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How to apply for Chile student Visa from Nigeria is a question you are likely to ask if you are planning to study or further your Education in Chile. Chile visa requirements for Nigerian citizens, embassy of Chile in Nigeria, Chile embassy in Lagos Nigeria and other questions will be treated in the article. Either you want to know about Chile student visa application, Chile student visa cost or any other related questions to Chile student Visa. This article is all you need to read to the end.

If you mistakenly stumbled on this and want to read other articles about getting a student Visa for countries like: USUKCanadaAustraliaMalaysiaBelarusThailandIndiaFinlandIcelandIrelandNetherlandsKenyaSouth AfricaLithuaniaGeorgia and others are few of my articles. You can click a country of your choice above or check our Study Abroad section for more articles. Chile student visa is the reason for this article and that want am going to be discussing right away.

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Study In Chile Overview

Chile is a wonderful country, modern with first class infrastructure and the most prosperous in Latin America. The people are friendly but it is not cheap. Chile is not tropical but temperate. The climate in Central and Northern Chile is good, and in the summer in the South too. Within hour’s drive of Santiago you can be in the Andes or on the Pacific coast. Chile offers an incredible variety of outdoor activities and there are well organised providers of camping, hiking, biking, hot spring bathing, skiing (during the right season), surfing and the list continues.

How To Apply For Chile Student Visa From Nigeria

International students who wish to to study in Chile may require a student or a tourist visa depending on the nature and duration of studies in Chile. International students whose period of study in Chile is less than 90 days do not require a student visa. They can study in Chile on a tourist visa.

However, If the duration of the studies in Chile is more than 90 days, in that case, international students will need to apply for a Chile student visa. I will also tell you at this point that you have to to apply in person. Paying an online agent who promise to do it while you sit at home will not work. You have to do it by yourself.

The first thing is to find an higher institution that offers your choice of course and apply for an admission. After your admission application, you have to wait for the school to offer you the admission and after that, you can begin your processing.

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Chile Student Visa Required Documents

International students who require a Chile student visa in order to study in Chile must apply for it at the Chilean embassy/consulate in their place of residence. Fill in a visa application form and submit it along with the necessary documents to the nearest Chile embassy. Below are the documents you will have to present to apply for a Chile student visa from Nigeria.

1. The passport must be valid for at least six months after the date of departure from Chile.

2. One passport size photograph. A clear, recent picture with a white background.

3. An English application form. You must fill the visa application form in English completely and honestly. Remember to type and not use hand writing.

4. A confirmation letter of enrolment in the academic institution should have the detail of your name, when will the lecture period start, for how long you will be enrolled, and the contact details of that institution.

5. Proof of adequate funds to cover the cost of study and living in Chil

6. A letter of police clearance

7. Health insurance

8. Birth certificate

9. Medical certificate

10. Certificate indicating that you have obtained a scholarship/loan

11. Paid visa fee receipt

12. Return or onward ticket

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Chile Student Visa Application Methods

There are two different ways to apply for your Chile student visa. I will explain briefly below.

Online Application

Click here, Press the English flag, and then press VISA. Upload all listed documents.

Offline application Method

This is the situation where by you grab all the required documents above and walk to the embassy to apply directly.

Other Things To Know About Chile Student Visa

Visa process will take 15 to 20 working days. Any missing documentation will cause a delay in your visa process, and the consular officers will not be held responsible for flight cancellations or delays as a result of missing information.

Student visa for Chile is valid for 1 year, but it can be extended. You can apply for the extension at the immigration office before the first visa expires. You cannot work in Chile on student or tourist visa.

Chile Embassy Address In Nigeria

Chile does not have an embassy or consulate in Nigeria. If you wish to get a visa to Chile you can do so by submitting your application through the Chilean embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. This is done by first contacting the embassy in Nairobi through a call or mail, then further instructions would be given about the required procedure. You may be required to forward scanned copies of the needed documents first through email, and later by courier service.

Embassy of Chile Nairobi, Kenya

Consul Assistant
P.O. Box 45554 – 00100
NO. 66, Riverside Drive, Nairobi
Tel: 254-20-4452950/1
Fax: 254-20-4443209

Getting a Chile student visa from Nigeria is not as hard as you might think. If you have any questions, you can ask below. Please share the article via our social media buttons below.

Thank you for reading.

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