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How to apply for Mauritius student Visa from Nigeria, Mauritius visa application form and Mauritius visa free countries. Or maybe how to get Mauritius visa and other related questions is probably the reason you are here.

Going to Mauritius as a Nigerian is very easy and simple. Unlike countries like UK, US, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, Germany, France, Malaysia and others.

If you are looking to study in Mauritius, you should read this article to the end. I will show you how to apply for Mauritius Student Visa from Nigeria step by step from start to finish.

Mauritius Overview

Mauritius is an island in the south eastern shore of Africa and exists east of Madagascar. A nation of varied societies and legions, the populace contains Hindus, Creole, Chinese, Muslims, Christians and Europeans.

The economy is based upon textile, Tourist, Sugar as well as Services and enjoys political security. NO VISA is required by nationals of the majority of nations although they possibly somehow strict in enforcing that you have return/onward ticket as well as sufficient funds for your stays.

How To Apply For Mauritius Student Visa From Nigeria

They do not presently have an embassy or consular office in Nigeria at the moment but citizens of Nigeria can visit Mauritius without getting a visa before their travel. You can get the visa within two weeks of arrival.

Things You Must Know To Study In Mauritius

  • All travelers to Mauritius require a legitimate international Passport (legitimate for a minimum of six months beyond the intended period of keep).
  • Anybody that remains in Mauritius after the expiry of the duration, for which he got a visa or entry permit as the case may be, will commit an offense as well as shall be accountable for prosecution by a Law court.
  • Non-citizens travelling to Mauritius as tourists/visitors are not enabled to take part in any rewarding activities or request expansion of visa to adhere to studies/training programs.
  • Anyone who wishes to seek work or to take part in any rewarding line of work in Mauritius will certainly not be permitted to get in Mauritius unless he is the holder of valid residence license and a work license issued by the Mauritian Authorities.
  • Students are encouraged to take a trip to Mauritius just after their application for study/training in Mauritius has actually been accepted
  • You will need to show your legitimate hotel bookings and also means of sustenance throughout the duration of keep.

Mauritius Student Visa Required Documents

Your success on how to apply for Mauritius student Visa from Nigeria will depend on how legit and accurate your documents are.

• Form Application to “Enter Mauritius” duly filled in and signed by the applicant

• Two recent passport size photographs of the applicant;

• Photocopy of the bio-data pages of the passport of the applicant;

• Original letter of admission in a recognized educational establishment or TVET institution

• Details of duration of the course and confirmation from the Tertiary Education Commission or

*Mauritius Qualifications Authority that the chosen course is a full time or part time.

• Documentary evidence of availability of funds or financial capacity to meet costs of study and stay in Mauritius.

• A medical certificate certifying that the applicant is not suffering from any contagious or infectious Disease. A test for HIV, Hepatitis B and a chest X ray should be done at any private medical Laboratory/clinic/hospital in Mauritius and the tests results and Chest X ray report should be Submitted to the Passport and Immigration Office not later than one month after arrival.

Other Things To Know About Studying In Mauritius

The Immigration Office will determine the application for Student Visa within 2 weeks of its date of submission. It must be complete and accompanied by appropriate supporting documents.

The Passport and Immigration Office notifies the outcome of the application to:

  • The tertiary educational institution or TVET institution where the student is planning to study.
  • The receiving institution/enterprise where the student intends follow practical training course in Mauritius.
  • The Passport and Immigration Office then issues a permission for provisional entry permit valid for three months to the student to enable him to travel to Mauritius
  • In case the medical certificate issued in Mauritius certifies that the student is suffering from HIV, Hepatitis B or chest infection. The officials will cancel the entry permit and he or she will have to leave Mauritius in 2 weeks.
  • In case the medical certificate does not reveal any contagious or infectious disease. The Passport and Immigration Office will advise the student call at the Residence Permit Section for the issue of a Residence Permit for the duration of the study programme.
  • At the beginning of each subsequent academic year, the educational institution should submit a documentary evidence to the Passport and Immigration Office to confirm that the student is pursuing his studies under the same programme.


Be careful, they are likewise to deport you very fast using the next available flight. You want to comply and follow all the Instructions. You can read more from the official site.

Mauritius is extremely hot from November to February so consider March/April when it’s cozy.

You now know how to apply for Mauritius student Visa from Nigeria. Please go ahead and share so that others will benefit from it. If you have any question you want to ask, I will be so happy to attempt an answer below.

Thank you so much for reading

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