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    The objective of ads is to reach as many people as possible. As the number of people who go online daily is counting on the increase, the opportunity of getting heard or seen follows it. Mobile phones have enabled a massive accessibility of online contents.  Especially during major sports events, which gives you a great marketing opportunity. How can you take advantage of these sports events to market your products?

    Radio is another platform that people use to get connected to sports events. Every Radio station has its own audience, but in the case of sports, dedicated sports stations win the sports loving audience, making it a durable platform to advertise goods and services.

    World Cup

    This action packed event has got all it takes to bring people (who yell and chant for victory) together. Millions of people spend considerable amount of time on the screen, and online, whenever it is happening. Now you wouldn’t wonder why a TV station would spend as much as $325 million for world cups TV rights. A large number of people who are willing to spend more than 120 minutes on the screens, see more than football matches. The world football governing body FIFA gulped a lot of undisclosed revenue from TV rights.

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    And that gives a competitive opportunity to everyone who has got anything to showcase. If the objective of ads is to reach many people, now you know how many people who will see your brand if you take advantage of these sports events to promote your products in these channels. For instance, during the 2014 world cup, the match between the US and Portugal drew a record of 18.2 million viewers on ESPN alone. That’s a profitable amount of crowd to reach with your business.

    UEFA Champions League

    Still talking about audience as the purpose of ads, the EUFA Champions League can not be ignored. This division of football game commands amazing number of crowd internationally. Almost every country of the world has a crowd of fans supporting one European football club or the other. The TV right is worth 900 million Pounds, making it a very big platform to display products and services.

    Super Bowl

    The most watched sports game  in the Us, and one the most watched in the world. There was an all time record of 167 million viewers in 2014, in the united states alone. World over, the number of viewers is highly increasing, making it a very “big shot” Market. According to Forbes, super bowl TV right has hit $27 billion. Now you see how the chance to be noticed is here.

    UEFA Europa League

    This is another sports competition with the ability to  command a lot of audience. There’s an average of about 40 million viewers per match world wide. You see! Sports has a way of bringing people from different backgrounds together, and when it does, it gives the chance to show them something else- your goods and services.

    African Nations Cup

    This football event that takes place every two years, brings a lot of eyes to TV screens. About half of over 1.111 billion people In Africa watch the matches. Making it the biggest sports event in Africa, enabling ads of everything that can afford to be advertised on Television.


    Sports without basketball is quite incomplete. It is one of the most exciting games of sports. Commanding a lot viewers worldwide, especially in the US, where it commands about 18 million viewers per match, according ESPN. Now you wouldn’t doubt if anything you put out there is going to be seen.


    Now, another simple but powerful sports game that would take your (whatever) to the world is tennis. The always happy and cheering audience know how to pay attention to some other things they see on the screen. Which means, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

    Look Around

    I started to think; what if the major sports events isn’t within your reach? Then look around and see other sports activities of lower profile, but with the needed audience that would make the needed impact on your business. Sports events are sometimes made locally, and you can be part of it through sponsorship. The publicity will all be yours.

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