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      How to become a flight attendant in Nigeria

      Do you have the desire of having a job which allows you see the world? An unbelievable working life where you can proudly tell friends and acquaintances “I ate my breakfast in Nigeria and had my dinner in London! That is for local flights Or cruising interstate within record time? If your answer to these questions is yes, then being a flight attendant is a profession you might want to consider. Becoming an Airline flight attendant has in most cases been a preserve of ladies. This is understandable due to their tender nature which will be utilized on the job.

      Good Personal Traits is Important

      Being an airline flight attendant comes with certain personal demands that must be met. A major one is being jovial and easy going (to sum it up, being friendly). If you are a type of person that can hardly wear a smile on your face, or smile occasionally, then you might want to reconsider your chosen field, as this profession requires the very opposite. As an air hostess, you will always be tending to travelers who might be soothed by your friendly disposition. An important characteristic that should be possessed is the ability of being calm and collected in the face of danger.

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      Beauty is an important consideration that you do not wish to overlook. Although it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as trivial as the criteria of being beautiful may seem, it forms an important selection criteria. This is in addition to having an average height which should be the minimum. Paying attention to the little details that may seem unimportant can make the difference, as flight attendants are people who should pay attention to the minute details.

      Advantages of Being a Flight Attendant

      There are several advantages attached to being an air hostess. First, people who love traveling and seeing new places

      Flight Attendants

      Some of the Flight Attendants for Arik Air, Nigeria

      find this profession a very fulfilling one. It affords you the opportunity to travel and see the world. Also, the pay/remuneration is quite attractive. Typically, air hostesses servicing domestic routes in Nigeria are paid 6 digit incomes. This is significantly higher for those servicing international routes.

      Being an air hostess affords you the opportunity to form lasting networks through meeting new people that might be of immense help. With the freedom of expression it offers, this profession is most satisfying for people who love taking care of others while being friendly. It creates a feeling of being at home while performing your job.

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      Requirements for Being an Air Hostess

      To realize your dream of being an air hostess, it is usually expected that interested candidates should have had prior tertiary level education. Most aviation training schools prefer the candidate to have bagged a degree or its equivalent in any field but preferably tourism and catering fields. However, this is not a mandatory requirement as the aviation training school will provide further training to admitted candidates. Also, being jovial is a personal characteristic that will be examined.

      Advice for a Prospective Flight Attendant

      Before applying for aviation training in your quest to become an airline flight attendant, you should ensure you are being driven by genuine interest in the profession. If you are driven by the money or the opportunity to travel or any other set of wrong reasons, you should reconsider as you may be disappointed if you encounter anything short of what you expected.

      Institutions That Trains Flight Attendants

      This is an important question as a lot of people interested in becoming air attendants find it difficult to access information on how to go about the training. In Nigeria, there are schools which provide this training to interested candidates. These schools are known as aviation training schools. A popular one is the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) Zaria. This is the premier aviation training school in the country as it has courses of training that include Piloting, Air Attendant courses among several other aviation related courses.

      There are also other aviation schools in the country that train air attendants. Some of these include Eagleair Flight Training Center and Anis International School of Aviation and Transportation Studies located in Minna and Lagos States respectively.

      Training Fee

      The aviation industry is notorious for having high fees. For flight attendant training, fees could sometimes be as high as N500,000. When there is a will, there is a way, so if you are determined, the barrier caused by the high expenses can be overcome.

      Applying for the Job

      If you feel you have undergone the training and have been trained adequately, be on the look out for job placements on the websites of the airlines. Chances are that you will eventually spot your opportunity to start your dream job.

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