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How to apply for Hong Kong student Visa from Nigeria, Hong Kong visa agents in Nigeria, Hong Kong visa application from Nigeria, Hong Kong embassy address in Lagos and other related questions will be attempted and solved in this article. Many Nigerian citizens who want to study or further their education in Hong Kong are sometimes worried about the processing because there are many people out there who will do anything to get some cash from you.

A proper information sometimes is all you need to get started. So if you are here looking for an answer to how to apply for Hong Kong student Visa from Nigeria, this is the article you need to read to the end. If you stumbled on this or you might want to check out how to apply for a student visa to study in countries like US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, Netherlands, Australia, India, France and others. You can click any of the country above to read more about all you need to know to study in the respective countries.

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Hong Kong is a Good Choice

Hong Kong is not only a place for tourists and visitors to visit and see what the country has to offer. It is an education hub where people from different parts of the world welcome to study. Boasting some of the best universities in Asia and the world, Hong Kong maintains an international standard when it comes to education. That is why every year more foreign student come to Hong Kong for their higher education.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology-6

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Many of these students come from different parts of the world and Hong Kong’s neighboring Asian countries. Indian students are among the individuals that would like to benefit from Hong Kong’s top education. Hong Kong’s quality of education has long been held high in India, attracting a number of intelligent students from India. If you are an Indian student who is planning to study abroad, Hong Kong is the perfect choice.

How to Apply for Hong Kong Student Visa From Nigeria

Just like you need a Visa to be allowed into most countries, you also need one to enter into Hong Kong. There are several reasons you might want to visit Hong Kong, maybe for visitation or as a tourist or for business or study. The study visa is the purpose of this article and that is what we will narrow this article on.

So to get you started, the steps on how to apply for Hong Kong student visa from Nigeria are given below.

1. Get a Sponsor

Before attempting to make an application for a Hong Kong student visa, you should initially nominate a regional sponsor. This regional sponsor could either be the school that has approved an approval of the applicant or a person who would be an adult (18 and also above), a Hong Kong citizen, as well as accustomed to the candidate that is monetarily capable to sustain him/her.

In such a situation, a ‘Statement by Financial Sponsor’ must be completed as well as authorized. A moms and dad/ guardian needs to also license the enroller to act as the guardian throughout the candidate’s stays. This is particularly important if the applicant is under 18 years old.

2. Submit Necessary Documents

Candidate must complete the application ID 995A while the sponsor completes the type ID 995B. Both could be downloaded online via this official site  or you could acquire these Immigration Department Headquarters close to you.

Important Documents

The documents that must accompany your application are:

  • Transcripts, honors, as well as certificates. Legit certificates.
  • A photocopy of your letter of admission from a college in Hong Kong and also your letter of approval to the certain program.
  • Copy of the applicant’s traveling file which consists of individual credentials, date of arrival, day of expiry and/or information of any kind of re-entry visa held (if suitable).
  • One passport sized photograph

4. Financial Capability Evidence

Proof of your Financial Capacity such as proof of scholarship funds, bank statements, passbooks, etc. A proof of HK$ 120,000 or equal in an additional currency must be sufficient. The country don’t want you to run out of cash while still studying.

5. Include Visa Charge

The Visa fee covers visa application charges, messenger cost, and also management charges. A checklist of the Visa Charge could be seen on the immigration site here.

6. Submit the Student Visa requirements

Send your required materials and visa fee to the immigration office close to you. The consular officials will then look thoroughly to confirm all your documents and do their thing. At this point, all you have to do is wait

7. Wait for the Verification.

As soon as your application has actually reached the immigration office, they will certainly send out a recognition letter to you at the earliest. They will certainly then onward the official Visa files and application to the Hong Kong Migration Department (HKID).

After 6 to 8 weeks, HLID will certainly inform you regarding the results of the application. If authorized, CEDARS will certainly grab a visa label and deliver it to you by delivery after confirming your mailing address through email. For that reason, if you applied in person, you must choose it up personally. On the various other hand, if you applied by mail, wait for the delivery.

7. Attach the Tag

Stick the pupil visa label into your ticket web page after getting your student visa label. You are now formally approved to study in Hong Kong and its top universities.

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Other Documents Includes

  • Photocopy of Highest Public Examination/Academic Result
  • Copies of various other credentials such as IELTS or TOEFL (if any kind of).
  • Photocopy of Identity Card or equal (if any type of).
  • Copy of Key
  • Properly loaded Application for Trainee Visa Sponsorship and also Declaration.
  • Copy of telegraphic transfer advice/receipt.

Processing Time

Allow four to six weeks for processing an application sent to HK Immigration Department. There is no express service available. In addition, rush service (second-day pickup) and express service (third-day pickup) are available. Of course, applicants must pay extra fees if they want to expedite the process

Just make sure you submit valid documents, and your student visa will be approved. Now you know everything you need to know about how to apply for Hong Kong student Visa from Nigeria. If you have any question or clarification you want to know more about, you should ask me below. It’s nice having you here and thank you so much for reading.

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