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      Suitable Mushroom Species For Mushroom Farming

      Mushroom farming is one of the farming business that holds high prospect but has never gained ground in Nigeria so far. Whether you decide to grow your mushrooms in your garden (for private consumption) or in a big farm (for commercial use), it is important that you know some important steps to take when growing mushroom.

      Few that are into mushroom farming are making serious money and the process of starting mushroom farm is quite simple. Another good thing about mushroom farming is that it is not capital intensive. And the demand for edible mushrooms is quite high in the market. You can be making as high as two million every 3 months if you take up mushroom farming now in commercial quantity.

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      A mushroom is a kind of fungi that grows on the soil or on the body of its food, usually decaying tree trunks. It is the fleshy part of the fruiting body of a fungus. Aside from the delicious taste of edible mushrooms, it also has numerous health benefits. The button mushroom can help in reducing weight, shiitakes are known to fight tumors. The chanterelle contains a reasonable amount of vitamins. While the oyster is currently being studied as a possible cure to HIV. All these are the health benefits of mushrooms and many more.

      Other Important Facts About Mushroom Farming

      Before we discuss the various steps involved in growing your own mushrooms, here are a few other facts about mushrooms you should also know.

        • Mushrooms mostly grow in moist or damp places. In other words, it needs water to grow.
        • It must be grown where there is shade to protect it from wind and sun.
        • It also needs oxygen for survival.
        • Not all mushrooms are good for consumption. Some species of mushrooms are toxic, some are poisonous, while some are edible.

      There are four categories of mushrooms. They are:-

      Saprotrophic: These are the types of mushrooms that grow on decaying wood, plants and animals. Saprotrophs contain acids and enzymes that help to decompose or break down dead or decaying tissues for their absorption.

      Examples of such type of mushrooms are Oysters, Shiitakes, Morels e.t.c

      Mycorrhizal: This category of mushrooms are difficult to cultivate because of their nature. Mycorrhizal mushrooms have a kind of symbiotic relationship with the trees and plants they grow on. That is, the mushroom and its host derive mutual benefit from each other. This is so because, the mushroom weaves its mycelia into the root of the tree or plant. By so doing, contributes extra moisture and nutrients to the tree, while getting sugars such as glucose from the plant in return.

      Examples of Mycorrhizal mushrooms are Chanterelles, and Porcini.

      Endophytic: What distinguishes the Endophytic mushroom from the Mycorrhizal is the fact that it is easier to cultivate. It can be grown in the absence of its host. The endophytic mushroom partners with its host, providing it with nutrients and resistance to pathogens.

      Parasitic: The parasitic mushroom’s relationship with its host is one-sided. In that, the host suffers from infections of the mushroom until it dies.

      The Honey fungus, Caterpillar and Lion’s mane are all good examples of parasitic mushrooms.

      In starting your mushroom farming, you must chose some of the best species according to the market demand and your environment. Here we present to you some of the most desirable edible mushrooms you can start your mushroom farming in Nigeria with.

      Choose Edible Species For Mushroom Farming

      Like I said earlier, not all mushrooms are edible. So, the first step in growing your own mushrooms, is to identify the species that are good for consumption.

      Some varieties of edible mushrooms that you can choose from are listed below.

      Chanterelles (Cantharellus Cibarius)

      Chanterelles (Cantharellus Cibarius)

      Chanterelles (Cantharellus Cibarius)

      Rich in vitamin C, D and containing a high amount of potassium, the chanterelle is commonly grown in Asia, North America and the northern parts of Europe.

      Shiitake (Letinula Edodes)

      Shiitake (Letinula Edodes)

      Shiitake (Letinula Edodes)

      The shiitake is a variety of mushroom mostly grown in Asian countries, especially in Japan where its name originated from. It has been known to reduce tumors.

      Morels (Morchella Esculenta)

      Morels is composed of vitamin C and antioxidants, it protects the body from toxic materials and also protects the liver.

      Oysters (Pleurotus Ostreatus)


      Oysters are known to have anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial effects. It can also help in reducing the level of cholesterol in the body.

      After you have chosen the species you want to grow, you can then go ahead to purchase its spawn. The spawn of the particular variety of mushroom you wish to grow is the material that carries the mycelium of the strain of the mushroom pending when it will be cultivated. It could be sawdust, grain or any substance that can hold the strain of mushroom until it is ready to be cultivated.

      Decide On The Medium To Grow Your Mushroom

      There are two mediums that you can use in growing your mushroom. You can grow your mushroom on sawdust or straw, or you can cultivate it on a log wood.

      If you are growing your mushrooms on saw dust, you must do the following:

      1. Ensure that the sawdust or straw is free from micro-organisms or anything that may disturb the growth of the mushrooms.

      2. Spread your medium into a container that can provide enough room for proper growth of the mushrooms.

      3. Mix the mushroom spawn with the medium inside the container.

      4. The mushroom spawn needs a certain amount of heat to enable its roots settle in the medium. Therefore, you must heat the container with the mushroom spawn and the medium or place it in direct sunlight for a while.

      5. After heating the medium and the spawn, the next thing to do is to put the mixture in a dark room. It could be a cabinet or drawer, but it must be a darkened environment where the temperature is not too high.

      6. When you have done all that you need to do. You must leave the mixture in the drawer or cabinet for about three to four weeks for it to grow. Meanwhile, cover the mixture with soil and continue to spray with water to keep it damp even as the mushrooms grow.

      Mushroom Farming in Nigeria

      This Mushroom Farm is a good example of commercial open mushroom farming

      In the case of logs, you must make sure the woods are safe for the growth of your mushrooms. Cut holes into the woods and then introduce the mushroom spawn into the holes in the log woods. Put the logs under a shade, with continuous spraying of water until the mushrooms start to develop.

      Whatever medium you decide to use in cultivating your mushrooms, you must make sure you put all the measures that I have discussed in place. Then you can be sure to have a bountiful harvest of mushrooms at the end of the day.

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      • sam September 28, 2014

        very educative. Need more info on how to start a business in Nigeria

      • STEHENA IFEOMA February 24, 2016

        I can’t thank you enough for the exposition and orientation. I’ve always dreamed of a big farm full of mushrooms and always thought it was whimsical,unimaginable and impracticable, but this is because I never thought that a mere fungus which has no seeds, stems or root could be farmed. I can’t wait to start up already!

      • STEHENA IFEOMA February 24, 2016


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          • Afolabi July 15, 2016

            Pls where can i get the mushroom spawns, my farm is in lagos.

          • Excel October 22, 2017

            please my farm is in lagos. I need more tutorial on how to cultivate in large quantities

            • viola December 16, 2019

              please am in abuja and looking to start my mushroom farm, please i would like to know where i can find an experienced farmer for employment .

      • justus Eka April 11, 2016

        Very educative and I look forward to knowing more about this business. Please dose any one know some one I can contact and meet in person so I can start learning more. Thanks

      • Igben David April 14, 2016

        Darlington, I don’t know how to thank you sufficiently for your pains taking efforts to teach people successful business ideas in such unreserved manner, you are so kind. Thanks a milliion. I ‘ve being contempulating on the possibility of cultivating mushroom as a farming activtiy for a very long time, so your write up is in answer to my dream, coming through. Now, please sir, show me where and how I can get the spawn, the mushroom seed to buy. Again, sir, I would like to have your phone number to get more detail to enable me set up an open commercial farm like the one pictured in your write up here. I retired in March last year (2015), and I ‘ve being sitting idle at home ever since. I want to go it full time. I know am pressing you harder than am supposed, but it need be so because I despirately want to start, so my good able brother, help me. I will appreciate it. Am available at. Thanks. Igben David. Am in ughelli, Delta State.

        • Darlinton Omeh April 14, 2016

          Mushroom does not grow seeds neither does it have seeds. You need to learn mushroom spawn preparation or buy spawn from the market. You can get a good culture by mixing:- 79% Sawdust, 15% Rice Bran, 2% Lime, 2% Gypsum and 2% Milled Corn substrate. You can get your mushroom spawn in Nigeria from the Federal Institute of Industrial Research (FIIR), Oshodi, Lagos.

          • aniekan sunday May 2, 2016

            how do I buy the spawn pls

            • how do I get mushroom prawn

            • Lydia May 8, 2019

              Mushroom spawn it’s use as a seed to grow mushroom, which can be grow on substrate like sawdust, straw(dead grass or a decay grass), cardboard, wood log. If you need spawn to start your mushroom business, affordable and reliable call this number 08023560636 or 08168054756

      • Akano Ayuba Damilola April 21, 2016

        Thank so much sir, I will surely act on this with immediate effect

      • JANE OKIA May 18, 2016

        i would like to thank you for this knowledge about the mushrooms but i Ugandan women in Africa would like to try this out .Please i request for advise how to start from preparing the garden

      • Popoola samuel olubunmi June 21, 2016

        Thanks for your precious idea. I am about starting a MUSHROOM farming here in my town Ogbomoso Oyo State Nigeria, i intend to start with 2 acres of land with an expert on MUSHROOM farming, sir where can i sell when i harvest?
        Thank you.

        • BanjiAkanjiLaposokoto November 5, 2017

          Mushrooms on 2 acres of land? How? The write-up says you can plant only in cabinet or drawer! Or do you intend to build up the entire acres of land?

        • NWAKAEGO UMEH March 26, 2019

          Thanks, for this great information I only heard of mushroom farming recently and decided to research on it and came across your article. Please I’d like to know more about it. Please help me.

      • Agnes Vandu Umeanor June 29, 2016

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      • Ann July 13, 2016

        Very good information, where can I get the spawn for oyster mushroom from I intend to start small in Port Harcourt. Also where and how do I market it when I harvest?!

      • Alozie Sylvia July 15, 2016

        I am very pleased with your efforts in getting Nigeria back to farming. I will join immediately.I am in the Awka .please how do I get your phone no .

      • Joseph July 24, 2016

        Hi, I’m resident in Eastern Nigeria and I need directions on where I can get spawn and further guide on how to grow mushrooms. My contact details are:

      • Odunayo Ojo July 28, 2016

        Plz make a video of steps on how to grow it. Thankz

      • GilbertUmeh May 18, 2017

        Pls I Am Highly Delighted About This Topic I Do Need A Place Close To Enugu Where I Can Get Spawnseed For Urgent Cultivation Thanks

      • Benedicta Njoku July 19, 2017

        Thanks Darlington for this eye opener. I never knew Mushroom could be cultivated in Nigeria. I was in South Korea some years ago and I saw very big Mushrooms in their supermarkets which were no doubt cultivated. I am really interested. I stay in Owerri Imo State. Where can I get spawn for small scale cultivation

      • Benedicta Njoku July 19, 2017

        Sorry, I meant to say mushrooms and not snails.

      • roseline Samuel July 31, 2017

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      • Mary Gabriel August 1, 2017

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        I am interested in mushroom farming in Lagos

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        • Lydia55 May 8, 2019

          Mushroom spawn it’s use as a seed to grow mushroom, which can be grow on substrate like sawdust, straw(dead grass or a decay grass), cardboard, wood log. If you need spawn to start your mushroom business, affordable and reliable call this number 08023560636 or 08168054756

      • Adesola Esther October 10, 2017

        there are some mushroom that grow on the soil in Nigeria especially in cocoa plantation or farms , what are their benefits if not recognized worldwide.
        how can we cultivate that too?
        what is the mode for preservation because mushroom is highly perisable

      • piero October 31, 2017

        How do I start rice farm

      • Ayotunde November 7, 2017

        Dear sir, I appreciate your contributions toward research and empowerment. Please I am also scientist and expert on mushroom and spawn production. i base in Ibadan Nigeria. Anybody that needs affordable improvised simple technology on mushroom and spawn production may contact me. 08176467613

      • Epiphanio Adebambo Joseph December 13, 2017

        Nature’s Hub is a very useful Blog for acquiring various knowledge on Safety, Health and the Environment.
        Thanks for the platform, Oseola Awosika for making it available online. On behalf of the followers, accept my gratitude for the accessibility of the valuable information in the Blog. May the Almighty Creator increase your source and grant the Strength for continuity of the activities.
        Eppi Fanio Farofaman.
        Epiphanio Adebambo Joseph.

      • chidiben29 December 24, 2017

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        Please contact me.

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      • Tayo Adeniyi May 27, 2018

        Thank you very much for this very interesting topic well treated.
        I sell firewood in Lagos and the remnants of wood cover after breaking formed a kind of heep and mushroom started growing from it, are this kind of mushroom edible? I have always allowed them to rotten but will like to eat them if edible. Thank you.

        • Gbenga August 6, 2018

          As I remember while in the village, get a little portion and throw to a hen. If she picks it with her mouth even if she doesn’t eat it, then it’s edible. Otherwise it’s toxic.
          Likewise U ccould boil a portion and repeat above for further confirmation.

      • Hafsat umar June 2, 2018

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      • Bade Adeyemi June 5, 2018

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      • Lateef Olalekan July 9, 2018

        Hello sir/ma,… Please I have a product (Polythene Nylon/Sack for mushroom
        production and Seedling/Nursery Polythene Nylon for cocoa, cashew, pawpaw and other plant seedlings) from Latwas farm and agro-allied Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria.
        They are of best quality at an affordable price, I need distributors in the
        mushroom and crop seedling farming, every single sales will attract commission of %10 which could give a distributor an extra income on monthly basis. Please I need your support on this sir/ma.

        • sanni August 14, 2018

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        This is really interesting and fascinating.l love mushrooms and would like to grow them,the sight mushrooms alone makes me happy

      • Lydia May 8, 2019

        Mushroom spawn it’s use as a seed to grow mushroom, which can be grow on substrate like sawdust, straw(dead grass or a decay grass), cardboard, wood log. If you need spawn to start your mushroom business, affordable and reliable call this number 08023560636 or 08034197634

      • lydia May 8, 2019

        Mushroom spawn it’s use as a seed to grow mushroom, which can be grow on substrate like sawdust, straw(dead grass or a decay grass), cardboard, wood log. If you need spawn to start your mushroom business, affordable and reliable call this number 08023560636 or 08034197634

      • Lydia55 May 8, 2019

        Mushroom spawn it’s use as a seed to grow mushroom, which can be grow on substrate like sawdust, straw(dead grass or a decay grass), cardboard, wood log. If you need spawn to start your mushroom business, affordable and reliable call this number 08023560636 or 08034197634

      • Emmanuela Chinasa June 10, 2019

        Paraclette global network is into international mushroom business in Nigeria call 09062194490 or 08130433262

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