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    Catfish farming consists of two most important types, which could either be operated separately or as an integrated process. The two divisions are the Nursery Fish farming and the Grow Out Fish Farming. The grow out fish farming is dependent of the nursery fish farming because you can’t grow fish without the nursery. But, like I said, they can be operated separately by two different farmers.

    The nursery involves the inducement of the female fish to lay eggs, which are then fertilized, incubated and hatched. Those little fishes are know as fries. These fries are then nurtured from between three and four weeks into fingerlings which is the size suitable for use in the Grow Out farming. A catfish farming is a major investment operation. And so, starting one needs careful consideration.

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    In between the nursery and grow out operation is what we referred to as the primary operation. It involves the nurturing of the three or four weeks within which they could grow into post fingerlings, mini juveniles and juveniles respectively. These can then be nurtured for between four to five month into grow out or table size fish suitable for sale and consumption. Going into catfish farming involves the following

    Step 1: Land For Catfish Farming

    This is very important. One has to acquire at least half plot of land in a suitable location. This means, you must consider good access road, closeness to market and labor. If the land is already available, it is good. Then we apportion it as follows:

    1. Location of ponds
    2. Location of farm house
    3. Location of water supply and lastly, location of drainage facility. The last point is very important, as you don’t drain your water to constitute public nuisance.

    Step 2: Pond Planning

    You need to determine whether you want to go into big or small-scale commercial catfish farming. Secondly, the pond system to adopt, Re-circulatory system, earthen pond or concrete/plastic pond or both.

    Once the pond was dug and the area has been developed, there is nothing you can do to undo the work and recover the cost. So, extensive evaluation must be done by someone planning to start a catfish farming before he finally decides whether it is wise for him to pursue the particular type of pond construction project.

    Construction Considerations

    Where should the pond be located? Does the site have enough supply of quality water (from wells or springs)? There are minimum water flow rate requirement in building a pond for a catfish. Will the source meet them? Employ professionals to test whether the water supply volume and flow rate meets standard requirement. Is the water supply suitable for catfish farming? Try growing a few catfish using water taken from the target source. Is the area suitable for pond construction in terms of soil composition and permeability?

    Ideal soil for pond construction is one with good compaction property. One resource you can run to check on this is your local soil management office. Catfish farming will require some water movement. Will you be able to obtain permits and other necessary licenses for the operation?

    Step 3: Water Supply Source

    The best water for catfish farming is from bore hole. One or two must be sunk to guarantee steady water supply. Overhead tanks for holding water should also be installed. The mechanism of pumping of water must be back up facility. The system must not fail.

    Step 4: Pond Construction

    It is advisable to engage the service of a consultant. The success or failure of this project depends largely on construction of standard ponds that can stand the test of time. Get an expert involved! Click here to chat with an expert.

    Pond Design And Construction

    One major consideration in designing a pond for catfish production is the flatness or steepness of the area and the source of water supply. For a generally flat area that has access to a well, a levee pond could be built. Watershed ponds are built for steeper areas near a natural source of water. The depth of the pond is also crucial as this influences the availability of oxygen for the fish. And so is the amount of fish per surface acre of water. Check catfish growing manuals for standards to adhere to.

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    For one to get the most profit for a catfish harvest, it is necessary to determine buyer requirements when planning the season’s production. Consider what buyers demand in terms of weight, frequency, size and price. One can sell the season’s harvest to fish processors or directly to consumers. The later results to greater return to the farmer.

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      Well done

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      Nice one

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      • Darlinton Omeh February 10, 2016

        Thank you Femi, and may he bless you too. I’ll soon write a complete article on the topics you raised. Just keep visiting

    • Ayaosi Samuel April 20, 2016

      Very insightful post please keep this up!


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      • EZEH UGO May 19, 2016

        People should be aware of this frauster called Ayaosi Samuel who claims to manufacture fish feeds as he states in this blog own by Darliton Omeh.

        For readers interest or visitors of this blog, I sincerely want to inform you that this frauster by name AYAOSI Samuel does not produce any fish feed. I paid into his access bank account and uptill date he has not sent any fish feed to me and he has refused to answer my call.



        • Darlinton Omeh July 15, 2017

          Sorry to hear about your case. Hopefully, the bank and Police will help you recover your money. People should understand that Nigeria is such a dangerous place, make proper finding before you do business with anyone.

          Fraudulent people are the reasons I don’t allow phone numbers and emails to be published on this site.

        • Okombo December 28, 2017

          Thank God for using you to inform us. I was already excited reading from him and wanted to contact him, only that he did not include his GSM No. But why are Nigerians like this? We kill ourselves and turn around to blame everybody and everything for our sufferings. May his deeds find him out.

    • Tunji Olulade May 17, 2016

      I live Abuja, I have just been introduced to fish farming so starting very small 150 number but hopefully grow into large production. Do you have outlet in Abuja at your reasonable and competitive price. Thank you.

    • Shelly Puth May 21, 2016

      Really Great Article!
      catfish farming is a booming business, especially in Nigeria, Uganda,Bangladesh.
      While one thing preventing the development of fish farming in these countries is lack of quality fish feed pellets. and We have to admit this fact: most fish farmers import fish feed pellets from Foreign Companies, such as coppens in Netherlands. In my opinion, efforts need to be made to change the situation. One of the solutions is to purchase Fish Feed Machines themselves to jointly manufacture fish feed in accordance with their local conditions!

    • oluyomi December 6, 2017

      I have correct juvenile catfish, and hybrid catfish in Ibadan. pls call 08116951797

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      Really interested in this business…

    • Hope Adeniran June 14, 2018

      This is a detailed guide. Nigerians has been neglecting agriculture ever since this so called civilization or is it modernization started, not know that what we were used to and survived on before will become our backbone again.
      As a fisheries student, i learnt how lucrative and amazing fisheries is. i started my fish farm and of course went into some petty agro biz too and its paying off.
      if this detailed guide can be distributed all over the country, it will make huge impact.

      good work here.

    • Charles Nwosu November 29, 2018

      I want to go into commercial catfish farming.And l intend to export.l will need your assistance as a consultant.

    • Tanitooluwa ojo February 16, 2019

      hi, I started catfish farming with 250 and almost all are died pls what am I doing wrong, I feed them with Ranaan and they die everyday pls just in 4 days lost almost all. please help me out

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