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    Are you ready to join the Nollywood now to become popular and begin your journey to stardom? Acting has a profound influence, fame, money, and sometimes self fulfillment. World over, it’s one of the most coveted careers. The reigning countries in movie making USA – Hollywood, India – Bollywood, and Nigeria – Nollywood. The Movie world powers have proved how lucrative a career in acting could be.

    Before thinking to Join Nollywood, these some of the things you must have in mind. The big deal about acting isn’t about having the dreams, it’s about getting into the groove. World over, getting to establish oneself as an actor is not as easy as sitting in a cinema hall, watching another actor play his role in a block buster movie.

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    Many actors and actresses who started without connections made many sacrifices, many succeed and  yet some didn’t succeed. Such is the cost of being an actor. I will be taking one from the three biggest movie industries in the world – Nigeria’s Nollywood.  What does it take to become an actor here? What does it take to join Nollywood particularly?

    What To Expect When You Join Nollywood

    Up coming actors earns up to N100,000 to N500,000 per role/movie while already established actors earn up to N5million. The earning is not exclusively through acting. Actors earn more even from endorsement and sponsorship. Corporate organizations, business brands always use popular faces to market their products. And that means a great deal to you as an actor who knows his job, who people like.


    What it takes to imitate a character perfectly is not usually picked from the street, it stems from inside you. And that’s the driving force of acting. It keeps pushing anyone who has it to display it. This ability “Talent” is the criteria number one in pursuing a career in any movie industry. And Nollywood is not an exception.

    Developing your Talent: Acting is a versatile career. It involves doing things you were not born with, things obtainable thousands of miles away. Sometimes, it may be to speak another language, portray a foreign culture or a rude character (Villain). Your ability to play the roles with ease and perfection makes you a talent.  But one thing about talent is that, it needs development.

    Comedy? There’s a question you really need to answer while developing your talent. Am I better doing comedy? Humor has a big way of making people rich. In fact, the richest actor in the world is a comedian. Therefore, determine what side of acting you really belong.

    Start with what is available around you, it could be church, school or anywhere there is a drama role to play. Make sure you record most of it. Remember, a whole lot of others are working to get the same role, and that’s why you need to work harder. A little edge you have over another person may be what the film director really needs.

    You could join a talent hunt organization. Sometimes, producers and directors work with such organizations to get a suitable talent for a character.


    Every movie has audition. It is through this practice that producers and directors get the best talents. So, look out for opportunities to test-play a role. Producers always put words out whenever there is audition or when there is a need for fresh talents. Attend as many as possible, you will only need one movie, one role to make your mark.

    The benefit of audition is that it helps you to get exposed to movie makers. And that’s multiple choice, in case this doesn’t work, you will get to know about another. Until you get a role, don’t stop.

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    • divine stephanie December 12, 2014

      I promised my late parents to become the best actress the world could ever dream of but (temple okeke) made me gave up of becoming an actress. I really need help in fulfilling my dreams.please

      • philip March 21, 2019

        Iam from zambian and i
        truely wanted to know if you offer such kind of opportunities even to foreigners

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    • absa January 6, 2015

      Hello,I'm interesting about nollywood movies, I would like to be part of it

    • Chioma January 6, 2015

      Have so much passion of becoming an actress and a writer someday hpe my dreams comes through someo

    • Paul okonkwo January 13, 2015

      I need to be in nollywood pls

    • Elvis O. Awor January 16, 2015

      I've always dreamt of becoming a nollywood actor right from my school age up till now, but I still find it difficult on how to fulfill my dreams. This is why I drop this comment seeking for your assistance, Please, only you guys can make it possible help me please… Thanks for your co operation.

    • promise anyalebechi April 29, 2016

      It has been my dream to be a Nigeria actor please you guys should help me out on how to get in touch or how to join the Nollywood. Thanks
      dis my number.

    • Henry May 17, 2016

      i was in AGN long ago, but because of school, i was force t stop, but is already in me to me in Nigeria entertainment industry, but my only problem is the stress of getting a roll

    • oluwafem oluwatosin August 12, 2016

      But my question is how can i join the nollywood and if it requires auditions and money am damn ready but this talent is their but have no platform to showcase it cos of d place am staying please you have to help

    • OnyealiPetMatilda September 14, 2016

      I have so much passion for Acting and Drama Creation (as in creating the story my self), because they are naturally in me. Please help me to become a nollywood actress and I writer. In order to do something positive with my talent.

      • Elvis October 14, 2019

        I’m Elvis from South Africa i have a passion to become one of the best nollywood actor..what does it take pls

    • BlessingChiamaka October 6, 2016

      My dream is to be acting,bt i dont have anybody to sponsor me.i dont know if u people can help me out

    • BenGbassie October 9, 2016

      Good day madam/ sir my Name is Ben Gbassie I am from Houston Texas USA and I’m a good actor from the day are was born are always wanted to be an actor but at that time there was no support for me but are didn’t give up are wanna be an actor. please are need y’all help thanks for y’all understanding may the almighty God continue to bless y’all. by the grace of God are hope to hear from y’all soon. God bless y’all.

    • adibeogechi October 12, 2016

      Good day Madam/Sir, my name is Adibe Ogechi,i want to become a Nollywood actress because i have so much passion for acting. and i have people who will sponsor me for it. it only if you people can make it possible for me. thanks.

    • lovelybee January 23, 2017

      Greetings, my name is Abok Blessing am from Plateau State, all i ever wanted to become a Nollywood actress because i have what it takes to be there. I also have many scripts i wrote but don’t have anyone to help me. please help me achieve my dream as a actress and script writer. thanks

    • Samtex January 29, 2017

      Good day sir/madam,
      Am ORDU Samuel, I hail from obite town, onelga Rivers State, I have a dream of becoming a Hollywood star, but don’t have any one to uplift me to that height, please I can be reached, thank you for your anticipation.

    • Bleasing February 28, 2017

      Hi my name is blessing izebe from EDI state,pls I want to become a Hollywood actress.I knw and I strongly believe I can make,it has bin my dream all dis years pls a need a help in other to actualised d potential in me tnxs

    • LittlebossNwabia March 6, 2017


      • moses March 1, 2019

        hallo good people im looking forward to work with any willing partner on nolly wood.intrested candidate pcall me via +254790328914.i goes by the name richie.call me intresting name of your own.byebye.

    • chineduekeh March 6, 2017

      Good evening my friends i love to work with Hollywood is my dream but i don’t no who will help me please i am from Imo State owerri

    • RitaPeter July 2, 2017

      pls how can l get into nollywood, cus l study theater in university of calabar so what should l do

    • Ogey July 16, 2017

      I really want to be an actress plsssss

    • esther July 18, 2017

      i really want to be an actress

    • favour emengini July 22, 2017

      I really to become an actress pls

    • Sandra July 25, 2017

      that’s my desire, I wish it comes to reality.

    • good evening sir/ma,i am talented to be an actor,and i have been looking forward to be a nolly wood actor.i can act any roll given to me.i thank God for that gift of acting.please sir/ma,i want to be an actor how can i get the form and all the neccessary requirement?

    • Andrew Linus July 29, 2017

      Please am interested to join Nollywood movie and i have talent in terms of acting in any role they might give me .

      Please put me through, Thanks

      • onyemaechi o, excel October 25, 2017

        I am so happy that am an actor in nollywood no matter what day say about us we will be going far if u want to no our leave then live Nigeria and go to another country u will see what the world see us as

    • ataga August 16, 2017

      want to join also

    • Kwabina bobga Godwin August 18, 2017

      It will be my joy to see my self as an actor in the Nigerian Hollywood firms so if u can make my dreams to come true then I will be very very happy

    • Kwabina bobga Godwin August 18, 2017

      Dear brothers, sisters, and all other high personality I greet you all and pray to God almighty to answer my dreams of becoming an actor in life. I am called kwabina bobga Godwin i am a Ghanaian but am in Cameroon now. This distance between us will tell u am very serious of becoming an actor. Thanks for your kind understanding

    • possble victory August 18, 2017

      I also want to join, am good

    • beatrice atieno August 23, 2017

      I really i want to became an actress because it is my dream all along,am in Kenya how can i join Nollywood industry

    • Uduak Stephen August 24, 2017

      Please I want to join in acting movie please

    • Uduak Stephen August 24, 2017

      Please don’t ignore my message please. I need help to join the nollywood industry. May God bless you as you show concern. Amen

    • OBIOHA EMMANUEL August 26, 2017

      My name is OBIOHA EMMANUEL,and want to be an actor but need a sponsor,it has always been my aim and i have a movie that i want to shoot but i really need help please don’t ignore my comment in you wanna call this is my number and i live at NO13 CDC at STELLA MARIS by PORTHARCOURT ROAD(ABA)

    • Ezekwonna vivian August 26, 2017

      Hey I want to become an actress it’s my dream n I can’t just let my dreams be dreams

    • Amarachi August 28, 2017

      My name is Amarachi,i will love to if you will asst me in Nollywoodsearch talent I am a good actress I which u see me and as well test me to know if I can or cannot and I will be happy if u take me.

    • Ladymargoe August 29, 2017

      I want to be as good as Mercy Johnson. I love acting with my life

    • MacDonald asere September 6, 2017

      I am ready to do anything just to be a nollywood actor please if you can help

    • Edeh Cnfidence Chidimma September 6, 2017

      Pls i really have the zeal and passion for it,
      help me

    • Desmond September 8, 2017

      I am ready to do anything just to be a nollywood actor please if you can help

    • princess Amaka September 11, 2017

      please I want to join nollywood
      I don’t know to get you people

    • princess Amaka September 11, 2017

      my dream is to become an actress one day
      please I need help

    • ezenwa uche September 11, 2017

      please,I want to become an actress,what should I do?
      it’s always my dream to become an actress which is the only career I have .

    • Nwanga oluchi September 12, 2017

      Please I want to become an actress,how will I be connected

    • Nwanga oluchi September 12, 2017

      ase I want to become an actress,how will I be connected ,

    • Resilient September 13, 2017

      Becoming a star in nollywood has always been my dream, but the issue now is where and how do i join, pls I need ur help

    • Dirgu Longji Bungs September 13, 2017

      Hello, good evening i am from Plateau State lives in Abuja and i want to joint Nollywood i am aspiring to be an actor please i need your assistance. I have no sponsorship.

    • Efebhokan Solomon September 14, 2017

      i wan to join how will i get the form

    • Sandra Williams September 16, 2017

      I really wonna join the nollywood, I’m very very extremely good in acting please contact me sandra.thanks

    • INNOCENT GODWIN September 25, 2017

      i really lv nollywood am gud on that in any part (as a prince )( a house boy) etc

    • Elijah junior ndivo September 27, 2017

      hi sir/madam i have a dream of being an nigerian nollywood i started watching nigeerian filmz since i was 8yrs but i am16years today i can act any role but the problem is that i am from kenya how do i get to nigeria plz help i begg of u that is biggest dream i live in nairobi kenya i am a very big fan of ken erics,yul edochie,prince nwanfor,frank artus,destny etiko,mercy johnson,uche udopta,francis duru,michael godson,ebere okaro,zubby michael,regina daniels,ngozi ezeonu,nkem nwoh,zulu adigwe,chacha eke faani,last but not list i admire mike ezuruonye so much i want to be like him,help me pliz

    • Philip September 30, 2017

      I can’t say much but i really want to be an actor not because i need money but it is something in me i want others to see and also promote movie industry

    • Arinze Sandra October 2, 2017

      Hello please help me I won to join nollwood, I won to become an actress, I can act in any roles thank. Am Sandra

    • Innocent owai October 5, 2017

      Hello please i need your help, i really want to join the movie industry as an actor, i can play any role ranging from house boy, gateman etc. thanks so very much. Innocent

    • Stacy Nasinkoi koileken October 7, 2017

      Hi am from Kenya a maasai and I really want to be an actress and to join nollywood, please help me on how to join you guys, thanks

    • IHEMADU CHIEMELA October 11, 2017

      A great thanks to the Nollywood Industry, Goodday dependable actors and actress who can see this; as you all know that acting depends on ones determined self and it base on what one has to give out to the world, I IHEMADU CHIEMELA has every great interest in joining the coup, it would be a great joy to me if you would consider me, thanks

    • Moses Deborah Awoma October 15, 2017

      I want to become an actress

    • Tijani Adegoke October 18, 2017

      great thanks to the
      Nollywood Industry, Goodday dependable
      actors and actress who can see this; as
      you all know that acting depends on ones
      determined self and it base on what one
      has to give out to the world, I Tijani adegoke has every great interest in
      joining the coup, it would be a great joy to
      me if you would consider me, thanks I believe I can thanks

    • Daniel Godwin October 19, 2017

      I am a script writer an also have a huge passion for acting. I really need ur help in achieving this set goal

    • Easy Stephen October 24, 2017

      Good day i sir,
      please help me my name is Easy Stephen chizaram am a young man of about 21 i rilly wish to join nollywood.
      Thanks Easy steve

    • Paul irana November 7, 2017

      please I have passion for acting and this is what I really want to do please just a chance and I have stories which I wrote

    • julius November 19, 2017

      First of all thanks to god my name is julius iam from cross river state iam talented I promise I can play a role please brethren puts me to test
      Thank you god bless you as you conect me here izzs my number

    • Okafor Modester November 24, 2017

      Pls right from my childhood I ve always dreamed of being an actress. It is in me I cant deny it but how to get in touch with nollywood is what I don’t know plss ma help my dream come true. God bless

    • Ekpe Izuchukwu H. December 7, 2017

      I’ve always dream of becoming a Nollywood actor right from my school age up till now, but I still find it difficult on how to fulfill my dreams. This is why I drop this comment seeking for your assistance, Please, only you guys can make it possible help me please… Thanks & Regards

    • Angel obi December 9, 2017

      how will I join

    • GODSWILL December 12, 2017

      I have the zeal for acting but don’t know how to get there can someone. Pls help me out

    • Segun December 12, 2017

      sorry one more thing i gotta ask how do i apply I am a Nigerian am actually Segun Gbadebo you could call me segz

    • Bella Murphy December 16, 2017

      My name is Bella Murphy okposin I hail from akwa ibom state, una eket local government Area, I believe in only one person which is me,i always have this passion in side me that like’s encouraging me to make my dream come true, acting is the only thing I can do with boldness it my pride, I need a direction please help me.

    • Theresa peters December 17, 2017

      I will love to be an actress here in Uk as a Hollywood actress am new in Uk I am from Nigeria and edo

    • Theresa peters December 17, 2017

      I am new here in Uk And I will love to be an actress in nollywood here in Uk I am married and I have a child

    • Egena Shedrack Omale December 22, 2017

      Acting has always been ma dream of which i musr achieve.determination is success

    • Susan Emmanuel January 3, 2018

      Am already into movie but I want to relocate to Lagos and am looking for a reliable production to join.

    • Sandy January 4, 2018

      I guys am Sandy by name from Nigeria am 18 my dream is to a world gud actor, like van vika, jem ik, and a lotS of dem, and I would love a movie industry, am a orphan trying to help myself my mom die the day she gave birth to me so that’s my story help me be an actor and God bless you Amen. my number is 09068127690 you also watsapp thanks.

    • Isoken Golden January 5, 2018

      Good day ma/sir I am nineteen I have been whishing to become an actress and I know am talented to act any role given to me. Looking at myself I see that potentials. Pls I need to know the requirement and how to get the form.God bless

    • Tessy Sunday January 14, 2018

      My name is Tessy Sunday from warri delta state Nigeria.am 20years and I don’t have parents.i love the way you people act.i will so anything to become an actress anything I promise

    • Obi chinasa January 16, 2018

      My is chinasa, i want to became a Nollywood actress, I work in a bank as a clear, am a funny girl,I make people laugh, I cry as well I use to take action when is for me to do that, I need your help

    • Sussan kristopher January 20, 2018

      Acting has always been something i love and got passion for….i am really interested in it i only need an opportunity

    • Alicia Kanu January 31, 2018

      Am so talented. I really have the zeal of becoming an actress. And am believing God for that.

    • Joy francis February 3, 2018

      I want to be an actress, that has always been my dream, rite from little tell now that am 19

    • Akky Kapoko February 14, 2018

      I wanna be a Bollywood actress I’m in Botswana and I wanna take my carrier far with the talents I have, I’m good at performance arts and information technology

    • Bethel Ikechukwu February 15, 2018

      Good morning sir/ma my name is bethel and since I was 10 I have always wanted to be an actor and I have the talent to act but no opportunity pls I no you guy can help me pls I will like to act in Nollywood

    • Henry March 7, 2018

      I will really like to join

    • Charles Patrick March 15, 2018

      I am Charles Patrick from Kaduna state. pls somone should make way for me pls, I do love to join nollywood and become a celebrater…,.pls help.

    • Charles Patrick March 15, 2018

      I will be very much happy, if i become a Nigerian nollywood actor. Can someone help me get the Job pls?

    • michaelking March 27, 2018

      I want to become a Nigeria actor pls help oooo

    • Francis Emmanuel March 28, 2018

      Greetings To The Bosses In Dis Forum,my Name Is Francis,i’m 19yrs Old,am A Good Actor With Several Movies. I Need A Platform Dat Can Take Me To The Limelight.

    • Imodje Chief Jonathan April 2, 2018

      I will be Glad if am been selected to perform in any role in movie because that’s my dream I study business administration an management.

    • Michael okechukwu April 8, 2018

      I am my name nwewbonyi michael okechukwu i am true son of ebonyi state sir/ma i wish to relate this regurd to you i am intrested in movies both to act and to dance if anyone can help me out to be among the group

    • faleye tobiloba ayorinde April 14, 2018

      i want to become an actor.i studied theater art and film study

    • Chisom April 14, 2018

      Am incomplete without acting… Pls Lord send me my destiny helper..

    • Chisom April 14, 2018

      am incomplete without acting… dear Lord Jesus please send me my destiny helper…

    • Samuel Raymond April 16, 2018

      Hi, my name is Ani chidera Samuel.and i will love it if i can be given the opportunity to join nollywood. I have the talent of imitating someone

    • Okeke Pamela April 26, 2018

      Hi, good evening. I really have passion for acting. I don’t have anyone to sponsor me that’s why am calling on you people to help me achieve my dreams.
      Sometimes, I do talk to myself and be acting. Am going crazy that’s why am voicing it out. I really need help. I don’t know how to go about it to achieve my dreams. Pls, come to my aid. Thank you

    • S.king Solomon April 28, 2018

      Baba I look up to u oh answer my call ooo. Baba God pick up d call ooo….

    • Hope john April 29, 2018

      Am hope john i love acting nd i want to act pls can u help me am at akwa ibom state .this is my Facebook account hope john tanx

    • emmanuel April 29, 2018

      i want to be an actor am gbakeji emmanuel

    • jessica defoe April 30, 2018

      i will love to join the movie industry, it has been my dream for a long time now
      i promise to put in my best.

    • Elizabeth udo May 1, 2018

      I luv acting but I have no sponsor pls help me may God bless you

    • It’s always being a taught of man to achieve what is good in life, i may not be perferct in doing it, but always a beleif in me that i can do althings through christ that strienghten me(my mentor aposetle paul).

    • destiny gift May 6, 2018

      I can’t stop dreaming of the moment I will be an actress it been my biggest dream but no one to sponser me dear lord send my helper

    • Abraham happiness May 9, 2018

      Have always dreamt of becoming a movie star …I will highly appreciate it if my proposal is being accepted….and I promise to be loyal and respectful in the movie industry

    • omonedo faith May 9, 2018

      i want to be along the Nollywood movies, that has be my dream…please help me please

    • Chimezie Sylvenus May 10, 2018

      I have always wish to be an actor. pls I need ur help

    • OVEDJE .M. ELIZABETH May 11, 2018

      I have this dream of becoming an actress and am 15years old,bt the issue is that i don’t know where to start from and also am from delta state

    • george chigozie May 13, 2018

      I would like to join the Nigerian movie industry… it’s because I love acting… my name is george chigozie….

    • alexander May 14, 2018

      please I’ve been trying by all means to say that I will be part of nollywood actor it is very difficult for me to do it because there is no one to help me please I need help if only you can give me a chance I will do my best please I am begging please I really need to do it that is what I mean dream of that is what I’ve been planning on doing please I need help please

    • peter ayobami olajide May 15, 2018

      hello, my name is peter ayobami olajide, from abuja, i really have passion for acting it has always be my dream, and am ready to give whatever it takes . please kindly connect me, here is my phone number, 08104950156, thanks-

    • Godwin Esther May 17, 2018

      my passion to become a public figure as an actress gat me searching way out.
      I will appreciate if someone sees the best in me and help me achieve it

    • Godwin Esther May 17, 2018

      I have a passion for acting
      Pls someone should help me in achieving my dream

    • timothy May 24, 2018

      Have so much passion of becoming an actress and a writer someday hpe my dreams comes through someo

    • timothy thomas ifreke May 24, 2018

      I have so much passion for Acting and Drama Creation (as in creating the story my self), because they are naturally in me. Please help me to become a nollywood actress and I writer. In order to do something positive with my talent.

    • Georgious Kamene Ngola June 1, 2018

      Good Afternoon Madam/Sir, my name is Georgious Kamene am a Kenyan, I would love to be a Nollywood Actress. I visit nigeria twice a year and stay around for a month. Kindly help me be an Actress.

    • Emily k oyibo June 9, 2018

      All I dream of is to be an actress and also to be among nollywood movies pls sir/ma pls ……. my mother always want me to be an actress

    • GOLD ADAEZE PAUL June 11, 2018

      Hi having a wonderful day I guess, I would be of great add to my life to become one of the leading stars in NOLLYWOOD industry, talent not yet seen, skills not not shown I would really would really love to to explore in my passion in acting and being involved in growing Nigeria film industry to be 1 of the BEST there is

    • Akky Kapoko June 12, 2018

      Where is the right website th a .ca connect me with Hollywood, a please help

    • Am somuch interested in Becoming an actress in the Nollywood Industry. I need a guide.i Love movies and would love to see others watch me act too. Am a graduate of Enugu State University of Science and technology .i studied Cooperatives and Rural Development.

    • monday ehibo June 18, 2018

      I want to join as an actor in Nollywood and ready to do my best in any act might given to me thanks.

    • UZOMA PRISCA June 27, 2018


    • my dream my hope,life is sweet when your dreams come true,from childhood that’s my dream and what is that dream?,to become an actor.life is a race and when you out run others their is always a fulfillment and what is my fulfillment?,to become an actor one day,to be like other notable actors and with my dream and hard work to raise Nigeria beyond peoples view.To make my acting very real and more of epic. how will this dream come true i don’t know,i don’t ask for too much but, thy will be done Manager.

    • robinson blessing July 13, 2018

      good day, im blessing nd i based in abuja nigeria, from edo state. ive always participated in church drama nd also in stages. Im talented when it comes to acting. I really wnt to be a nollywood actress it is a goal i would love to achieve in life. ive tried other site nd it either im been scam or wont be responded to. I really wish u consider my request nd stretch forth an helping hand. Would be expecting ur response thanks…

    • Hamunyela Ndapandula July 15, 2018

      Am actually a Namibian who dreams high and beliave her future lays in her talents….

    • ada gloria July 19, 2018

      i want to be in Hollywood please

    • Adetunji Roseline July 19, 2018

      Am ready to join now , I have passion for it am from Abeokuta study at Ijebu ode , my number. please I will be happy if you can apply . in fact I have a movie on my note to shoot very interesting you will like it and am sure that people will enjoy it

    • Praise July 26, 2018

      Hello am interested in acting and i need help please i don’t know how can i manage to join nollywood movie, industry help me please

    • Victoria Godfrey August 8, 2018

      I really have the talent of acting, I know I can do better yes I will do better if you can give me the opportunity I will inspire you and others all I need is a helper

    • Esther Obi August 13, 2018

      I know that with God all things are possile, i want to be an actress please you guys should help me out please please and i also have a good talent but no helper. My name is Esther Obi, am from Ihembosi

    • Charles Mkhize August 14, 2018

      Hey… I am Charles in South Africa, a Drama Studies Graduate. I’m fluent in English, Zulu and I know a lil bit of Xhosa. I’d love being part of the Nollywood Movies, please Help.

    • AbosedeZupo August 17, 2018

      I want to register

    • wisdom patrick August 24, 2018

      Good day Every one please i really need and assistance i love nollywood and i want to join them honestly someone please help me as i fillfull my dreams, please.

    • wisdom patrick August 24, 2018

      Please i really want to join NollyWood I need assistance for you all, please help me out so i can fulfill my dream thanks all

    • happy mathew August 25, 2018

      good day my name is happy mathew am from edo state nigeria i am 16 years old am good in acting i can any caracter in movie thank you from your time

    • Thompson C August 29, 2018

      I am Thompson I have a very good interest in acting and music but all is diminishing slowly because I don’t have anyone to help me but I believed God in all. I will like to join the noolly wood acting

    • Ogbonnaya chioma September 2, 2018

      I am talented and I am interested

    • ndulue divinefavour chigozie September 4, 2018

      please i want to join

    • onyinyechi sophia Mouneke September 4, 2018

      Good evening, my name is onyinyechi Sophia Mouneke,I’m from abia but I live in Lagos,I’m 15yrs of age..am interested to be part of Nollywood because I have the talent and its also my dream and part of me

    • Justice Solomon September 11, 2018

      my name’s are, Justice Solomon, from Benue state, but currently lived in Lagos state Nigeria, am a student of ( hft) heroes of faith theatre, am 21yrs old of age, all my life I have been desperately looking for how to get gain entry into Bollywood industry but I don’t know how to go about it,, I plead with you sir /. ma , if you are one of the producer, pls help me get in , and I promise never to let you down,

    • lucky istifanus September 23, 2018

      am hoping for god to send a helper for me i really want to be among the nollywood actors

    • NITE Margaret September 25, 2018

      Am call grace Sharon from Uganda26yrs am interested in the advert of casting indiacall of being actress. …….. I have talent over it will be great to work with you guys

    • Cynthia Basil chimelu September 30, 2018

      pls am interested in acting Nigeria movie’s

    • Innocent Favour October 5, 2018

      please help i’m really passionate about acting but my family have refused to support me i don’t want to sit and watch my talent fade i’m confused help me

    • Gift November 22, 2018

      I am a naturally born actress bcos i believe in myself, by the grace of God i knw i can do alot better, i am waiting for the right time since i have no support none connection. i believe i ll be an actress one day. just one opportunity i seek.

    • babilon chris November 24, 2018

      am naturally born actor,i have full confidence in myself and i knw i can do it

    • joy uguru December 5, 2018

      I can write script and can act also, i have passion for acting, please sir/ma am interested in acting.

    • Felicia December 13, 2018

      I really wish to become an actress but how…I put my trust in God ..I will find a helper someday

    • Tersoo Leonard December 14, 2018

      I wish to be one, Sir.

    • Happy Anyanwu January 7, 2019

      Good Day Sir/Ma. My Name Is Happy Anyanwu And I’m 15 Years Old And I Live In Warri Delta State. I’m Part Of An Online Comedy Group Known As YOUNG FORCE COMEDY. I’ll Really Really Love To Be A Nollywood Actress. Though I Have The Passion Of Acting, I Don’t Have Any Connection On How To Get In. Please I’ll Really Appreciate If You Can Help Me. And May God Bless You As You Do So.

    • AB GOODY January 9, 2019

      goodevening sir or madam, i am AB GOODY,i am MALE i am 24years old, i stay at lagos, i wish to be nollywood comedy actor, i wll very happy to one nollywood actor becide every body like better thing, i swear if you people employ me i will buy a botle of beer for all the nollywood staff let them share it toomuch alcoho is not good, i am sorry for that funny statement. my nO is 08144078224, thanks godless you people.

    • Ezenwegbu miracle ogechukwu January 12, 2019

      Good day
      Am miracle
      Am talented and am interested

    • Ezenwegbu miracle ogechukwu January 12, 2019

      Hello sir
      My Name is Miracle from Anambra State
      Am 16yrs
      I Have Wanted to Become the Best Actress in
      Please Sir I Need to pursue my dream
      I Have always wanted to Be like Mercy Johnson Okojie

    • Adesanya oluwafunmilayo January 18, 2019

      I really HV interest it

    • Adesanya oluwafunmilayo January 18, 2019

      I really want to become an actress

    • Jeff January 27, 2019

      Dat has been my dream but no body to help please if I am honored I will be very grateful
      Mobile number 08088125552

    • shalom👊 February 1, 2019

      am good in acting
      I will be glad

    • Bilyami Y Umar February 7, 2019

      Good Day Sir,
      Been a Actor is Dream i wanna achieve i got the talent to be an actor.
      Right now i Edit, Photography, Comedy, Writer, Singer But no one to sponsor me. I will be glad and great if u may help me.

    • Okoro favour February 10, 2019

      My biggest dream is to become a good actress, pls sir help my dreams come true, I have what it takes to become a nolloywood actress

    • Zainab aramide Suleiman February 11, 2019

      I really want to be a nolloywood actress pls help me plz

    • Godwin miracle February 12, 2019

      Hello sir
      My name is miracle from Edo State am 18yr I have always wanted to be an actress so that I can pursue my dream my career sir pls help me and my family

    • Enivwenaye clementina February 12, 2019

      Wow!!! I just tried going through all the comments but actually couldn’t, cause they are much. Anyway I am clementina ,and am 17. I really love acting although it’s not my dream but I have passion for it. I believe one day I will get into it

    • praisegod david February 14, 2019

      acting is not just my dream its my priority it is who i am
      a trial will convince any one who gives me a try
      i dont have to look for it cos i hv it already
      i dont have to put myself into it cos i know that am in waiting for a light to shine through my little dark part
      been an actor is my principle
      my personality and passion

    • celestine okafor February 22, 2019

      to become a movie star is my inspection
      movie my aspiration

    • Daniecious D. McGill February 23, 2019

      I have been dreaming to be one of Africa best Actor I have try and try but there I can not see my way out, for this reason i am asking the Nollywoo Family to please help me so that my dream can true. Second more i have three (3) stander Movies and 21 comedy on the Liberian Market

    • Rejoice zakka March 10, 2019

      hi am Rejoice Zakka from kaduna please help me,i want to join nollywood industry as an actress,i can speak hausa very well.

    • maryamharuna March 15, 2019

      i really want to become a actress



    • Doris john May 2, 2019

      please, Am Doris John from imo state, I really want to become an actress.I can speak English nd igbo with Arabic very wel. This
      is my contact +2349059415955

    • My name is Solomon Gbadegun, am from ibadan. i really show lot of interest in acting. I keep praying to God. let my dream come real…. am in love with the proffession, i know i have talent for it. i can’t keep moody, washing, relent on what i really show interest in it. So i need help!…… Help the small boy.
      My contact: 08028881978

    • ladi jibrin May 9, 2019

      Hello sir ma,my name is ladi jibrin am from fct Abuja am 21years old i have always wanted to be an actress,so that i can pursue my dreams my careers,so please sir,ma,i need your help thanks,

    • chidimma May 18, 2019

      I grow up and saw my self becoming a comedian/actress in my local area, but i see it as a gift from God but i have not seen a opportunity to utilize it. i will be happy if Nolly wood will enroll me in to the movie industry , i speak IGBO, HAUSA and ENGLISH and little of Yaruba.
      thank you i

    • Chike praise-el June 23, 2019

      please I have dreams of becoming the best Nollywood actress please put me through

    • Ahborsebemhe Felix June 30, 2019

      To become a nollywood actor has been on my mind from childhood till date, so since when my father died i promise my self i must be a popular actor like ZUBBY MICHEAL and i will be glad to become a nollywood actor

    • allen okeibunor July 16, 2019

      hi please its my child-hood dream to become an actor pls help me i want to be acting movies even if its short roles

    • motjari katjiiue July 30, 2019

      Hi. i am from Namibia and i would love to be part of the nollywood family. i love their movies and i want to start up my career as an actress.
      any one to help me, show me the way i would really love that..

    • Ameeratu Ogimheta August 1, 2019

      hi my name is amira. frm edo state, I have always dream of becoming an actress.. can someone link me to any road to nollywood industry . this my number 08064886941

    • Hassan Zubeidah August 8, 2019

      I have the passion of becoming an actress,it motivate me when i saw my age mate acting on stage and am hoping i should one day be like them

    • Kwamboka August 15, 2019

      hey, i’m Kwamboka, a kenya lady persuing a degree in film production and want to specialize in script writing. please assist me become to become one because nigerians are experts in that field.

    • Idafe Chukunalu August 25, 2019

      Good morning sir.please sir keep me posted if there is any audition,or perhaps a production house searching for a particular actor to act a particular role.please am expecting your reply hoping that you will use your good office and good will to assist me. may Almighty Jehovah bless you copiously and bountifully. may God enlarge your coast.may your pocket never run dry.thanks and God bless you.

    • HENRY August 27, 2019


    • HENRY August 27, 2019


    • fidelis yaga maina August 31, 2019

      pls I want to became an actor pls how do I go after it.

    • Friday Esther September 7, 2019

      I want to become a Nollywood actress pls help me it my dream of becoming one

    • ijaodola sodiq damilola September 9, 2019

      it a very big dream for me i love it very very well i will be gland if i can be grant me such an opurtunity

    • marian September 13, 2019

      my name is marian i really need help here please i love acting too much is my way and my dream

    • Otu Kelechi Inya September 16, 2019

      Am Otu Kelechi Inya From Ebonyi State Nigeria.
      i Really wants to nollywood member
      am 19 years old
      am an Editor and Comedian of Yungprez Comedy on youtube.com

    • San Rokan October 5, 2019

      Become An Actor And A Writer Is My Childhood Dreams..I Wish I Can Express My Talent To D World…

    • Esther alli balogun October 6, 2019

      Good day
      Everyone in Nolywood
      My name is Esther
      Am 14 year old
      And my motivation for acting as started since when I was 10 years old
      And even grew more when I see little kids like me in movies
      Please fellow actors i will be happy if I have the opportunity to be an actress
      Please maybe God bless you all.

    • Esther alli balogun October 6, 2019

      Good day everyone from nolywood movies
      My mame is Esther
      I am a 14 year old girl
      My passion for acting grow stronger everyday
      Especially when I see young kids like me acting
      I always think of having the opportunity to be like them
      Please people I want to be an actress
      I want to act to express peoples mind feeling intentions and things about life
      Please people help me
      Make my passion for acting to come to pass
      Thank you
      May God bless you all
      ( Amen)

    • Esther alli balogun October 6, 2019

      Good day everyone from nolywood movies
      My mame is precious
      I am a 14 year old girl
      My passion for acting grow stronger everyday
      Especially when I see young kids like me acting
      I always think of having the opportunity to be like them
      Please people I want to be an actress
      I want to act to express peoples mind feeling intentions and things about life
      Please people help me
      Make my passion for acting to come to pass
      Thank you
      May God bless you all
      ( Amen)

    • sumaila goodnews idowu October 8, 2019

      my dream in life was only to become an actor but I don’t know the steps to get there, so help me please

    • James praise October 17, 2019

      Acting has been my biggest dream right from wen i was small….i will be glad if u help me 07010719473(my number)

    • I find it extremely difficult to explain how much i want to become an actress but i will summarize it as i-want-to-become-an-actress.dont scroll down without helping me.for more explanation pls call 07082465240

    • GLORY Nkanta October 21, 2019

      Please give me one chance to join Nollywood and fullfil my true life story please, thank you so much ❤️❤️

    • Comedian ibotex October 22, 2019

      Which part are u good at

    • James praise October 22, 2019

      Pls i want to be an actress…i need help

    • Job Jiya October 24, 2019

      I really want to become an actor, and i promise give my very best when an opportuned

    • Iwu Elizabeth October 26, 2019

      My vision is to become an actress.

    • Owoko williams November 8, 2019

      My name is williams, am a profound actor i need help. 08087774165

    • cheto Jones November 15, 2019

      acting is dream place. pls help

    • Chinagorom Glory November 19, 2019

      Am good in acting, how do i make it to nollywood. I really need help.

    • NKOM EMMANUEL November 25, 2019

      i am in with nollywood because they can act very well,i can act funny part ( pls help sir

    • DAVID BENARD November 25, 2019

      my name is david benard i want to be a nollywood actor, i can act funny part, i will very happy you help sir

    • chinwendu November 26, 2019

      am chinwendu by names. and i live with my family of five children and am The four child of my parents.l like to act.

    • NKOM EMMANUEL December 2, 2019

      My name is nkom emmanuel i want nollywood actor, i can act funny part( pls sir help )

    • David Heaven December 7, 2019

      I love to because an actor.That has been my best dreams I have a lot of movies I wrote but no one to help me out with my dream.
      still waiting for my destiny helper

    • Sunday kossisorchukwu December 11, 2019

      Acting has been my biggest dream, am only searching for connection

    • Chukwuebuka Sunday- I- December 13, 2019

      -Acting is not what one can achieve it a gift ,acting has a spirit and when u can play a roll of someones life . Acting is my hobby it my life my future.
      All I think of is to see me become a superstar That will make my mom happy please I ask and beg you to help me make my dream come true

    • Ebuka Edwin December 17, 2019

      am Ebuka Edwin I really have zeal in acting I am a comedian and all so an actor at snazy movie production please I would like to join nollywood to show my talent

    • Merit abednego February 16, 2020

      I love nollywwood

    • Favour Emmanuel April 17, 2020

      Am favour by name, am interest to be an actress. God bless u as u comply.

    • Daniel Nmakwe June 10, 2020

      My is Daniel am a student but have the goal that i need to achieve and that is acting pls i need ur help God bless you,hoping for my request to be answered

    • Uba victory June 12, 2020

      Hello,my name is uba victory ijeoma, I’m an upcoming editor,and I really wish and love to be a Nollywood actress, please help me.thanks

    • Equere Comfort June 12, 2020

      I really have passion for acting while in primary and secondary school my friends,teachers and parents tell me that I have the talent of acting and should try as possible to study theatre act in the university pls I need this opportunity I see myself acting in the dream I want it to come into reality I really need help

    • Digi confidence June 14, 2020

      My name is Digi Confidence, am interested in acting so I need connection please help me, this is my phone number 09022114481

    • Geoffery Ramson June 17, 2020

      My name is
      Geoffery Ramson am from ogbe-udu warri delta state,my dream is become a supe star legend,i have perform my acting skills in many local production but they all fail to bring me up,please i need a sponsor and someone who will lead me through,in case of any contact,you can call 08057845735

    • Victor nnanna June 17, 2020

      Please am a comedian.,I can act comedy parts I really want to be part of nollywood actors. Just give me a chance

    • Michael Martin’s .R. June 20, 2020

      Please sir,I wish you can help me to get in to actor,l will be very happy about it,because is always my dream since age of my 14 years old ,now am 19 years old ,thanks,my name is Micheal Martin’s .R.

    • Wilson Wilson June 22, 2020

      My name is Wilson from akwa ibom state Nigeria I have passion for acting, and I really want to become an actor please link me up and you will never regret it god bless

    • ADERIGHA EMMANUEL June 23, 2020

      Please help me to get into the Nollywood industry and I will be very happy pls call my number if been considered. 09075490399

    • Amba peculiar July 13, 2020

      Pls help me to get into the movie industry,if it has been considered, call 07013002903

      • Temiyemi damilola July 14, 2020

        I want to become an actor
        With a good future
        My name is damilola
        And my number is 09068942129
        This is my line
        Please help me
        Am from Ekiti

    • Hi to who might be reading this,just like so many other people I also hv a passion for acting and all I ask for is a little guidance and sponsorship thanks.
      And just so u know I am also into music

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