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    No one can contend the fact that Nigeria loves football. This is evident in the country’s football stars who are never in short supply. Nigerian footballer ply their trade both domestically and abroad. Also, the following of football events both locally and internationally is incredible. For the foreign football exports, their impacts are being felt in their clubs spread across Europe which is the popular destination of many Nigerians. It will however be fair to state that the older generation set the pace, and the impact they made on the global stage inspired the younger generation, resulting in what we now have today.

    Who can forget the likes of Sam Okwaraji of blessed memory who died in active service to his fatherland? Other football greats both living and dead include Rashidi Yekini, Sunday Oliseh, Daniel Amokachi, Kanu Nwankwo, Taribo West among several other football players who plied their trades both domestically and abroad, and have contributed immensely to the development of the sport in Nigeria. They have brought international glory to the country by winning several competitions including the coveted Olympic gold medal for football in 1996

    To Become a Professional Footballer in Nigeria

    The situation today has witnesses a great improvement from the way things used to be in the past. This is evident in the football academies scattered across the country. The most recent being the football training academy established by Barcelona Football Club (FCB) of Spain in Lagos. Unlike before where the youths skilled in the game of football had a vague idea of how to put their talents to good use, there is proper guidance today in the form of these football academies.

    1. Have Passion For the Game

    This is a great ingredient that can propel an individual to achieving his goal of becoming a footballer in Nigeria. Without passion, there will be little to no progress. This point is mentioned here because there are people interested in becoming football players, but are driven by the wrong reasons. One of such reasons is the quest for wealth. If money forms the reason for making you want to become a football player, then it is most likely that you will not achieve your goal of playing for any club of worth.

    The right order of things is passion first, then other things follow. Passion can make you endure periods of intense challenges, as they will surely arise. This is where the difference between a passion driven player and a player driven by the wrong reasons is spotted.

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    2. Possess Some Basic Skills

    Although practice makes perfect, it is advisable that you have some basic skills, and add these to practice. Honing these football skills through constant practice can result in super athleticism and increased form. An exact replica of this is Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid Football Club of Spain. Skills added with constant practice will most likely get you to your desired destination.

    3. Be Persistent and Persevere

    Persistence in following your passion is very important. All the football stars making impact across the world today all started from humble and obscure beginnings. Perseverance and persistence brought them their current fame. Sometimes, things might seem so difficult that the easiest option will be to quit. But these are the defining moments that present the most opportunity. These moments of trial are what defines a player that will go far in this profession. It will do well to have this basic ingredient as it will help you succeed in becoming a professional football player in Nigeria.

    4. Attend a Football Training Academy

    If you possess all the above attributes, then it is highly recommended that you attend a football academy where your skills will be polished and put to good use, exposing you to the right audience. It is important to note here that without exposure to the right audience, your dream of becoming a professional football player is likely to hit the rocks! This is a feature that a football  training academy makes available to the aspiring football player.

    5. Land a Contract!

    This is what will give instant goose bumps to a any aspiring football player in Nigeria. Why? Because it may be the big break! But why use “may”? Because as there are good contracts, there are also bad contracts. These contracts are mostly entered into when the player is being signed on to a Football Club. However, you have to be very careful as some some Nigerian players have found themselves under bondage which is hard to escape from, resulting in their failure to excel. The cause for this contract mess is mostly desperation exhibited by football players to play professional football.

    It is therefore advised that before committing to any contract, the services of a lawyer should be hired. The contract document should be read by both the player and the lawyer, with the lawyer interpreting any legal terms that may be contained within the contract, and explaining its implications if they  are good or bad for business.

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    • mustapha May 1, 2018

      Plz i want to be a footballer plz i can play and i have skills. My number is 09082356672

    • Afolayan Hosea May 5, 2018

      I am interested in playing football and I am very skillful but my parents does not have much to sponsor me. I possess skills which I don’t just want it to perish. I will be highly honoured if you can consider me. Thank you .
      My mobile number is +2347015355420

    • Bright May 7, 2018

      good day sir,thanks for the information i really appreciate. There gose a saying “every great boy you know now was a poor boy who followed his dream”. I always put the best in me to make it great, as to prevent my dreams becoming my night mere, i do every thing with faith, i also did this with faith. Thanks, bless you

    • Gambo Isaiah R. May 9, 2018

      Hello sir!my name is Gambo Isaiah, am 25yrs old.Apart from God, football’s what I desired. I want to be a footballer and I need your assistance. Am from poor background as you all know that, not all that glitter are gold believe me. I can make a wonderful football.

    • Preciousky May 16, 2018

      Thank you very much Sir…..This is really going to help me a lot…….I appreciate.

    • John ibok May 22, 2018

      Please how would i join you people because love play ball

      • wisdom uwem September 19, 2018

        My name is wisdom Uwem,
        i have the passion for soccer,
        i am a winger i have dream of becoming a super eagles player that will eventually wear the number 7.
        i love to play for my beloved country and to compete with the world champions please sir/madam i need your help i stay in port harcourt

    • John ibok May 22, 2018

      Thank you very much sir, i will put all my effort so that he will help me in my future thanks… I appreciate. My numbers is

    • Joe brens May 22, 2018

      Thanks sir. It means alot to me

    • jeremiah king May 22, 2018

      thanks all of you,,, am also a better footballer, but know body to help me…. i promise who so ever help me…. he or her will be my agent for 3 years….. my number is 08180118878… try me and see

    • Bayo May 29, 2018

      Football is in me , I know God give me this ,I have dribbling skill, my skill is given by God I’m like Leo , but no one to help . I love football .i don’t just wanna waist this talent I want people to be proud of what God have given to me . And I know he will secure me a helper. 08107089707

    • Divine June 1, 2018

      I love football it has been my dream to become a professional footballer since when i was a little boy because i could remember my first birthday gift was a ball, but no one to sponsor me i won’t say i have a lot of skills but i just need someone to sponsor me if i can find anyone that we make me achieve ma dreams i will forever be greatful .this is my number 08135189596

    • NWEKE Collins June 2, 2018

      Hello daddy and mummy am 17 year old am a good player I play in a young star since I was 5years old . I want to be a professional footballer but there is no body to sponsor me I need help to achieve my goal pls if you can help be pls am in need of help pls dad and mum pls I no that you will help me thanks

    • NWEKE Collins June 2, 2018

      My phone number is 23408077553890 thanks if you help me God must surely help your family in Jesus name

    • It has be my dream to become a professional football,and help my country in both world cup and nation cup.i won’t say am very skillful.have been in football traning since am 8years of age and now am 19years.been trained by one of the best coach at imota,ikorodu,lagos.thanks for your support ma/sir

    • olukayode ololade June 8, 2018

      I will like to become a professional footballer cos I have the talent but there is nobody to help

    • kelvin June 16, 2018

      i need you all to choose people from the street that know how to play well and not from europe

    • kelvin June 16, 2018

      choose from the street and not europe

    • FRED FIDELIS EGBE June 18, 2018

      I Have been playing football for years now in local level winning many medal , i need to exploite in it m just 17 years old this is my number always waiting to be connected 08183172059

    • adejimoh jnr June 20, 2018

      am adejimoh abdulmutalib i have passion for football an i can play it well, i can play many wings such as attacking mildfield,wingers both LFW an RFW…i really need a help to archive my dream of becoming a proffessional player.

    • Emafolomi Isaiah June 24, 2018

      I love playing football and am really passionate about, am not after the money they pay. Am 23 years of age, am in my final year (last semester), a student of osun state college of technology osco tech, studying Mechanical Engineering. I need someone who will sponsor me through. This is my contact. Thanks

    • Joel July 13, 2018

      I am very skillfully although football is not all about the skillz but also about intelligence on how to play and am very sure I possess all and I really need a sponsor I really and truly want to play for my country .my num is

    • Ruona Avwerhe July 15, 2018

      I just saw 2018 world cup pass. And i realized that i want to do what they did, i want to create magic.
      I am a right footer with real speed and stamina and i don’t go down unless i want to… Oh! i also have a friend that is very skilled in the game of football. All i ask for is to be given the chance to create magic… My number is 09074278772 thank you.

    • Emmanuel July 25, 2018

      my name is Emmanuel Udorji,iam 18 years old and I wants to become a footballer but I have no one to help me with my career that I love so because of no money,please help me out I hope to hear your feed back,thank you.

    • MIMINU Abubakar July 27, 2018

      MY name is Abubakar but My friends call me tillyboi due to the fact that I am good at football. well I am not too good but practice they say make perfect. please I have big dreams about becoming a footballer but I my parents dont have a dime to sponsor me through. I do go to nearby field to play with my friends please I need your help I really want to become a footballer

    • Jennifer chinwendu opara August 15, 2018

      my name is Jennifer chinwendu opara .from IMO state .am so good in football just that I have no helper

    • Adiel johnson September 9, 2018

      Thank you sir for the information,i want to become a footballer too sir i will realy apreciate it if you can help me, my number is 08188806504. God Will Help As You Consider My Request.

    • temple September 17, 2018

      I am from Nigeria leave in bayelsa hoping to be a play football I need help 08147493538 my name is temple Raphael ronazee my friends called me Rinazee

    • Temple September 17, 2018

      am from Nigeria leave in bayelsa praying for hepl as a footballer My name is temple Raphael ronazee

    • Chukwuebuka September 18, 2018

      Good day sir?. I’m a professional football player. My name is chukwuebuka from surulere Lagos. Sir I really have passion in football. I’m 21years old. I go to practice in National stadium everyday. I would really love to to play in Europe. I have international passport. But I don’t have money to travel. Pls sir help me. God bless you. Here is my number.; 08053481374. Thanks sir I really appreciate.

    • Jimmy Peter September 24, 2018

      please help me sir! i am a very good goal keeper, i want you to help me achieve my dream, my name is jimmy peter, 08025121140

    • Silas Osarodion Kennedy October 1, 2018

      Football is my thing.
      I believe in the power of will, and when there is a will there is a way. When the heart is willing it found a thousand ways..
      This is from my heart. I will be a footballer is just a matter of time.
      Top (9) at the making.

    • Silas Osarodion Kennedy October 1, 2018

      My burning desire is to be a footballer. any body anywhere fill free to contact me once need arises.

    • Young Prosper November 20, 2018

      My further to be a football. Any one fill to contact me once

    • chukwudalu igbokwe cletus November 28, 2018

      I have passion for football, just give me one chance and I will make u proud.My name is chukwudalu cletus igbokwe,i live in
      fagbamila street sugo close.my number z 09063717372 pls just give me a try.Thank you and God bless you

    • kukoyi ayomide December 8, 2018

      Good day sir,I have passion for football,
      just give me one chance and I will make u
      proud.l love to become a great footballer of my country please sir:ayomide by name.

    • MOMOH Abdul Malik December 23, 2018

      my name is MOMOH Abdul Malik I am about to finish secondary school and I have great love and passion for football. Infact I even represent my school for various competitions .

    • daniel olowo v December 26, 2018

      My name is daniel olowo v i have a great passion and zest for football i am a good defender, excellent goalkeeper i love football and i want tojoin a football academy graduate and play for manchester united in england but my parents don’t know ’bout it. Please i need help in achieving my goals please help me ilove football so much i will be grateful i am 17 years old

    • Blessed Isaac January 2, 2019

      Good day sir, am very happy to hear this wonderful information of how to become a good footballer I have them I am talented by God my passion for football is out of this world I need oppotunity sir thanks and God bless you 08166426035

    • Tolani January 9, 2019

      football have been my life since when i was 5 i truly wish to be a professional footballer i will do anything to become one pls help me my no is 08079860528

    • ABIODUN January 10, 2019

      please I want to become an agent I will give you little kids with good skills from Nigerian

    • adebayo adeoye January 10, 2019

      please i love football how can i join you

    • abdulahi January 11, 2019

      pls I can play football very well I have I knew since my childhood that is my passion pls help me I have tried a lot but I don’t have anybody except god my number is 08110732678

    • david Walter January 13, 2019

      am david by name and my aim is to be a footballer I have joy when playing football but I have no one to support me financially to play abroad please if you can help me out I will be greatful to God Almighty this is my number 07030957225

    • Oniovosa Muesiri January 14, 2019

      Thank you so much sir, this would help alot.
      Sir i love football, I play football, and I want to be a professional.
      Help in anyway you can.
      God bless.

    • Ajoma david January 22, 2019

      I love to play ball and i have skilles am still a teen please help me this my phone number 09074744210 And i would like to join your team

    • Ramsey January 22, 2019

      I Also Want To Be A Footballer But Nobody To Help Me If You Are Willing To Help Me Pls Call Me.Here Is My Number 08111810374

    • Animashaun Ramsey January 22, 2019

      I Also Want To Be A Footballer But Nobody To Help Me If You Are Willing To Help Me Pls Call Me.Here Is My Number 08111810374

    • Benedict Williams January 23, 2019

      I am a great and good player who possess some football skills and am 16 years of age dwelling at Benue state in the province of otukpo and am willing to apply for any football club in Nigeria.

    • Uzor ikechukwu Benjamin January 27, 2019

      I know that I’m not that good but I with me doing my best I can do better me I am a midfielder my phone number is 08143212995

    • agholor angela January 30, 2019

      my sons name is divine and is talented in playing football.i believe oneday he will rise to the top and become a soccer player..he needs someone that will sponsor him. he is 14 yearss old.

    • agholor angela January 30, 2019

      my son divine is a talented player and he needs someone to spornsor him.he is 14 years old and his phone number is 08145575743

    • idam-enya tony February 5, 2019

      am chijioke by name from ebonyi state.i have a strong passion for football and i want to join any football team in Nigeria,am seriously in need of this offer,please help me.

    • NeLas Murugi February 6, 2019

      Hi,my name is nellas murugi am from Kenya. am talented in playing soccer please assist me to find a football club +254792083334

    • Ayoola micheal February 17, 2019

      I want to be a professional footballer i am a winger
      i have been aspiring to be a soccer player for a very long time
      i am in need of your help

    • akachukwu February 19, 2019

      if you want to play in cameroon, gabon, kenya, congo, usa; croatia, turkey, france ,poland,

      whatsapp me +237 680 28 47 00

      you can facebook akachukwu chinedu

      or google akachukwu prosper

    • akachukwu February 19, 2019

      if you want to play in cameroon, gabon, kenya, congo, usa; croatia, turkey, france ,poland,

      whatsapp me +237 680 28 47 00 no pay until you get to the club

      you can facebook akachukwu chinedu

      or google akachukwu prosper

    • larry February 19, 2019

      Gud day sir, My name is larry i like football because i was born with football talent , sir many ar call bt few ar chosen i will lyk to be among those that u will chose,sir i really need ur help as u help me d lord will see u 2
      dis my number 08116474042

    • goodnews March 8, 2019

      sir am goodnews i want to become a player pls help me am talented my no.07067147184 am from nigeria

    • Owolabi olanrewaju March 12, 2019

      My name is olanrewaju owolabi, am from Nigeria, I have a potential of player football, I got skill, passes, agility, and the basic ways of playing football but I don’t have someone to sponsor me, I will love if u could help me achieve my dreams. I will be very grateful my number is 08022543104, pls contact me as soon as possible.

    • Abdulsamad Mustapha March 14, 2019

      Good day sir my name is Abdulsamad mustapha from minna, Niger state I am a skillful footballer with different skills and tricks but don’t have anyone to sponsor me sir pls I will be very happy if you can help me pls choose me cause what goes around comes around may your children also find helper pls help me in this aspect of football I am a good footballer. Thanks sir my number is 08109637952 or 08038489847

    • ezeh victor March 17, 2019

      i might not know how to convince u, but seriously am in love with football but no sponsor. i dont know if u can help but may God bless you if u do.
      my number is 09038750232.

    • Okoh Desmond Godpower April 15, 2019

      Dear sir/madam.
      My name is Desmond Okoh,I love football and very potential to any athletes games I have so much interest in football and becoming a footballer has been my dream from my mother’s womb, I really love to become a Nigeria football star. I’ll be really great to meet your help. Thanks.

    • OLAREWAJU GODWIN April 17, 2019

      pls sir am interested in playing football am just clocking 16 and i want to play for my country

    • Azeez Taofeek April 26, 2019

      Please sir,i love football and i have passion for it but my parents are not allowing but i don’t know if you can actually help me out SIR
      am also wishing to become a nigerian footballer to make my country greater and higher in the world
      please i would be grateful if my request is granted
      THANK YOU SIR!!!
      my number:08147381399

    • Fashola Dolapo April 29, 2019

      My name is Dolapo sir, i have the talent of playing football but nobody to sponsor me and i really need your assistance this is my number 07080249572

    • nwachukwu kelsey May 3, 2019

      gud day sir i wish to apply to this great oppotunity,i want to apply for the form of the football academy my number 07016741842

    • AYOMIDE May 5, 2019

      i also want to become a footballer sir MY number 08162677155

    • Manuel jr May 7, 2019

      Am 18 years old am really good in football i wouldn’t say perfect i need to futher my football carreer,all i need is a sponsor and a contract….i promise my sponsor we would share the amount almost equal thanks….here is my number 09072698936

    • ifechukwu May 9, 2019

      my name ifechukwu I want to be a
      professional footballer in your sir pls

    • Adesida Adejuwon May 19, 2019

      I want to be a footballer and am very skillfull and i dont have money to go to academy.my number is08089317892

    • achoba genesis May 21, 2019

      good evening sir,i’m genesis achoba by name and i know how to play football very well but family did not have money to sponsor my carrier please sir help me,God bless you as you do so and i play my football for the love of the game number 09023639623

    • Anosike Emmanuel June 7, 2019

      i love football so much that no one can convince me even my parents could not convince me to leave it and face education.i want to go far in it because i am so passionate in the act.pls i need ur help.my number is 08022441231

    • Akpara peniel June 8, 2019

      Please,i have great passion for football,the skills too and also the desire to play for nigeria.am a right winger,left footed,age of 18
      my parent dont have much to sponsor me.please help me,sponsor me and god bless you
      my number is 09031748500

    • Lucky Kehinde Nicholas June 27, 2019

      I’m devoted and have passion for football I want to be a professional footballer have been to many teams taking from from one state to other for friendly match and we did excellently I have nice and good skills I would have been top now but no one to sponsor me Please I need help here Have played in warri south south jefter team , sunshine even in Ekiti at Olukayode stadium I will be happy if my request is been granted

    • Okafor Edward July 4, 2019

      I have passion for football and would like to be a pro soccer player but my parents insist and force my to leave football so I need you to pls give me the support I need. thank you and I would be grateful .my phone no is 08038809658

    • Damzy gold July 5, 2019

      Thank you very much, God bless you sir, I will try my best and i believe god will help me as i start.

    • Pls director,am Nduke obong Anthony by name am 16years old,am a weac candidate an am gifted in football by God to serve my country nigeria from international uncertainty pls i want u to help me and i will make u proud at last
      Am A utility midfield player,am a prowess at 10 position and a game changer.veteran at 8 position pls help and God will also help u.
      thank u
      am happy for this cus is for me.
      this is my phone number 07018572821

    • Isaiah August 9, 2019

      Good evening sir, I really do appreciate for your encouragement

    • OKECHUKWU NATHANIEL August 14, 2019

      God bless you all.i have be dreaming to become a footballer since when am 8years old but i still play local club am fit to make my country proud and my helpers i play defence and 7 that is my work and wil be happy if you help me i will not look down to my mentors this is my number:08130286701 please help me thank you and lord bless you all

    • OKECHUKWU NATHANIEL August 14, 2019

      Am a footballer with fitness, skill ,speed i play defence and 7 game please help me i need a helper God bless you all my number if you what to give me a try 08130286701 THANKS

    • Ahmad Usman August 17, 2019

      Good day sir! I’m Ahmad Usman, 4rm Adamawa state. I interested in football i used to go training always and i has a very good skills, i always focus on my job i hope to get great future in football. And i’m from poor family, nothing i seek 4rm you without assistance plz. Anyone can voluntear that’s my contact: 09032074964 thanx.

    • Bethel Daniel August 23, 2019

      Please I want to be a footballer I can play so that I will play for Nigeria.
      This is my number : 08032219313.

    • audu Christian August 27, 2019

      good day sir my name is Christian I had love to play football ever since I was a little kid my dream is one day scoring in a game in one of the top five league and I pray that dream comes true and I hope I will be the one to do it for me

    • Chinyere Bright Chinonso August 29, 2019

      my name is chinyere bright Chinonso and I am 20yrs of age and I love football so therefore I will like to be a professional footballer but I have no sponsors cause I don’t have money to go about it,I Know u might not know me but u can also contact me to show u how good I am.Thanks sir.

    • mohammad jibrin August 31, 2019

      Thank you very much sir,i have this passion of being a professional football player since when i was a kid.and up till now the dream is still in me.let me cut the story short…… I just want to be a professional footballer. Just need a trial because action speak louder than voice…..i love football morethan life its self. This is my number sir 09036923966

    • Victor Marshal September 3, 2019

      Hello!! I’ve got greate passion for football, it’s what i’m gladly interested in but no sponsor or connection either. I’m in need of help in way on this, may the lord bless grant our heart desires. My contact: 09024744893

    • IBRAHIM HABEEB ALEGE September 10, 2019

      my name ibrahim habeeb alege i’m 16 year old i have a passion in playing football but i don’t have a sponsorer please i need your help if you can help me sir my contact is 07051794277

    • IBRAHIM HABEEB ALEGE September 10, 2019

      my name is ibrahim habeeb alege i’m 16year old and i have a passion in playing football but i don’t have a sponsorer please i need your help if you can help me sir my contact is 07051794277

    • Isaac Ayomide September 11, 2019

      I An 16 Years,i Love Football and I Am Good To Some Extent being A Defender.my number is 08063431479.thank you

    • godspower October 11, 2019

      Good day sir I am 14yrs , I am talented and I have passion for football and I have no sponsor. I will be grateful if sponsored and who ever sponsor me will be my agent throughout my career.

    • ACHUBIA NOEL October 17, 2019

      Save My Career
      My Name Is Achubia Noel Am 16Years Old And I Have Dream All My Life To Become A Professional Player But No Connection Please Help Me My Phone Number Is 08146562921

    • Edughele junior Ehichoya October 21, 2019

      Well With Faith&wisdom
      i Believe I Can Do It.

    • Hayatuddeen Ahmad October 26, 2019

      In Nigeria from my side people use money not skills to succeed in football. Am poor, I only have the skills but I don’t have money to bribe my way through. Please if there is a way I can be assisted this is my number 09036603012… am Ahmad Hayatuddeeen

    • CHIJINDU October 28, 2019

      my name is CHIJINDU CLEMENT from Nigeria,since I was a child my dream was to become a footballer then I put all my love in football which make me the captain of the local term I do play in my village, am a talented young boy but just that my parents don’t have much money to sponsor me,please am seriously begin for someone’s help I just don’t want my talent to roust I will be very grateful if you can help me sir,this is my phone number 08106469241

    • Adebayo oluwatosin October 30, 2019

      My name is Adebayo oluwatosin please I have been looking for all means to be a footballer but I see no chance sir if u can help me out with my present situation God will bless u and the work of your hands(Amen) am really interested in fact all my soul body is into foot ball sir if u can help me out I pray u will eat the fruit of your labour thank you very much sir
      I live at Sango ota and my number is 08104963928 thank u sir

    • Adebayo oluwatosin October 30, 2019

      my name is Adebayo oluwatosin am a serious person who want to be a foot baller but no one to sponsor me
      Sir I think this is a great opportunity for me.
      Sir if u can help u u shall eat the fruit of your labour(Amen).
      and my number is 08104963928

    • Michael david November 4, 2019

      My name is michael david a great footballer i play every position and i can drible to the estend the nickname me ‘snake’pls sir dont allow my talent to elaps here but help me pls sir.my phone number is 08062932537

    • OSSAI .P. STANLEY November 9, 2019

      please help me , am very good in football and i love playing it …………………………………………………………

    • habeeb November 11, 2019

      my name is habeeb am a left back and can also do better at center bt no chance to become a professional player because of my parent pls need help… cuz I wish to play for my country Nigeria and win many trophies cos am capable for it….my number z 0811 741 0589

    • emmanuel May 31, 2020

      am emmanuel by name am 18yrs old am a talented young boy but just that my parents don’t have much money to sponsor me,please am seriously begin for someone’s help I just don’t want my talent to roust I will be very grateful if you can help me sir,this is my phone number + 2348134007026

    • Anioma chimarije June 14, 2020

      Sir please i can play ball very well but the problem is Money and connection
      There always say poor people have great talent
      Please sir I will be happy if I get help from the government thank you
      my number is 08062653320

    • Anioma chimarije June 14, 2020

      Sir please I need help I play football well but. I don’t have money or connection .
      Am not asking for much just please sir I will so great full if government helps me
      This is my number 08062653320.
      Thank you

    • Am the future star of naija Sir am from imostate but my parents cant afford academy even if the do,how will the contract money be provided please i need help my number is 09076583485

    • Isumafen divine June 28, 2020

      This is my opportunity to be a professional footballer please sir

    • Amole Temiloluwa July 3, 2020

      Hi sir my name is Ample Temiloluwa I’m 17 years old. I base in Lagos state , I have always aspired to being a professional football since I started watching football. The excitement and joy of seeing fans shout my name on the football field has always been my dream but what’s makes me keep loving football are the goals the joy of scoring goals making myself, my team and the fans happy has always been my dream, winning games, winning trophies has been my aspiration. So sir please I need your support in anywhere possible. Thanks
      Yours faithfully.

    • David omaka July 12, 2020

      My name is david omaka and i really want to be a footballer my phone number is 07052085055

    • Kehinde dada July 22, 2020

      gud day sir
      please sir I want to become a footballer but no sponsorer, I started playing football from my teenage age, playing from one place to another until one day someone called me and he advice me to further more I started training in stadium playing matches from one to another but unfortunately I tried my possible best to but no sponsorer in this situation I believe GOD can use to help me

    • Good day sir/madam .
      My name is Collins onyemefolu.am from anambra anocha local government aguluzigbo, but live in Lagos State no,15ojo giwa steet Lagos lsland
      I am living with my oga but I no longer wants to serve oga .my dream is in football and my parents don’t have the money to sponsor me .I want to be among the people FIFA world cup 2022. sir/madam anything body that helps me belssing will be flowing
      In your family from generatit to generation Aman my contact 08060086178 or07032403945

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