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    If you consider what it takes to set up a sports magazine publishing business, you will doubt the possibility of someone who does not have a robust account statement making it big out there. But thanks to the internet, and the world of content marketing. These has created a grand online sports magazine publishing opportunity.

    South Africa is one of the biggest consumer of sports news in Africa. Therefore, great opportunity exist in online sports magazine publishing, profiling different athletes in and outside the country. How do you get started? What do you publish? How do you get people to see your content? The right answers to these questions will be provided in this article.

    How Do You Get Started?

    The starting point of every business is always difficult, but in this case, there is not much to put together in order to get started. You only have to-

      • Get a good computer and Internet connections
      • Create a good information platform (website)
      • Hire two or three sports bloggers for s start
      • Get a good video editor and video editing software

    The number two commands distinctive action, because, it is your office, or your market place. And you have to design it, so that, it will accommodate all the necessary techniques and categories of sports you need to excel. Web designing isn’t a big deal. But the truth lies on designing it to represent what you are doing, which will involve some technicalities.

    Another important part of your website development is web hosting. The varying choices enable you to choose what is best for you. There are few South African web hosting companies you can choose from.

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    What Do You Publish?

    The most crucial part of publishing usually falls on what to publish. But that, (what to publish) always falls on someone’s expertise, and career choice. However, there are a lot of people who do what they do, just for passion. And you wouldn’t want to count the number of people who are passionate about sports. Then you come to think of the number of people who go online searching info about their sports idols, it’s encouraging. And that’s  where your content should come from – profiling athletes.

    The basic steps: In the world of content marketing, information is the key. I mean the needed information. To get around this, you really need to know more about athletes following this steps-

      • Watch live sports events and write as the game is ongoing.
      • Read or listen to sports news and write your own.
      • Take record of individual performances and write or create videos about it.

    With these you are good to go. Analyze the information about different athlete carefully, and publish it online. For instance, if you want to profile a football player, you may do it this way-

    James Rodriguez

    A football/ soccer  player

    Date of birth: July 12 1991
    Place of birth: Cucuta, Colombia
    Current Teams: Real Madrid/ Colombian natl team
    Position: Midfielder
    Number: 10
    Earnings: 1.2 mil EUR-2013
    Marital status: Married

    This is as simple it could get. However, the list may get far longer than this, depending on the information you’ve got on the athlete. But it does not all, always have to be in this format, you can make some other aspect of it in another way. For instance, adding some other details about James Rodriguez may take this style-

    James was born to Wilson Rodriguez Bedolla, and Maria Del pilar Rubio in the city of Ibague. His early club was Envigado FC, where he played from 1995 to 2008, when he joined the Argentine side Banfield.

    Every information you have about the athlete could be included, but in a segmented way, so that, it would be comprehensive. Some people would prefer reading by the first example, while others who want more details would read through the second example.

    How To Get People To See It

    Publishing on your website isn’t all there is to do in order to get the profitable amount of traffic (the number of people who visit your website) you need. Online publishing involves specific rituals that would enable traffic, there are-

      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
      • Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
      • Social Media Marketing (SMM).

    The search engine optimization gives you (your website) the opportunity to be indexed by search engines.

    The search engine marketing helps online searchers to reach, and read your articles from search results. This way, many who are looking for information on athletes could be taken to your webpage. There is also alternative of ad. Using display advertising or Google Adwords would bring people to your website in a very short run.

    Social media marketing is another traffic driving force. People who use social media share a lot of things they found interesting, and it is ideal to promote your work using many of them.

    Once your website starts driving a considerable amount of traffic, advertisers, and investors would come calling to do business with you. So, you can see that starting online sports magazine in South Africa is very simple? Anyone from anywhere can apply these strategy.

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