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How to get a Czech republic student Visa from Nigeria is probably the question that will come to you mind if you are planning to study in Czech Republic. Either you want information about Czech Republic visa processing time in Nigeria, Czech Republic visa fee in Nigeria, Czech Republic visa appointment in Nigeria or how to apply for Czech republic visa from Nigeria. This article is all you need. By the time you read this article to the end, you will know everything you need to know about getting a Czech Republic student visa from Nigeria.

In my previous articles, I talked about how to get a student visa to countries like: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Belarus, Thailand, UkraineIndia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, AustriaMalta, Kenya, South Africa, Lithuania, Georgia and others are few of my articles. You can click a country of your choice above or check our Study Abroad section for more articles.  I am not going to talk about any of those right now because this is solely for Czech Republic student visa and am not going to digress. Keep reading.

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Study in Czech Republic Overview

The Czech Republic has the oldest University in central Europe, the Charles University in Prague, founded in 1348. Prague in particular has a long tradition of academic excellence in teaching and research, particularly in Engineering, the Sciences and Medicine. With a unique central-European lifestyle, culture and a rich history, the Republic is an attractive choice for international students.

With living costs being some of the lowest in Europe, the Czech Republic attracts a lot of students from around the globe. If you are planning to study in Czech Republic, you have made a right choice.

Applying for Czech Republic Student Visa

Either you are going to Czech Republic for business, as a tourist or as a student, you must apply for a visa respectively. The reason you are going to Czech Republic will determine the category of Visa you will apply for. In the case of this article, you want to go to Czech Republic to study, so the visa that will be relevant is Czech Republic student Visa.

You might have come across online agents who claim they will process the Czech Republic student visa for you while you sleep. Beware, there has been stories that touch of how people lost so much money to these online agents. I will advice you to do it by yourself. Submitting the documents you will present to someone else can be risky. Take it up by yourself and do the processing. This article will give you a easy step by step guide.

The first step you have to take to apply for Czech Republic student visa is to firstly apply for an admission in a recognized institution in Czech Republic and then wait for an official admission letter from the institution. Once the institution offer you an admission, you can then grab the documents below and proceed to apply for your Czech Republic student Visa.

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Czech Student Visa Required Documents

The following documents are mainly required for receiving a Czech student visa or a residence permit.

1. An application form which you will fill and append your signature genuinely.

2. Letter of acceptance for studies from an institution in Czech Republic.

3. Valid International passport which should still be valid up to 6 months after study in Czech.

4. Passport size photos which is recent and clean.

5. Proof of financial resources for the stay in the form of a bank account statement or confirmation of being beneficiary of a grant. This will be evidence that you can cater for yourself in Czech.

6. Confirmation of guaranteed accommodation.

7. Valid international health insurance

8. Abstract from the Register of Criminal Records.

Please note that some documents (e.g. the abstract from the Register of Criminal Records) must be translated into Czech language by a translator with an official rubber stamp.

The Consular officials might ask for other documents.

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Czech Republic Embassy Address In Nigeria

No. 5, Gnassingbe Eyadema Street.
Email address:

Now you know everything you need to know about Czech Republic student Visa. Please share this article visa the social media buttons below. If you have any other questions, you can ask below.

Thank you so much for reading.

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