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    0Flower gardening business in Nigeria is one of the coolest business you can start today and make cool cash all year round. According to experts in the business, flower gardening is a lucrative business in Nigeria which requires little or nothing as startup capital. However, you must have passion for the business in other to make profit out of it.

    Flower gardening and floral arrangements is a business that have been yielding billions of dollars for smart entrepreneurs in developed countries in Europe, America, and Asia, and Nigeria is beginning to wake up to the potential. The art of flower gardening requires plenty of patience, care and a desire to nurture and grow a flower, first as a seed and then as a flowering plant’. And with this patience comes lots of monetary rewards.

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    A simple flower pot is sold for N2,000 in Ikeja GRA depending on the flower specie, while a flower bouquet goes from N15k and above. And you do is plant and grow, sell and plan and regrow. 20 bouquet sold in a good month will fetch you N300k+ without breaking sweat.

    How to Get Started in Flower Gardening Business

    Like I said earlier, flower gardening business is one of the easiest business but you need to learn the trade from professional gardener before dabbling into it. You need to know the names of the flowers and how they are grown and their market values. You need to understand the type of soils required for these flowers to thrive.

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    Flora or flower gardening belong to the horticulture sub-sector of agriculture. Some of these flowers that are sold for thousands of dollars oversea are in reality available in Nigerian bushing as nothing. Now is the time to tap the wealth that have been wasting over the years. Some part of Jos in Plateau State in Nigeria are already exporting flowers and other horticultural products abroad and making dollars. To join them, this is how to get started.

    Find Land in Good Location

    It is important to get your farming land in location where flower is appreciated. Many Nigerians are not yet in tune with the use of flowers with some even seeing it as a nuisance. The good news is that there are millions of people in many places in the country who appreciate and adore flowers and ready to spend fortunes to buy it. Look for these set of people and locate your garden near them. Places like middle to upper class estates will be just fine.

    Get Training from a Professional

    Professional flora will be just a fine place to get head up. You need this in other to be successful in this business as there are many things needed to be learned beyond this blog post. Few weeks training will just be fine to aid your start while you gather the needed experience through practice.

    Get all the Viable Flowers

    Not all the flower species are good for business, get only the desirable ones and begin your planting and rearing. Some can be propagated, some can be grown from the suckers, wile some can be grown from the seed. Get your flowers and prepare the soil for planting.

    The Market for Flowers in Nigeria

    Occasions such as Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Get Well Soon, Love and Romance, Birthdays, Funerals, Weddings, and Friendships are just but a few of the times and circumstances where flowers is highly needed.

    Residents gardens and beautification of houses provides another huge patronage for gardeners. All you need is to be in this business then wait and see how the customers will keep trooping in.

    One thing I like about flower gardening business is that it helps beautify the city. Its always a beauty to behold whenever you are driving past those beautiful flower gardens by the roadside. So get into the business today and start enjoying the beauty and the profit. Drop us a comment.

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