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Pineapple farming in Nigeria is another sure money maker. Thousands of fruit juices are made with pineapple and the makers of fruit juice are always on the look out for pineapple farm where they could buy their raw material. Go to mile 12 market or any market near you or even the fruit sellers near you and try to price pineapple. Then you will realize that pineapple is edible gold.

One head of pineapple is sold for N200 in the local market while the same head of pineapple goes for N300+ in the fruit shops. For wholesale farmers, they sell for N70 – N100. Lets assume you harvested 200,000 pineapple and decided to sell for just N50 for wholesale, you will make a whooping N20 million. Takeaway N8 million as cost of production, labour, and transportation, you will have N12 million as pure profit. And once they starts producing, they can fruit for the next 10 years if well maintained.

Now you see what I am talking about? If you are thinking of a profitable farming business to start in  the country, then think no more, pineapple is the current money spinner. This sweet fruit also known as “ANANAS COSMOSUS” is as sweet as the profit it can generate.

Pineapple has a worldwide appeal and is known for its nutritional and health values all over the world. How the fruit got to Nigeria may not really be our main concern in this article but the business aspects of planting and how lucrative it is. Nigerian soil and weather are extremely good for pineapple farming too.

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Now that you know the profit that awaits you in pineapple farming, let us go straight into the processes needed in pineapple farming and how it could be done profitably and professionally for maximal benefit.

Steps By Step Pineapple Cultivation In Nigeria

Chose A Good Site – First of all, making a good selection of the site to have pineapple planted is usually the paramount thing to do. The site has to be checked for the soil textures because pineapple thrives very well on sandy soil with lots of nutrients, good water retention, coupled with the humid conditions of the chosen field for planting.

Clear The Farmland – The next thing to do is to have the area cleared of stumps and thereafter prepare the land by ploughing or making some raised beds for the planting. Bear in mind also that the crop requires a place where the rainfall is evenly distributed during the early periods of planting; and this is very important to get good yields and sweet produce at the same time.

While preparing the ground for planting, be on the look out for some possible insects attackers but which is usually handled by overturning the soil and exposing it to sunlight. You can do it manually or mechanically with a tractor to plough and ridge the place because it is not the best to plant on a flat ground because of easy penetrations in the ground.

Pineapple Farming

Acres of Newly Planted Pineapple Farmland

Select The Desired Specie – Some of the most desirable species suitable for commercial pineapple farming are: The Smooth (or Smooth Leaf Cayenne) pineapple; Pure Gold pineapple specie (newly developed); The Gold Crown. Get the pineapple that you will plant. Its always good to know there are two basic ways to go about pineapple planting, you can either plant the sucker or the crown. What this means is that pineapple sucker is not the same as the crown.

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The sucker is the shoot-out by the side of a pineapple and it takes lesser time to grow than the crown which takes up to a year and two months as against the sucker of about nine months. And getting the sucker is far easier than getting the crown.

Another interesting things about pineapple is that it could be planted at the backyard if you have enough space there, which even serves as flowers at the same time, but that’s by the way but it goes further to buttress how easy it is to start pineapple farming.

Commercial Pineapple Farming

If you decide to go into pineapple farming in a big way of which I am recommeding, then there are certain things to get right before planting. As mentioned earlier, the first step is usually to choose a very good soil that is well drained and less sloppy, but if every other things are OK except the sloppiness, then making ridges across the slop would prove beneficial against erosion.

Also make sure that the soil is well drained and soft for the root of your crops to have easy access to the ground for the needed nutrients from the soil. Always pay special attentions to the cultivars used.

I mean, those parts of pineapples to be planted because it goes a long way to determine how long your crops take to germinate and it’s important that most of the ones to be planted should be gotten between six to eight weeks after harvesting and have them exposed to the sun for about a week to kill off some likely parasites that may attack them when planted.

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Spacing them is also very important for proper growths as each one absorbs just enough nutrients from the fertilizers instead of two or three closely planted struggling for manures, spacing also assist in weeding and making sure that it is free from insects. For instance, proper spacing would have about 50,000 plants per hectare instead of multiplying that by two or more.

Market research plays good role in assisting a person to know the very species to concentrate on instead of planting the type that has less market because of the preferences in the area and what people like to buy. Going into pineapple farming is lucrative in ways that many people may not know as I have explained at the beginning.

The Business Opportunities In Pineapple Farming

A sucker of pineapple goes for N20, N30 and (N40 for the treated ones). It is advised to go for the treated ones because it has greater survival rate than the untreated.

Now, let’s calculate for small scale pineapple farmers – For a sizable land, assuming you buy 5,000 suckers which is 40×5000 = N200,000 add the cost of labor, herbicides, transportation, fertilizer and the rent of the land if its not your own and every thing amounting to about N300,000.

Presently, one pineapple goes between N100 to N150 if you are selling in bulk but, put yours at N120 per pineapple and multiply that by 4,500 since not all may likely survive, that gives you N240,000 pure profit in a single harvest and now think of what that would mean for the next ten years or more that the pineapples will be producing.

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So you can see the huge profit there for both small scale and commercial large scale farmers? And one can even start with less amount like N10 or N20k and partner with the retailers for easy disposing and gradually grow his business to a top level and have processing companies buying from him.

Pineapple farming is not a quick way of money making but a sure way of making sustainable income over time. If taken seriously as a business, pineapple farming is sure to get a person stabilized financially in life.

Pineapple has wider appeal than we could ever think of and there are even so many ways that it could be preserved now through some modern techniques which we will be uncovering in our future article on pineapple and its usages.

For now, go ahead and start looking for land where you can plant your pineapple this year. Drop your question below and make sure you share this on Facebook and Twitter using the button provided for it.

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  • ty January 20, 2016

    thank you for your post, i am soo interested in pineapple farming and i have two questions.
    1: can i plant pineapple and Plantain on the same portion of land.
    2: Where can i get the pineapple suckers from and how can i determine if the suckers are of good quality or now.

  • akingbade adebayo January 21, 2016

    i am very interested in farming generally, i currently have a pig farm but being trying to move into crop farming with no result yet due to challenge of getting a land to do the farming.can you help with sourcing for a land i can lease?

    • Femi October 4, 2017

      Bro I advice not to grow pineapple on leased land. I have some issues with this write up. Some inaccurate information. Pineapple is a permanent crop. Not sure the lease agreement will accommodate that. But if u can … good luck

  • Taewo January 31, 2016

    Thank you for this vital expose. I am very much interested in commercial production but being pissed off about the marketing. Sales leads is all i will appreciate from you. Rgs

    • Femi October 4, 2017

      I am a pineapple farmer in Ibadan. You have to carve that niche for yourself. I advice you open a shop exclusive for the sale of these pineapples. Sure way of making a million depending on the number you have on the farm, in a quarter.

      • joepraise October 21, 2018

        mr femi please how many stands of pineapple can four(4) plots of land take??

  • Nnamdi March 28, 2016

    Thanks for the write up. However ,how often do they yield in a year?

  • fadamula April 15, 2016

    I really appreciate your post sir….it is really interesting to me sir…may God bless you sir

  • Dike toni April 20, 2016

    very interesting .I would like to engage into it.

  • Mr. Isaac June 17, 2016

    the Land is in Lagos(Ikorodu, Agbowa, Itokin) area of Lagos, Ota area, abeokuta road.

    We sell improved varities of plantain suckers cocoa seedlings, cassavar seedling, chilli pepper, tomatose seedling, water mellon, corn/maize seedling,Jatropha seedlings,

    We do complete farm setup(from land preparation to planting) you can

    Pls note that, for those that are very busy or out of Nigeria but want to go into Farming be it crop or livestock farming. We can it up and run it far you while your investment is growing.

    For those that want to go into farming without farming experience can also contact us for feasibility study and business plan.

    there are Govt grants for farmers of different crops. Currently, cassava fsrmers are getting free grants going on now.

    For those that are interested should call Mr. Isaac on or mail us at
    Thank You.

    • Renatus August 21, 2016

      @Mr Isaac, how do i get your contact please?

    • Rotimi September 9, 2016

      I need Isaac’s contact pls. And also Hellen. We can collaborate together on Pineapple plantation.

    • smile4eizzy January 4, 2017

      Share your contact

    • Elena November 15, 2017


      I am interested on buying land for pineapple and cocoa plantation and looking for a company to take care of everything from planting to harvesting.

      Also I would need the feasibility study and business plan as a start.

      Please let me know about the area where you operate and which opportunities are available there.

      Kindly, please contact me.

      Thank you.

      • Nelson September 9, 2018

        Agro Park investment company can help you clear your farm, set it up for you we also provide feasibility study

    • joepraise October 21, 2018

      please mr Isaac what is the email or your contact. I may need this pineapple suckers if you have them

  • Mr. Isaac June 17, 2016

    Pls i’m sorry for the errors in my in my write ups. I didnt rewiew before posting it. Thank You

  • Erastus Seth July 6, 2016

    Thanks for information
    Please can I have your phone # or your direct email? here is interested in plantain farming.

  • Helen July 8, 2016

    I am so impressed to see this educative write up by you, I was privileged to be one of the few youths trained and certified by FAO in Pineapple farming and Sucker multiplication. I’m a commercial pineapple farmer and I can testify that Pineapple is very profitable, currently we have established 100,000 pineapple sucker multiplication center first of its kind in South West Nigeria. For those interested you can contact me on

    • Renatus August 21, 2016

      @Helen, how do i contact you please?

    • chinye000 August 23, 2016

      How come no bodies contact are popping up

    • manifestoken September 12, 2016

      Thank you for this educative and informative piece.great job. I am interested in pineapple farming. i would love to learn and know more about
      this area of agriculture. I would appreciate if you can get in touch with me. Looking foward to hearing from you.

    • smile4eizzy January 4, 2017

      Hi Helen, please share your contacts so that you can be contacted.

    • Caron Peter December 27, 2017

      @Helen, please how can I contact you

    • Emmanuel January 2, 2018

      good day Helen I need 1000 pineapple suckers ur contact pls

    • Akinson Kenny June 11, 2018

      Helen goodmorning. You can write ur contact this way for us to see You can contact me too. I have few things to ask pls

    • TAIWO OLUSEGUN DAVID August 23, 2018

      i am interested in pineapple farming and processing.
      how do we establish a mutual relationship on this project.
      Also, wish to ask which state in the south west of nigeria produces pineapple the most so as to facilitate my location for the investment.
      My telephone is 08035896905
      Thank you.

    • Stanley January 28, 2019

      Thanks for the information I am interested

    • Pius N Pius April 19, 2019

      How can I contact u ma

  • Esther July 15, 2016

    I so much appreciate your write up, very informative am interested in commercial pineapple farming, kindly educate me on how to start and your contact please sir.

  • Kalamagi kalim July 17, 2016

    Very good image’s very interesting even make’s me to visit that country how vaginal it’s.please keep up comrade

  • Afolabi Kayode July 19, 2016

    Thanks so much for this posting.I have an interest in pineaple farming. I have a secured land to be used for the project but don’t know where to get the sucker. Please enlightened me where and how I can get the pineapple sucker in Osogbo area, Osun state to be precise. Thanks in anticipation for your quick response and guide concerning this issue.

    • AyodejiRomoluwa August 5, 2016

      This is indeed an eye opener, am interested in the pineapple plantation, where can I get the stuckers in Osun State? Thanks in anticipation

  • Michael Madukwe July 28, 2016

    This is good information for development. Hope we find time to give more details. Keep it up

  • Inspire September 15, 2016

    Thank you Darlington for sharing this.
    @Helen, how can I contact you.

  • Justjules January 11, 2017

    @mr Isaac and @ Helen please share your contact details

  • Uduak Udoh July 17, 2017

    Thanks for the write up, am interested in the commercializing pineapple, please how do I get your contact. Thanks.

  • Femi October 4, 2017

    Thanks for an educational and informative write up on pineapples. I have a few objections or maybe more than a few. I have been farming pineapple for 6 years and I have set up many pineapple farms. First objection Is, pineapple lifespan is about 50 years
    Not 10 as suggested. Secondly, I sell my pineapples between 80&100 Naira per kilo. Your estimation on sale is a bit too low. My advise is , don’t sell to the huge retailers, you will not make quick returns.

    For a farmer to cultivate 200,000 pineapples is a big ask for our youths. If they had that capital, I suspect it will be driven into another venture. Farming pineapples is not easy and it will take a minimum of 16 months to grow and fruit depending on how large the suckers are. Planting crowns will take a minimum of 3years to fruit not 14 or 16 months as suggested.

    Farming pineapple takes a lot of patience. It must be done with other streams of income otherwise it will bore the average youth in Nigeria who can’t wait to “hammer”. There is too much to say, and so little time. So many variables…. that’s my two cents.

    • Oluyemisi December 27, 2017

      Thanks for this observations an additional information

    • Oluyemisi December 27, 2017

      Thanks. Can u recommend places one can buy treated suckers in Ogun state

    • Caron Peter December 27, 2017

      Please how can I get your contact sir

    • Akinson Kenny June 11, 2018

      Mr Femi, can i get your contact pls… i want to know the best specie for commercial use. Want to start with 1000 suckers as perimeter fencingvon my cre frm..

    • joepraise October 23, 2018

      hello femi, i’ve bought whats on this site and uploaded it. please I need the accurate information and your number

  • Falaju Adefemi April 12, 2018

    Hi, am interested in the treated suckers for about 4 hectares of land,pls how can I contact u,thanks..

  • BusinessHAB April 14, 2018

    Interesting post, sir how can i get your contact for the supply of suckers? Thanks

  • Ttymode May 12, 2018

    @Helen @Femi
    I want to set up my pineapple farm by next season, and will like to prepare ahead. Plea

  • oyinken July 8, 2018

    i have pineapple sucker in large quantity to sell 9 month breed. call mr oyinken at osun from ilesa 08032805679.

  • Abdul-Hammed August 12, 2018

    Mr. Isaac, pls i would love to have your contact or email so That we can talk better. Because am seriously interested in the pineapple plantation. Pls kindly reply

  • joepraise October 23, 2018

    mr femi, please I need your contact.

  • Alice December 21, 2018

    Presently I’m into pineapple farming and inducement is causing me up to 350k in a year and my my return this year is about 60k . I want to find out some tips on how to make this business profitable.

  • Alice December 21, 2018

    How do I get your contact Mr Isaac

  • Mustafa Adekunle March 15, 2019

    interested in pineapple farming pls

  • Agricincome September 2, 2019

    Nice piece, Thanks for sharing

  • Mohammed Ali September 22, 2019

    I ship pineapple from Ghana to Morocco and i wanted to know if i can get from Nigeria for Export i ship a 40 feet Container per week the pineapple i am looking for is MD2 difference sizes i am shipping past 8 years i want to know if that is possible from Nigeria

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