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How to apply for Ireland student Visa from Nigeria, Ireland visa fee in Nigeria and Ireland visa agent in Nigeria. Those are the common questions asked by Nigerians who want to study in Ireland. Getting an Ireland student visa is easy and you can do it by yourself. You don’t have to pay an agent online to do it for you. You can do it all by yourself.

In case you want to read how to apply for other countries like: US, UK, Canada, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia, Kenya, Netherlands, India and others. You should just click your desired country from the above list or click here to see all the countries I have written about. The focus of this article is to show you how to apply for Ireland student Visa from Nigeria step by step. You should read to the end.

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Ireland Overview

Ireland remains one of the best places in the world to study. Despite being an island nation. Ireland is jam-packed with things that make it a popular destination for students studying abroad. The Irish place a strong value on education, which is reflected in the country’s outstanding colleges and universities and its reputation for academic excellence. International Students always enjoy their studies in Ireland because of the promising diploma and the friendly system.

Irish people are among the most enriching reasons to study in Ireland. The hospitality you enjoy as an International student cannot be compared with most parts of Europe. International Students will have the best of time studying in Ireland.

How To Apply For Ireland Student Visa From Nigeria

There are several reasons why you might want to go to Ireland. Either for vacation, visitation or study. A defining reason have to be the bases of your travelling. You cannot travel to another country without a visa.

In this case, you are not going to Ireland for pleasure, you are going to study. The categories of the visa you will have to apply for is Ireland Study visa.

Ireland Study Visa

Ireland Study Visa is a permit that you need to get before travelling to Ireland to study in an Irish educational institution. With it, you can travel on a short-term or a long-term basis. This is because the Ireland Study Visa is placed under the ‘Long-Term’ and the ‘Short-Term’ Ireland visas categories by the Irish government.

Therefore, if your intended course of study will last for 90 days or longer than that, you can apply for an Ireland Study Visa.

Let me make it more simple. There are two types of Ireland Study Visa. There is the short-term “C Study Visa”. This is for studying and staying in Ireland for only 90 days. There is also the long-term “D Study Visa”. And this is for studying and staying in Ireland for more than 90 days.

Whichever of the two types of Ireland student visa you want to apply for, you will need the documents below.

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Ireland Student Visa Required Documents

Most of the times, an inaccurate documents might make the consular officers to reject your application. You should be honest and present an authentic documents for the application.

1. Duly filled, signed and printed application form and questionnaire. You should fill correctly and with all honesty.

2. An international Passport that is valid for six months and coloured photocopies of all the pages of the passport.

3. Two passport photographs that are not more than six months old. Using an old passport will not help.

Letter Of Application

4. A signed letter of application including:

The Reason for wanting to come to Ireland. And also the Details of any of your family members in Ireland, or any other European Union (EU) Member State.

5. Undertaking that you will observe the conditions of your visa. Also that while being peaceful and law-abiding in Ireland. You have to state it also that you will leave Ireland on the expiry of your visa.

Letter of Acceptance

6. Letter of acceptance from a college in Ireland, stating:

A. That the institution accept you on a course of full-time study.
B. Details of the course that you will be studying.
C. The amount payable for your course.
D. Payment evidence.
E. Whether the college has taken out medical insurance on your behalf or not.
7. Documents showing information of gaps between your last period of full time education and your application to study in Ireland. You must provide details of employment history if gap in education has been filled by periods of employment (e.g. employment letter).


8. A copy of Electronic Transfer of Funds (ETF) to the Irish Bank of the college (indicating beneficiary’s name, address, bank details and that of sender) or a valid receipt showing that the course fees have been lodged to an approved student fees payment service. (e.g. the electronic fee payment service offered by Pay to Study (formerly International Student Payments Service, (ISPS)).

9. Documents showing that you have the ability to follow your chosen course (e.g. exam results and qualifications).

10. Personal or sponsor’s bank statements for the past six months that meet the financial requirements to cater for your living expenses in Ireland.

11. Certificate of travel/health Insurance.

12. The original letter issued to you by the authorities of the country that refused your visa application in the past (if any).

13. Proof of accommodation in Ireland: address of host, address where student will stay or letter from school claiming that they will give accommodation to the student.

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Other Important Things About Ireland Student Visa

You should apply as early for your Iceland student visa as it normally takes about eight weeks processing time.

You can check here to see if your visa has been processed (using your Visa Application Number). There is always a weekly updates.

If you get approval for a visa, the Embassy to which you sent your documents will affix a visa to your passport.

If you are refused a visa you may appeal the decision within 2 months.

Now you know all you need to know about how to apply for Ireland student visa. You can share this for others to read with our social buttons. If you have any question, just go ahead and ask below.

Thank you for reading.

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