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    You are into Blogging, trying your best to build a successful Blog; suddenly you read an article about how people are making millions in eCommerce. Immediately you starts thinking how to build your own eCommerce website, you starts shifting attention from your Blogging to eCommerce and gradually the blog died.


    Now you have your eCommerce setup and struggling to make it work.  Again, you heard that people are making a kill in Forex Trading – that you’ll become a millionaire the moment you starts trading Forex. You begin to think twice about your eCommerce adventure and starts learning Forex. Gradually you allow your eCommerce to die while your attention shifts to Forex completely.

    Not too long after that, someone told you how he is making $1,500 dollars daily by promoting Click bank Affiliate products using CPA. Quickly you abandon your Forex trading and joined Affiliate campaign, and it continues like that… This is the typical example of what I called Opportunity Distraction, the number one dream killer.

    Some people do these for years and ended up doing nothing – wasting all the valuable time they should have invested wisely in one particular online business. Is similar thing happening to you now? Hardly can anyone enjoy success doing that and if not controlled, it could destroy ones prospects in internet business. You need to do something about it as a matter of urgency before it becomes too late for amendment.

    The truth is that you can’t just be everywhere at at a time, you have to clearly define where you want to be if you desires to be successful in your business. So, what exactly do you need to do to get your focus back?

    1. There is Money is Every Business – Convincing yourselves of this fact will help you focus on one business and never let go until you see it to the end. Just as there are people making good money in Blogging so there are people making money with Forums, it depends on how well you are able to do whatever you choose to do. 

    Allen Say is said to be making close to $1.5 million monthly with Warrior Forum because he setup and stick with the forum until he was able to get everything right, not just because he has a forum. The same thing apply to hundreds of successful Bloggers out there – They don’t just make money because they have a Blog but because they are able to blog properly.

    Ewen Chia is probably the most successful Affiliate Marketer simply because he focused on affiliate marketing, and he is doing it right. Likewise you can be one of the finest Domainer (Domain Investor) if you focused on your business and do it right.

    2. Choose Your Passion – Passion is everything in online business and nothing can replace it, not even huge financial backing nor heavy logistics. If you’re passionate about your online business, you will go places with it. Zuckerberg is so passionate about social network that he willingly quit school to pursue the dream of having a place where the whole world can connect and share, and the result is the monstrous Facebook you and I know today!

    When you are passionate, you will be so dedicated in your business that you wouldn’t have time for something else, let a none another online business opportunity. Your main focus will be how to improve in your game and beat the competition. You will be much more concerned on how to improve your users/customer experience –  thereby constantly innovating and upgrading.

    3. Build one First Before Another – Granted, there are people (Including me) who are doing multiple online businesses at a time and they are doing well. The secret is on building one first before moving to the other.

    This blog is just a month and couple of days old since we moved from Wealth Result. I’m currently giving it much attention because I wants it to grow to some extent before moving into another project. Though my online business is run by Palness Media I want this to have my personal touch before employing people to work here. You too can do the same; setup something, work on it to some extent, and hand it over to your company to run while you move into another and still offer oversight and administrative responsibility.

    A simple one online business; when properly done can give you all you want. Choose one out of the many business opportunities around, focus on it, see it to the top and watch how it goes. If you decides to engage in multiple projects, work one out first before moving to the other.

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