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As a full time Domainer and trainer, let me take you through the process of registering a domain name. I’ll explain it in step by step format.

Step 1. Get a Credit or Debit card. Credit card is the easiest and the most acceptable means of paying for domain name registration online. Other means equally acceptable is PAYPAL. Get a PayPal account at , it’s free to register and verify but you will need to add fund to your PayPal account in other to pay for domain registration. You can use your local ATMs

Step 2. Go to domain registrar like or  search whether the domain you intend to register is still available by typing it into the search box and clicking “GO” or “SEARCH” Button.
Here are two simple ways of doing domain search from your internet connected computer: If you are on a Unix based system (like Apple or Linux computers) you can use the “whois” command from the command line. It will return all the information existent about that domain.
The only drawback is that the registry database contains only.COM, .NET, .ORG,.EDU domains and Registrars, so if you are looking for a more specific domain you will have to use the second method.
This second method works on any computer connected to the internet and all you need is a web browser. Just type in the address bar the domain name you are interested in (try it both with the “www” prefix and without). Here are the possible responses:
If the web browser returns an error that it cannot resolve the name, it means that the respective domain is not registered.
If the web browser returns an error that it cannot find the server, it means that the domain name is registered but not hosted anywhere yet.
If the web browser returns a generic placeholder page with search information and advertisements or an Internet Service Provider’s information, it means that the domain name is probably registered by a speculator.
Step 3. If the domain you are interested in is available, then ‘Check the box’ and click “Add to Cat” button to proceed to payment page.
When the next page opens, you will see the summery of the domain you intend to register, if you are ok with it, and then click on ‘Checkout’ button. 
Step 4. Next page opens, If you already have an account with the registrar, put your login detains to access the payment page. If not, there will be a prompt page asking you to register free account.
Fill in your details in that form, accept their terms and condition by checking the small box below the form. Then, click ‘Submit’ button to complete your opening of a free account.
Step 5. Put your credit card number, the expiry date, and the 3 digit code at the reverse side, the card name and the address. Then submit to make payment for the domain registration. After you have supplied your credit card details, the registration will almost be instant the moment your card is charged.Make sure your card is funded to avoid being declined which may cause undesirable result of losing the domain if it’s really desirable.
Step 6. Login to your account and have a feel of your new domain, set up your name server and list it for speculation if you so desired, I mean for sale. Details on how to setup domain name server and listing it for sale will be provided in the subsequent chapters.
Domain name registration happens on a first-come-first-served basis. This means that the first person to identify and register a potentially valuable domain name has the asset, and it may well be that others are interested in purchasing this asset from him. This fact has led to the development of a domain name marketplace. A business ventures where people register domain names with the intent of selling (“flipping”) them at the domain marketplace.
Domain names registered for just a few dollars have been resold for many thousands. As with any other business, not everybody who enters the domain name business will be successful. The least successful tend to be those who take a sluggish approach to the venture, who do not do their research, or those who are over confident.  You cannot simply purchase any random domain name, and hope to resell it for a hefty profit
The Domain Selling Business is a real business where insight and timing are critical. Where smart people can make money by making smart moves. In other words, a true Internet business that could make you a millionaire if you have the skills and the key insights like the one I’m passing across to you here.

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