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    Many Nigerians today, especially the young crave for the limelight. Becoming a celebrity does not come easy as deliberate effort needs to be put in place to achieve this feat. However, there are some Nigerians who have become celebrities by accident. In this case, we may say they were at the right place at the right time.

    The Accidental Celebrity

    I termed this the accidental celebrity due to the nature of the character we will briefly discuss. The case Olajumoke the popular bread seller attracted both national in international buzz, especially within celebrity circles. She absolutely had no inkling that she was going to hit it big by becoming an overnight celebrity. Providence smiled on her when she accidentally got captured in a photo shoot intended solely for British-Nigerian music celebrity Tinie Tempah.

    She instantly became a hit, with heavy media coverage. Her private life became public knowledge, several companies came forward presenting offers to her of becoming their brand ambassador. Among these companies were Payporte, an online shopping store, Shirley’s Confectionery, and Stanbic IBTC among other strong brands.

    Truth Be Told

    However touching and inspiring Olajumoke’s story may be, we Nigerians will say “everyday no be Christmas.” This statement means that such luck does not happen often. What message am I trying to convey to you by bringing up this example? Simple! working deliberately towards achieving your goal of becoming a celebrity is an essential ingredient. The following are ways celebrities are made;

    How Celebrities Emerge

    To become a celebrity, there is no particular path to follow. However, one thing is common to all. If you put in enough effort at doing your work diligently, chances are that the limelight will one day shine on you. In supporting diligence, a  bible verse (Proverbs 22:29) says “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men.” Using the following points given below, you might spot the best strategy that is most agreeable to you;

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    Doing Weird Things

    Does this surprise you? It should not. This is very prevalent in Nigeria. A roll call of names can be rolled out, but for the purpose of this article, just a few would suffice. In your quest of becoming a celebrity, checking celebrities in Nigeria that have attained this status through acting weird will produce an amazing number of notable names. These include Denrele, Bobrisky, and Charley boy among several others.

    Fight for the Rights of the Downtrodden

    Under this category, human rights activists make up the majority. Notable personalities both living and dead have attained celebrity status due to their work and diligence in pursuing cases relating to the abuse of human rights by the high and mighty. Defending the cause of the weak in society has endeared them to the hearts of Nigerians. You might want to consider this option as it is very rewarding and fulfilling. The greatest joy of these actors is to see their efforts paying off.

    Celebrities under this category include the late Gani Fawehinmi, who was a renowned lawyer, Femi Falana, Olisa Agbakoba, Afe Babalola, and Festus Keyamo among several other human rights activists. Their effort in defending the defenseless has greatly increased their reputation as celebrities.

    Become an Actor or Musician

    This route to stardom is rife among Nigerians. If you think you have the necessary talent to either act, sing or combine both, then this category might present your big break. Individuals found in this category form the bulk of the most visible celebrities. Achieving this feat does not come easy as there are several other people competing for the limelight. To achieve your target, do not focus on your competition, but concentrate on developing yourself and success will come chasing you.

    Reserving the Best for Last! Do Something Crazy

    This category goes hand-in-hand with humor. In other words, it is unbelievable and funny. I am certain you have not forgotten about the “nationwide trekkers.” These set of people criss-crossed the length and breadth of the country in show of solidarity to their heroes. This was commonplace in 2015. After the announcement of election results, some people started trekking to express how happy they were with the outcome of the results. The attention of the whole country shifted to these unbelievable men doing the impossible.

    You might want to follow the steps of these by doing what you believe is crazy and easily attract people’s attention. However, it is advised that whatever you do to attain a celebrity status, be careful with the rights of others, as where your right stops is where your neighbor’s rights begin.



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