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How to apply for New Zealand Student Visa from Nigeria can be a easy process especially when you have the right knowledge and information. If studying in New Zealand is your dream and something you really want, then you should read this article to the end.

In case you stumbled here or you will like to read the process and requirements for other countries. I have worked on some articles where I talked about how to apply for a student visa in Countries like: UK, US, Canada, Netherlands, Malaysia, South Africa, India, Kenya, France, Germany, Australia and several others. You can just click on the country of your choice above and read more.

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How to apply for New Zealand student visa from Nigeria

If you’re preparing to study in New Zealand for more than 3 months and also are from beyond New Zealand or Australia, you will require a student visa.

For programs under three months long, you could study in New Zealand with a temporary/visitor visa. For longer courses it is mandatory that you obtain a student visa.

2 Methods of Applications

To get an application for a New Zealand student visa, you can use online or face to face prior to travelling.

At this point, I will have to tell you not to pay anyone online to do it for you. You should do it by yourself and in person. Scammers can take this advantage and rip you of your money.

Offline Student Visa Application

To Apply face to face require you to walk to a a New Zealand embassy in Nigeria with the complete documents and make your application.

Once you have the complete accurate documents, you will have no problem with your application. Apply in person and be honest in filling all the documents.

Online New Zealand Student Visa Application

Alternatively, you could use online by visiting this official website to create an account and get started.

You must apply at least six weeks prior to you preparing to take a trip to New Zealand.

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New Zealand Student Visa Required Documents

The legality of your documents will determine the success of how to apply for New Zealand student visa from Nigeria. Here are the documents you should make available.

1. Admission letter

You will need to present an approval letter from a college in New Zealand
For your New Zealand student visa application, you will need to offer evidence of acceptance at a recognized New Zealand-based University. You must have applied for an admission and accepted.

2. Evidence of enough funds

You will certainly also have to reveal that you have enough funds to pay your tuition charges. This can consist of proof of car loan insurance coverage, scholarship or other funds as well as proof of funds to cover your living prices while you study in New Zealand.

You need to confirm you have at least NZD$ 15,000 (~ US$ 10,870) for each and every year if your training course is longer than 9 months.

3. Evidence of Return ticket

This could be evidence of already paid-for forward tickets, evidence of more funds or agreement from a sponsor to pay for onward travel. The point is to show that you mean, as well as can manage, to leave the nation as soon as you finish your studies.

4. Insurance

You will need a proof of traveling insurance coverage
This could typically be arranged via your education provider. This just an evidence that you have enough funds so that you don’t become a liability to the Government.

5. Medical certificates

If you are preparing to study in New Zealand for greater than 12 Month you will have to give a basic clinical certificate, an upper body x-ray certification as well as possibly carry out a consumption screening.

6. Accommodation Evidence

If you are under 18 you will additionally need to provide proof of prepared lodging, and also if you are 17 or older, an authorities certification of “excellent character”.

Along with files to confirm the above, you’ll likewise should supply:
– 2 color ticket photos
– A key legitimate for at least 3 months after the date you plan to leave New Zealand
– Proof you’ve paid the application charge

Student visas made an application for on-line normally take 20 days to procedure, while pupil visas requested by means of the paper form take 25 days to process.

Applying online is often faster and less expensive than sending in a paper application form. When you apply online we can also issue your visa electronically so you won’t have to send us your passport.

If you apply online, you’ll need to have a credit card ready, and any supporting evidence, like a copy of your passport, will need to be available in an electronic file.

International permanent student with a student visa are legally enabled to work in New Zealand for approximately 20 hrs each week during study time, and also may work full time throughout all arranged vacation periods such as Christmas, Easter and summertime vacations.

Thank you for reading How to apply for New Zealand Student Visa from Nigeria

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