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How to apply for Serbia student visa is probably the question you will be searching for if you are planning to study in Serbia. If you want to know about Serbia visa processing time, Serbia visa Schengen, Serbian embassy in lagos Nigeria or how to get Serbia visa from Nigeria. This article is all you need to read to the end. After this article, you will know all you need to know about how to apply for Serbia student Visa from start to finish.

Before I proceed, I will like to inform you that you can read about how to apply for other countries like:  USUKCanadaAustraliaMalaysiaBelarusThailandUkraineIndiaFinlandIcelandIrelandAustriaMaltaKenyaSouth AfricaLithuaniaGeorgia and others are few of my articles. You can click a country of your choice above or check our Study Abroad section for more articles. I am here to talk solely about how you can get your student Visa to study in Serbia and am going to stick to the topic.

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Study In Serbia Overview

There are over 200 study programmes for foreign students at all higher education institutions in the Republic of Serbia, and students can explore opportunities for studying at one of those programmes at one place. Serbian institutions offer a long history of high-quality education, and many were established in the 1800s. Serbian institutions offer a wide range of master’s degrees, including programs in management, banking, economics, political science, the arts, agriculture, communication, computer science and engineering, among others.

How To Apply For Serbia Student Visa From Nigeria

If you want to travel to the Federal Republic of Serbia, a country located between Central and South East Europe and part of former Yugoslavia. You should be ready to obtain a visa before departure. Perhaps you are on transit, visiting, business, tourism, conference, or studies, a visa is required to enter. You have to define a reason you want to go to Serbia. The reason will determine the category of Visa you will apply for. In the case of this article, the reason you want to go to Serbia is to study. A Serbia study Visa is all you need.

To Apply for a Serbia student Visa, the first thing you should do is apply for an admission into an higher institution in Serbia. This is the first step. You will not be allowed to enter Serbia with the hope that you go there to find an admission. You have to obtain one before you start processing your Visa. After an institution offers you an admission, you will fill the online application form and grab the documents below to Visit the Serbia embassy.

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Serbia Student Visa Required Documents

Serbia student Visa requirements are the documents you must present to the Consulate officer. These documents will be properly checked so you should be honest and make sure all information are complete. For Serbia student visa, you will need the documents below.

1. Your International passport with at least 3 months validity and blank visa pages.

2. An application form which you must fill completely and also append your signature.

3. Two recently taken photograph sized 3.5 x 4.5 cm with white background.

4. Letter of admission from the institution of your choice. This must include the details about your study.

5. Evidence of flight booking indicating the airline, departure and arrival dates. You don’t need to pay for flight till the Consular officer approves your application.

6. Evidence of accommodation in Serbia.

7. Financial evidence which will be informed of a previous bank statement.

8. Police clearance certificate.

9. Medical insurance from a reputable insurance company.

10. Photocopies of all the documents you’re submitting.

11. Payment of Visa application processing fee

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Additional Information About Serbia Student Visa

  • Be sure that all the documents you’re submitting are genuine and complete because incomplete documentation may lead to application rejection.
  • Be sure to submit your completed visa application form well ahead of your travel to allow the embassy time for processing of your visa.
  • Pay the visa fee at the point of submission.
  • Submit yourself for biometric fingerprint formality if there is any at point of submission.
  • Prepare yourself to present additional information or documents at the request by the embassy.
  • Get ready for interview if the embassy wish.

Serbia Embassy Address In Nigeria

NO. 11, Rio Negro Close.
Off Yedsera Street,
Maitama District,
Email address:
Office hours: Monday to Friday 9.00a.m. to 5.00pm.
The Consular section: Monday to Friday 10.00 a.m. to 1.00p.m.

You can get your Serbia student visa by yourself and you don’t need to pay anyone to do it it for you. There has been stories and you don’t want someone online to take advantage of you. If you have any questions, just ask below.

Thank you so much for reading

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