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How to apply for Lithuania student Visa from Nigeria is a question most Nigerians are searching for answers to. You have the desire to study In Lithuania, then you should read this to the end. Lithuania student Visa is really easy and something you have to do by yourself. You must have come across several online travelling agents who will tell you they will do it all for you. The fact is that they will run with your money and your time. At the end of this article, you will be able to apply for a Lithuania student Visa by yourself.

Many of the various questions might have led you here. Questions like: Where is Lithuania embassy located in Nigeria? What is Lithuania student visa interview? What are Lithuania student visa requirement? You may even want to know about Lithuania student visa processing time and how to study in Lithuania. Lithuania visa application form, Lithuania visa Schengen and other related questions will be solved in this article.

You can read about how to apply for student Visa for countries like: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Scotland, Italy, Hungary, India, Isreael and others. The focus of this article will be how to apply for Lithuania student Visa from Nigeria. I will show you a step by step guide from start to finish.

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Lithuania Education Overview

How To apply For Lithuania Student Visa From Nigeria

The Vilnius University

International students who want to study abroad, in an established high-education institution but have a lean budget very often resort to studying in Central or Eastern Europe. Since in these countries, institutions have a well defined educational program at a lower cost than in other North or Western European countries.

Being in the top list of universities in Lithuania, and established in the 16th century. The Vilnius University made its name over centuries with as the most distinguished high-educational institutions in Eastern Europe. The instructions are mainly in English, Russian which makes it possible to learn a new foreign language. Popular courses include Medicine, Dentistry, Management and Business Administration.

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Lithuania Student Visa

There are several categories of Visa for anyone travelling to Lithuania. The visa you will apply for when going for pleasure is not the same as when you want to study. The Lithuania student Visa falls into the categories of Long term visa. This type of visa will also work for Family Stay, Employment, Marriage, Re- entry and Medical reasons.

The Lithuania Student Visa exceeding 90 days are considered National visas. They are issued by member states in accordance with national legislation. All visa applicants for Europe are advised to visit the Joint Visa application centre in Lagos to submit their applications for Long stay. I will give you their address before the end of this article.

Lithuania Student Visa Required Documents

Before the consular officers will accept your Lithuania student Visa application, you will need to present some documents. If you present a false document, your application will be denied by the officials. I will advice you to be honest and don’t make a mistake in filling the form. Below are the required documents:

1. Two (2) dully filled and Signed Visa Application Forms. Click here for the OFII Form

2. Valid 3.5×4.5 colour passport photographs against a plain white background.

3. Valid Original Passport (valid for two years and containing at least two blank pages).

4. One copy of the passport front page and all relevant pages containing previous Schengen, UK, US, Canada Visas. If applicable.

Academic Documentation

5.The following documents related to the academic aspect in three copies:

a. Letter of motivation (why did you choose France? What is the purpose of your study? What do intend to do studying?
b. Copy of the last diploma (WAEC and/or University certificates and transcripts).
b. Copy of the acceptance/ admission letter from a Lithuania Academic Institution or a copy of your enrolment.
c. Proof of payment of the course fees.
6. The following financial guarantee documents in two copies.
a. Original bank statements for the past three months.
b. Working certificate showing your salary or sponsor’s salary, stamped by the chamber of commerce and 2 copies. In case you don’t have own resources, financial guarantee form completed and signed by your sponsor. Who must prove that he/she has sufficient and regular resources.

7. Document indicating the place and condition of residency in during the first 3 months (hotel reservation not accepted). Mentioning your name, the address of the accommodation, the dates covering the duration of your course or a letter of invitation, a proof of accommodation (electricity, water, gas bill etc.). a copy of identity card (international or national identity) of sponsor.

The consular officer might ask you for additional documents. You should just be honest in all the documents.

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How To apply For Lithuania Student Visa From Nigeria

Visit the Visa Application Centre (VAC) from the address below to submit forms alongside the supporting documents.

Penthouse Office suite, Federal Palace Hotel, Ahmadu Bello Way
Victoria Island

Cost / Fees for Lithuania Student Visa

The VISA fee varies depending on purpose. The current Visa fee is N21900 for student, Family Reunion, Employment, Training, Medical and Official assignment. This might change anytime.

Lithuania Student Visa Processing Time

It is advisable you apply earlier because the Visa processing period takes between 2 to 4 weeks. It can also take up to two months depending on the nature of your application.

Now you know everything you need to know about getting a Lithuania Student Visa. Go ahead and share this article with our social media buttons. If you have any questions, you should just ask below.

Thank you so much for reading.


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