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I looked at my Alexa Toolbar this afternoon while I was on Facebook and discovered The Social Network Giant has become The World’s Number One Website! Facebook have been trailing Google on Alexa Ranking as number two for three years now or thereabout, overtaking Goggle temporary every now and then.
The Slot for number one position on the Internet has been an ongoing battle between these two Internet giants with Google always maintaining the lead as number one website. However, we all knows it’s just a matter of time before the BIG Uncle (Google) give way at the number one position for The Internet Prince (Facebook) to takeover.

Comparing these sites metrics reveals that Facebook’s new found leadership position might just be a permanent leadership. It has happened before but this time, Facebook seems to be enjoying a longer stay at the number one position. Take a look at the different metric I compare on Alexa and the Graph results shows Facebook taking clear lead in most key metrics.


Facebook-is world's-number-one


Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg who was then 20 years old (born May 14, 1984). He started the social network with $2,000 he borrowed from a Friend. Today, Facebook is said to worth $105.19 billion, making it worth almost exactly as much as soft drink giant, Pepsi, which is valued at $106.5 billion according to Mashable.
What is the lesson for every Entrepreneur? It doesn’t matter how small you started, if you persist in what you do and do it right, you’ll make it to the top just like Facebook did.

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