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How to apply for Singapore Student Visa From Nigeria is a question that most people who would like to further their education in Singapore are searching for. Finding an accurate answer among the hundreds of articles online can be confusing. So I decided to provide you with an easy step by step guide on how to apply for student Visa from Nigeria from start to finish.

You click any of these countries to read about how to apply for a student Visa in each countries. UK, US, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, Netherlands, India, France and others. So if you stumbled on this, or you want to compare, just click on any country above.

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Why Singapore is a Good Choice

The Singaporean government invests heavily in education. All activities including the arts, sports, environmental awareness, camping and awareness of nature are all very well funded.

Also, the Ministry of Education sets very high academic standards and holds all schools accountable to them.

School of Law, Singapore University

students from the School of Law, Singapore Management University

heir system of education is easy and not too expensive. If you are thinking of studying in Singapore, it’s a good choice.

Before you can be allowed to study in Singapore, you will need a student visa. The visa you will apply for will be determined by the reason you are going to Singapore. Since you are studying, I will focus on how to apply for Singapore Student Visa From Nigeria.

Two Ways to Apply for a Singapore Student Visa

The first option is to apply via the Singapore Consular Office in Nigeria. You walk there in person and you tell them you want to apply for a student Visa. You must off course be with the required documents am going to list below.

The second option is to apply online.

Whatever method you want to use, the documents and the steps are the same.

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Guide on How to Apply for Singapore Student Visa

The offline method require you to do the following.

  • Obtain the Singapore visa application.
  • Thoroughly fill out your information and also ensure all questions are responded to appropriately as well as add your trademark at the end.
  • Attach the application with these documents:

Required Documents

  • A letter of admission from the institution in Singapore that confirmed you have been offered an admission and eligible to study in their institution.
  • An international passport with six months legitimacy. The passport must be valid up to 6 months after your study period.
  • Two just recently taken passport sized photo with white background.
  • Xerox of the information web page of your key.
  • Police clearance certificate.
  • Savings account statement for six months properly authorized by the Bank.
  • Tax clearance certificate.
  • Evidence of lodging setup or reservation, suggesting the place as well as date of arrival.
  • Ptroof of trip booking indicating departure and also arrival dates.
  • Evidence of Basic travelling allowance enough to cover your entire stay in Singapore.
  • Proof of settlement for the handling of your visa.
  • After the collation of all the needed documents you’re to take them to the Singapore Consular Office in Abuja.

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Online Method

The second alternative is to use online through this website.  You will fill the form online through that link above. When you complete your information online via them, you’re sure of quick service as well as outcomes.

Your ticket is not needed or other called for records, couple of minutes after the submission of the finished visa application form, you will certainly get a confirmation letter.

Later on, the visa sticker shall be sent out through the post office, to the address you provided.

If you use online expect to pay visa processing charge of US$ 100 as well as permits two weeks or 9-12 functioning days for the handling of your visa.

How to apply for Singapore Student Visa From Nigeria is really easy and straight forward if you have the correct information. If you have any questions or anything else you want me to explain, use the comment box below and I will attempt an answer.

Thank you so much for reading.

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