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    This is an invitation to investors like you. Invest with us and earn N250,000 every month as profit for 20 months. At the end of the twenty months, you still take your invested capital back. Click here for details or continue reading to attend the round table meeting this week.

    From Darlinton Omeh

    Dear Readers,

    Are you looking for a profitable and secure business to invest your money in Nigeria and make reasonable profit?

    Would you like to invest in a media/tech start up company that guarantees your investment and profit, to double your investment within 12 months?

    Have you wanted to invest with Palness but unable to meet up with the N5million minimum investment?

    Do you have some extra cash sitting somewhere in the bank doing nothing and you want to double it on a secure profitable investment?

    If you have answered yes to most of these questions above – You are hereby invited to the investment round table discussion with me this Saturday in Lagos.

    Come and hear me out this Saturday. I want to directly pitch to some selected investors and because charity begins at home, I’m inviting you (my able readers) first.

    I am looking for 2-5 able persons who have minimum of two million Naira to invest and be earning profit on the investment for 12-20 months. At the end of the 12 or 20 months, you still take your two million capital back.

    If you want to be part of this…

    Sorry the investment opportunity with Palness has ended. take your time to browse around this site to learn various business ideas in this business idea center you can invest your money into. We will keep sending invitation to investors like you through our articles to come and invest in the Africa’s largest economy. There are thousands of business ideas on this website that you can tap from.

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