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How to apply for Brazil student Visa from Nigeria is not as hard as you may think. Due to many fake travelling agents, many Nigerian youths and prospective students are getting so scared to apply for a Brazil student Visa. Applying for a Brazil student visa is something you can do by yourself and you don’t need to pay anyone to do it for you. All you have to do is read this article to the end because I will show you how to apply for Brazil student Visa from Nigeria. Step by step from start to finish.

If you would like to read about getting a student visa for Countries like: USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia, India, Australia, Germany, India, Kenya, South Africaand others. Just click any of the country above to read more. The reason you are here is to have a clean understanding on how to apply for Brazil student Visa from Nigeria. That is exactly what we will stay to in this article.

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Brazil Overview

Brazil is a place of attractive beaches, samba rhythm and also a celebration ambiance that will give you a new experience and a way of life.

Going for a bachelors degree in Brazil will not just offer you a student setting that will be the envy of your good friends, it will certainly also provide you a wonderful education along with its neighbour Argentina.

Brazilian universities get on the rise, with a growing number of getting in the top 500 of world university rankings. The Brazilian economy is one of the fastest developing on the planet also. If you want to give Brazil a shot, you are not wrong.

How To Apply For Brazil Student Visa From Nigeria

There are three different types of undergraduate degree in Brazil. Understanding these types of undergraduate degree will help understand how Brazil student Visa. Below are the 3 categories.

1. Bacharelado: Trains students for professional careers, and takes 3 – 6 years to complete

2. Licenciatura: This is a teaching degree in a specific subject, which takes 3 – 4 years to complete.

3. Tecnologia: This is a highly specialized courses, which take 2 – 3 years to complete.

Often the decision of whether to take a bacharelado or a licenciatura degree can be taken during the course. You don’t need to make a decision on which to pursue before you apply.

You must be able to speak and write Portuguese to academic standard. This is a requirement in Brazil and is assessed by a language exam.

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Brazil Student Visa Required Documents

The more accurate your documents are, the more close you are to getting your Brazil Visa application approved. Here are the documents you need to provide.

1. An International Passport which should contain at least 2 blank visa pages. The recommendation web pages at the end of the ticket do not count as blank web pages.

2. One current individual passport image with white background. You still should provide a passport image taken much less than 6 months ago. You should effectively upload the picture into the online application. The needed passport photo dimension is a 2″ x2″ image.

3. Your Online visa application. After submitting the digital visa application, print the application receipt, attach your picture on it. Then you sign on the ideal area and also bring your application invoice form along with the various other required files to the Consulate. Both your Moms and Dads need to authorize the application invoice of their small kids.

4. Those applying through a third party (relative, good friends, staff members or agencies) should present proof of home within the territory of this Consular office.

5. Please note that additional papers and info could be required at the Consulate’s discretion, according to each case.

 Candidates under 18

a. Both copy and also original of the birth certification;

b. A Letter of authorization signed by the moms and dads or legal guardians. Moms and Dads need to offer initial and also copy of ID record or ticket along with the application.

7. Replicate of a letter of acceptance from an accepted Brazilian organization

8. Evidence of finances for the duration of the remain.

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Accommodation And Living Advice For A Brazil Student Visa Holder

Colleges in Brazil don’t generally provide accommodation to their students. So unlike various other nations, many students reside in private accommodation.

It could be worth booking right into a hostel for the initial stay of your researches. It is a lot easier to find accommodation once you are in the country.

Many colleges will additionally help their students to organise accommodation during your study. It is advisable you make inquiries from the school before or during the visa application.

Security And Guide For A Brazil Student Visa Holder

Brazil has an online reputation for being one of the most harmful locations for worldwide students to study. However, with preventative measures, most students will certainly avoid any troubles.

You could prevent most issues by adhering to these rules:

– Stay clear of walking alone in the night.
– Constantly carry a charged phone.
– Avoid potentially quiet/ dark shortcuts.
– Avoid lugging a lot of money
– Allow friends know where they are going
– Constantly maintain a close eye on individual belongings whilst out
– Never accept things from complete strangers whether this is a lift house or a beverage

Brazilian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria

324 Diplomatic Drive
Central Business District

Other Things To Know About Brazil Student Visa

Ensure you get your own committed travelling insurance prior to heading out to Brazil.

When you are in Brazil, you will have to sign up with your regional branch of the Federal Authorities within 21 days of your arrival.

If you do not, you’ll be charged a tax for each day you pass by the 21 day limitation and it may damage your possibilities of obtaining a visa revival or extension.

It is vital you double check all details with the Brazilian embassy here in Nigeria before taking a trip.

If you have any questions about how to apply for Brazil student Visa or my previous articles, just ask below.

Thank you so much for reading.

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