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    How to apply for Russia Student Visa is a question that probably got you to this post. I am so happy to tell you that you are in the right place. I am going to tell you everything you need to know. Getting a Russia Student Visa is not as hard as you might think or some agent might present it. Most fake agents will give you hard terminology and scare you off so that you will not want to do it by yourself. They will want you to pay them to do it for you. At the end it’s either they Over charge you or run away with your money.

    How to apply for Russia Student Visa student from Nigeria, Russian Student Visa, Russian student Visa price and Russian Visa cost in Nigeria. Or maybe you want to know how long does it take to get a Russian student visa and Russian visa requirements for Nigerian citizens. Whatever related questions you have about how to apply for Russia Student Visa from Nigeria. This article will tell you everything you need to know. Just make sure you read to the end.

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    Russia Education Overview

    How To Apply For Russia Student Visa From Nigeria

    Red Square Moscow City

    According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Russia has the most educated population in the world, outperforming Canada, Japan, Israel and the USA. More than half of Russians have higher education qualification. More than 200,000 people from 168 countries come to study at Russian universities. There are a lot of advantages to study in Russia.

    Russia is a recognized world leader in training some courses.  Mathematicians, physicists, chemists, geologists, engineers, programmers, physicians, and specialists in other natural sciences. The positions of Russian universities in world rankings can confirm that. If you really want to study in Russia, you have made a right decision.

    How To Apply For Russia Student Visa From Nigeria

    An international student who wants to study in Russia requires a Russia student visa to fulfil this objective. In order to make an application for a Russia student visa, a student must have been initially offered an admission at a Russian academic institute. It is given to international students that are registered on academic or language programs in Russia.

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    Russia Student Visa

    The Russia student visa is provided as a single access visa. This is originally approved for a period of 3 months to 1 year. It is an extendable visa that could be expanded depending upon the period of the curriculum. It could be exchanged for a multiple entry visa after 3 months of the student’s arrival in Russia.

    The majority of worldwide applicants who want to research in Russia will require an and a visa.

    Russia Student Visa Required Documents

    In order to receive an entry visa to the Russian Federation as an applicant, you should present to the Embassy’s Consular Division the following documents.

    1. International passport valid for at least 6 months and photocopy of its data page.

    2. Duly completed Visa Application Form.  Add one applicant’s photo (size 30×40 mm)

    3. Policy of medical insurance with HIV (AIDS) Test Certificate

    4. Consular fee payment receipt.

    5. An original invitation to enter the territory of the Russian Federation. Which is issued by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

    6. A letter from the Russian receiving organization/Embassy of Nigeria in Russia/Russian citizen. This confirms the invitation for a foreign citizen to travel to the Russian Federation.

    7. Certificate of Education, legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria.

    8. Certificate of Birth/Adoption/Marriage/Name Change (Affidavit). legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria;

    9. Police Character Certificate for the citizens of Nigeria only.

    10. Police Deportation Certificate for the citizens of Nigeria only.

    11. Bank account statement for the period of last 6 months. You must have enough money to cover your studies.

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    Russia Student Visa Application Procedure

    Now that you have all your documents ready, let me show you a step by step guide of the whole process.

    1. Get Invite Letter or Visa Assistance
    As mentioned previously, the initial step towards acquiring a Russian pupil visa is to get an invite letter after being signed up in a College or College or Educational Institute. It will certainly be given to you by the welcoming college or institute or University.

    2. Fill out the Visa Application Form will all honesty and sincerity.

    3. Gather the required Russia Visa documents

    4. Go and take a clean Passport photograph.

    5. A working credit card for the visa application charge.

    6. Submit the visa application form. Also with the required papers along with the needed application cost. You should apply in person.

    7. After entry, wait for a decision by the consular officer regarding your visa application. You will be notified.

    8. Gather the visa on the defined day.

    9. Obtain a Migration Card

    You will have to obtain a migration card at the point of entrance into Russia. It is a form that you must complete and also submit at passport control.

    Step 10: Register the pupil visa

    You need to obtain your visa signed up within 7 days of your access in Russia. The (College or University or Language School or Institute) will schedules the visa enrollment of the students.

    Costs for Russia Student Visa

    The fees needed for Russia student visa varies based accordance with the country that released the key to the student.

    However, note that your application cost will certainly not be refunded. Even if your application for a student visa is rejected or denied for any reason.

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    Russia Student Visa Vital Information

    These are vital information you must keep in mind when applying for a Russian student visa. Please pay attention.

    • Request a student visa about minimum of 3 months before your intended travelling day. This will allow sufficient time for the application treatment to be finished on time.
    • Fill up your application form carefully with all exact details.
    • Supply photographs that are recent and clear.
    • Bring original copies as well as photocopies of all supporting papers. You will need them when you want to send your visa application form at the application centre.
    • Consult the Russian embassy or consular office in in Nigeria to ask if they will need additional documents.
    • Do not present incorrect papers for your student visa.
    • Do not conceal or misstate truths in your application.

    Other Important Things To Know

    The standard duration of verification of submitted papers and issuance of visa is 20 days.

    Consular Division does not notify the candidates about reasons for visa rejection.

    In case of refusal, Consular Department does not reimburse cash.

    You can now see that how to apply for Russia Student Visa from Nigeria is really easy especially with a correct information.

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    Thank you for reading.

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