume of traffic you will generate in your office on daily basis.

Have A Comprehensive Knowledge

Traveling round the world and knowing places is a way to provide good information about places you have been to. You can give your clients brief information about a particular place they want to go for vacation or visit. You are the all knowing and the only one who can give the right advice to a prospective clients.

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Before going into the business you need to study the business very well and know how you can operate to avoid any pitfall later. Know what it entails to be an agent, register with the appropriate body by specifying details on what your company would be offering. Knowing who your clients are is another major thing and how to communicate well with them.

Trade Association

As you are about starting your business you need to register under a trade association, this would make your agency to be familiar and acceptable. You need to register as a member to a body that regulates in your geographical area, in order to obtain a license to operate with.

Get Your Business Insured

Getting insurance for your business should be considered because it helps to boost your business and create a good image of your brand. Some clients prefer to deal with agents that are insured. Another thing is getting your staffs insured for future occurrence.

Focus On Your Clients

Your customers are the key in this type of business, and as an agent, you need to know how to carry them along when making traveling arrangements for them.

Approach your customers well when they come to you provide adequate information on time when it is required by your clients

The travel and tour agency is a fast growing business and lucrative too, especially when you follow the proper trend and procedures.

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