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Everyone likes free things, including sending Free SMS. But is it always possible to get Free SMS considering the saying that goes thus: “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”? Ok, let’s say there is indeed Free SMS, are they disadvantages of sending Free SMS through Free SMS Sites? Everything that has advantages may also have disadvantages! Therefore, lets take a look into Free SMS and the both sides of the coin.

There are platforms that offers Free SMS and some that claim to offer SMS for free. Some of them are SMS Reseller sites, they offer limited number of Free SMS in a bid to attract customers who will in turn use their paid SMS services  either as a reseller or as individual user or for personal use. In which ever way, the Free SMS serves as a bet, which is a good marketing practice.

Other platformS that offers Free SMS are some Social Network and eCommerce Sites. You know, every social network and eCommerce site need loyal members and they need them in great number. One means of getting such loyal membership is to offer them some free stuffs, this is where Free SMS comes in handy. As a member, you have the privilege of sending limited number of Free SMS per day to your friends for using their site to any phone number of your choice, anywhere in the world.

Advantages – It affords you the opportunity of sending some number of Free SMS without paying a dime. And you can use most of them over and over again. That means, you wouldn’t be paying for SMS as long as you’re connected to the Internet; just login, compose your SMS and send. This is how far the advantage gets.

Like they says: Everything that has advantages also has disadvantages, and in some cases the disadvantages may outweigh the advantages.

Disadvantages – Free SMS from these websites is always accompanied with adverts that in most cases, you’re not aware of. While you send those Free SMS to your friends, families, business associate, and co workers. You are in reality, sending them advertisements, recommending products that you may not know anything about to them.

Imagine this scenario:- You sent Free SMS from a website to your wife telling her to prepare Pounded Yam and Vegetable Soup for you and your guests. Under that SMS, there is advert reading: You can also buy meat pie from Sweet Sensation instead of cooking. Your wife thought the later message is part of your SMS and went for Meat Pie instead of the Pounded Yam and Vegetable Soup your actually asked her to prepare. How would take that… badly? But that is the message she got from you!

In a nutshell, most of your Free SMS from online sources are accompanied by adverts, containing messages you did not compose. Would you like to be sending people messages you didn’t write or someone to send messages to your friends as you?

Secondly, some of those Free SMS Platforms are merely phone number harvesters. They capture your phone number and the phone numbers of people you sent SMS to and use them for their own advantages.

They will bombard those numbers with advertisements or even send them scam messages from some of them who may be fraudulent. Fraudsters use different mean to get to their victims, including offering you Free SMS to get access to your numbers.

Research Well – Before you use any Free SMS website, you need to carry out proper research about the reputation and the way the platform you want to use operate. Make use that by using them, you are not “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”. However, many of them are legitimate but one thing that may not be avoided is advertisements. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, you are getting those SMS for free because something must be asked for it in return, they pay for the SMS you’re sending.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages, it is your duty to weigh it and make your decisions. I don’t want to recommend anyone, If you are looking for where to send Free SMS online, Google it and you will find them.

Paid SMS – You can send SMS online from SMS Service Providers for as low as few kobos per SMS if you buy in Bulk. So, why not go for the one you will pay few cents and have peace of mind instead of getting free and exposing yourself danger and privacy invasion.

In my previous posts, I have compiled lists of SMS Service Providers you can do business with. Go  through them and chose your choice.

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