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The big question – What niche can I chose to blog about? Pondering over this question can be frustrating especially when you’re at the point of  starting your blog and have no particular niche in mind. At that point, so many ideas seems to creeps in, you begin to think, should I blog on music and entertainment, blog about Arabian model horse, blog on collectibles, blog about domain, or just any thing else. This process of thinking what to blog about is so serious that it can get you confused, frustrated, and make you want to give up entirely.

How do you settle this issue of deciding exactly the niche to set your blogging on? To help you come up with something worthwhile, there are some points that you’ll need to consider on your way to deciding.

Answer wisely

The truth is that you can’t blog about everything. To decide on what to blog about, there are things to consider first, a lot of them, but I’ll write about the ones I think is the most important. And with those in mind, you can easily decide on others and come up with what to blog about. Here are what to think about.

1. Your passion
2. Acceptability
3. Profitability
4. Competition

Each of these must be put into consideration before you’ll be able to decide and come up effectively with “What to blog about”. Now, let’s take closer look on them and see how they can affect your choice of what to blog about.

1. Your passion

Are you passionate about what you wants to blog about? Remember, you will be writing posts on regular basis about your chosen  niche and for you to do that effectively over a long period of time, it has to be on what you are most interested in. Blogging is all about self expression, being that as it is, you got to do it with passion.

Blogging about subject you know nothing about is like finding your way through the forest you’ve never been to before! Driving through the city of Tokyo in a first visit is easier than blogging on subject you aren’t passionate about. Can you imagine trying to locate your way unaided in Lagos as a first timer? So, passion is the number one decider meter.

2. Acceptability

You expect wide followership with time? Then, your passion has to be interesting to others as well, else you will be writing to yourself! Before you decide on what to blog about, do research and find out how interested people are about your blogging topic. Or how capable and ready are you, to push it forward and make people interested about what you’re blogging about. Be sure level of interest is high ( at least to an appreciable level) before you decide to set up a blog on the subject.

3. Profitability

Do you want to blog for profit? You can blog about anything if your interest isn’t in making some bulk at the long run. But if you want to make money out of your blogging project, by all means, let what ever niche you choose  be a worthwhile thing to blog about. How do you know if what you intend to set up your blog about is profitable?

Google it and see how others are currently doing in that market. Use some research tools like Google trend to see what is currently in vogue and acceptable. Keyword research is important as well, get your keywords ready before you write your first post in that blog.

4. Competition

If there is competition in what you want to blog about, it means it worth blogging about but if the competition is so high, your effort may not be enough, you may find it difficult to make yourself relevant enough for people to notice your effort. A niche with less competition and relatively good search volume may be wise decision.

Blogging is a way of life for every bloggers! A decision on what to blog about is very necessary if your plan is to take your blogging career to the next level and achieve satisfaction at the end. Carefully consider your plan and decide on what to blog about with due diligence before you proceed. Good luck!

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  • Josephine UO August 5, 2014

    Dear Darlington, I want to create my own blog about real estate but don't know much about blogging. Please what advice can you give to a beginner in this area even though I have a professional that will help me develop it but I don't know how to grow it and make it look real good. Thanks

    • Darlinton Omeh August 6, 2014

      Find time to attend our blogging seminar coming up next Saturday. Click on Training to get details. Thank you

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