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    Hotel Business in Nigeria is one of the businesses that guarantees all season profit for the owner. Any smart investor who venture into it will have REASONS to smile in no time. Contrary to some articles online that is trying very hard to explain why hotel business in Nigeria is unprofitable, the truth is that you can actually make big money in the business.

    If there is no money in hotel business in Nigeria, will there be hotels everywhere in the country as it is today? Can you really point any hotel you know in Nigeria that you think is not making money? I don’t think there is… Even the dirtiest of hotels in Nigeria do make money. If that is the case then, investing in hotel business in Nigeria is one smart move any Nigerian Entrepreneur can make right now.

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    Instead of asking if there’s money in hotel business in Nigeria, the question should be: How can I get involved in the business now and starts sharing from the golden cake? Nigerians are known all over the world as travelers and merriment people and that is what hotel anywhere in world is all about. Likewise the country is becoming one of the Tourists choice destination in Africa. Before I discuss how to start, let’s take a look to how hotels are classified based on locations or services they render.

    List Of Types Of Hotel Business In Nigeria


    Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria

    Hotels are classified according to their sizes, the locations, the quality of services they render, and names. These classification help hotels to compete according to where they belong.  Examples:

    Airport Hotels: – This is the type of hotels that typically cater for airport related business clientele, incoming tourist, airline passengers who has overnight travel schedules and cancelled flights. It also target airline personals and airport services executives. One of the attractive features of these hotels is they usually either charge the guest on a daily basis or hourly.

    Airports hotels might give free transport between hotel and airport. It’s also ideal for quick meeting for business men and politicians who do not want much land travels. A very good choice as well for travelers who do not want to miss their flight.

    Apartment Hotels: – Apartment hotels also known as Residential hotels is the types that provides short term, long term, and permanent accommodation the for Guest. This types of hotels are ideal for expatriates and other companies employees on spacial duties. The company enter into leasing agreement between one month to up to a year or more and subject to renewals.

    They usually comprises: Living room, bedroom, guest rooms, small kitchen (with kitchen utensils), laundry unit (equipped with washing machine), restaurants, house attendants for house keeping.

    Bed and Breakfast Hotels:- During the World Cup in South Africa, some schools and homes where converted to Bed and Breakfast Hotels (B&B). These are like makeshift hotels but in most cases are permanent facility (of course it’s a class of hotel). It’s usually small, containing 10 to 20 guests at a time. Most Nigeria local hotels falls into these class, only that they fails to provide breakfast which is usually part of these hotels services.


    Starwood Hotel, Uyo Akwa Ibom

    Business Hotels: – These hotels are the most prominent of all the hotel categories and cater for all business traveler’s hotel needs, ranging from: facilities like access to business center, and personal computer. Wi-Fi and fax machines are also provided to the guest. Business travelers hotels are usually located in a business districts or city downtown.

    Although Business hotels primarily serves business travelers, tour groups, individual tourists and conference groups find these hotels attractive too. Guest amenities at the business hotels may include newspapers and magazines, morning coffee, and breakfast. Although some of these things are served by most hotels these days, business or not.

    Casino Hotels:-
    Casino Hotels are built with gambling in mind. They provide gambling facilities to the guests who goes there primarily to gamble. Every services provided at the casino hotels are centered around gambling. The entertainments, the wines and foods, and everything.

    Condo Hotels: – Popularly referred to as vacation hotels or vacation interval. Condominium hotel are similar to timeshare but the difference between the two lies in the type of ownership. Units in condominium hotels only have one owner instead of multiple owners , each for a limited amount of time each year.

    In a condominium hotel, an owner informs the management company if when he she wants to occupy the unit. This type of timeshare hotels is new in the hospitality and hotel industry. Timeshare hotels are the type where guests purchase the ownership of accommodations for a specific period.

    Conference Hotels: – Specially for meeting of any kind and conferences and caters for overnight accommodation for conference participants. These type of hotels provide in addition to the rooms, meeting place equipped with High quality audiovisuals, conference logistics, business services, comfortable seating, digital projectors, flip chart, etc. These type of hotels are mostly located away from the metropolitan areas and usually have other facilities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, spas, golf, tennis courts, etc.

    Convention Hotels: – These are similar to conference hotels, the major difference is that Convention hotels are much more larger compared to conference hotels and usually have more rooms, like 2,000 and above, sufficient enough to contain the convention attendant. Convention hotels must be very big together with the size of the meeting rooms and exhibit rooms. They usually cater to convention by the states, and international associations of sort.

    Extended Stay Hotels: – These types of hotels are more like a home. Although similar to any other hotel suites, but in addition to hotel rooms, extended stay hotels provides, kitchens and kitchen equipment. These type of hotels specially for travelers who stays more than a week and wanted “Home away from home” experience.

    Resort Hotels: – These types of hotels are the number one choices for tourists. Always build in exotic environments Near the beach or by the beach, across the mountains, and on the islands. It’s built in such test that a visit could get you hooked due to the scenery nature of the environment it is built. Any exotic location away from the main city is always ideal for resorts. These hotels have recreational perfect facilities, golf course, sailing , skiing and swimming.

    Suite Hotels: – These kind of hotels are Exotic hotels and is the latest trend in hotels and hospitality industry. It has grown beyond bound and in direct competition with the resort hotels.

    Ponder over these and decide on the type you wants to settle for depending on where you want to build.

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    • Saheed Kiaribe November 4, 2013

      Nice write up…Pls does the law in Nigeria allow hotels to set up casinos and betting arenas?

    • Paul Kang July 2, 2014

      I can arrange a project financing if asking more than 10M, which I need the executive summary with a business plan, use of funds and disbursement schedule, company background and history, a 5 yrs forecast financial statement.

    • Olatunji Yusuf April 18, 2015

      Paul Kang, please how do I reach you. Thanks.

    • Olatunji Yusuf April 18, 2015

      Paul Kang, please how do I reach you. Thanks.

    • vennieg61 December 11, 2015

      Can non Nigerian become hotel owners in Nigeria? I'm married to a Nigerian also.

      • Darlinton Omeh February 11, 2016

        Yes for sure. We welcome legitimate investment in our country and actually encourage that. Feel free to come over and invest in hotel business in Nigeria

    • Nosa edena January 19, 2016

      Please can you clarify an issue. Is it permitted to have a hotel in an estate in Lagos or not.

      • Darlinton Omeh February 11, 2016

        It is not permitted by most estate residents and even government but I have seen hotels in many estates. One of them is Shonibale Estate in Maryland, there are about three hotels in that estate.

    • Lawrence Liu March 3, 2016

      Having provided hotel furniture, sanitary ware and building material to several hotels in Lagos, I have to say hotel business is pretty good in Nigeria. You may visit our website if you want to minimize your budget on building a hotel in your country.

    • Kate April 16, 2018

      What is the minimum investment to build a resort hotel near the beach in Nigeria? i am not a Nigerian but married to a Nigerian.

    • FEMI June 27, 2018

      Hello Mr Darlington,
      Plz I need your advice,I have a 2plots of land at ikorodu and am planing to use it for hotel,some said local area is not that good for hotel,some said ikorodu road is bad etc.right now I am confuse what to do.

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