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How to apply for Thailand Student Visa From Nigeria is a question to ask if you are planning on studying over there. Education know no boundary and that is why I want to congratulate you if you really want to get a Thailand Student visa. Reading this article to the end is the first step to getting your Thailand Student visa. The reason is because by the end of this post, you will know everything there is to know about getting a Thailand Student Visa From Nigeria.

Wait, are you here to know, how much is Thailand visa from Nigeria or the address of the Royal Thai embassy in Lagos Nigeria. Do you want the Thailand visa application form or Thailand visa requirements. This article will answer all your questions relating to getting a Thailand Student Visa. If you want to know about how to get a student visa for any other country, click here and have access to all my previous articles.

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Thailand Overview

How To Apply For Thailand Student Visa From Nigeria

I know you must have read a lot about Thailand, but let me add to it. Thailand has common borders with Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, and Cambodia. The Northern part is often seen as the poorest part of Thailand. The Southern part of Thailand is the Muslim dominated areas with some form of political instability. Thai people are well known for their welcoming smiles. They are also hospitable people. The country is one of the few countries that are not colonized.

Thais love and revere their King and the Royal Family so much. As a Nigerian you are expected to show respect for the King, the Queen, and the Royal Family. Avoid any comment/action that might be deemed offensive to the Royal Family. You don’t want to even joke or make a comedy skit about it. Enough about Thailand. Am here to show you how to get a Thailand Student Visa From Nigeria. Let’s just get on that.

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Thailand Student Visa

By now you should know that you cannot travel to most countries without a Visa. Either on business, as a tourist, study or even on transit. You will need a Visa. Since you purpose is to study in Thailand, the types of Visa you will need is called Thailand Student Visa. In order to study abroad in Thailand you need to apply for a student visa before the start of the semester.

Holding a Thailand student visa requires you to take at least three courses in Thailand. Taking four courses is recommended. however, so that you have solid proof of your studies in Thailand. Your host university in Thailand will also help you with all visa related matters.

Thailand Student Visa Required Documents

Documents are very important in your visa application process. There are some documents that the consular officer will need from you to access your Thailand Student Visa application. Below are the important documents you need to present.

1. An International passport, with at least one empty page for the document. The passport must be valid for a minimum of six months after arriving in Thailand.

2. A copy of the identification page of your passport.

3. The filled out application form.

4. Two passport sized colour photos, 3.5 x 4.5 cm

5. A copy of your airline ticket or an electronic ticket.

6. The official letter of acceptance from the host university sent to you by Asia Exchange at the latest one month before the start of the semester.

7. A letter of recommendation from your home institution (the original, signed version) or, if you’ve already graduated, a verified copy of your degree certificate. Here is an example of a letter of recommendation.

8. Please note that you cannot apply for the visa with the initial acceptance letter.

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How To Get For Thailand Student Visa From Nigeria

Firstly, you need to be in contact with the University and then apply for the program of your choice. Then the University will ask you to provide your educational credentials.

You should understand that you cannot start your Thailand Student visa application until a University already offered you an admission. Once you have been offered an admission, you gather the documents above and visit the Thailand Embassy Address below to begin the processing.

Thailand Student Visa Processing Time

It will take at least four working days for the embassy to process your application after you bring it to them. This varies from country to country so consult the Thai embassy or consulate here in Nigeria for more information.

Work And Study With Thailand Student Visa

Unfortunately, there’s no way to work legally when you are in Thailand on a student visa. If you get an official job with the according visa and a work permit, you can also study on this visa, but not the other way around.

Getting a Thailand Student Visa is easy. Just make sure you avoid doing your educational admission process with any agency except direct contact with the school or the university. Do not forge any documents. Don’t tell lies in order to secure the visa. And also avoid any form of making money in an illegal way.

If you have any question about applying for Thailand student Visa from Nigeria or my previous study abroad articles, feel free to ask me below.

Thanks for reading.

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