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To understand this subject, you must ready the previous post. If you missed the previous article, you can find it Here to read

Now, let’s continue with the sizing –

For One Room Connection

A room with one bulb, one fan (standing, ceiling, or table), one DVD or CD player, one TV set, and one computer set.


One 800 – 1000watts of inverter.

One 12volts 200amperes of Deep Cycle Battery.

One car alternator.
One 60 watts of car or standing fan motor.

One 20amperes of Charge Controller.

The project above should not be more than 800watts but if otherwise then you have to increase the size of the inverter and the Deep Cycle Battery. You will get to know this as we go on.

Specification 2

If you need to use pressing iron, a refrigerator, more than one bulb with the sizing in specification 1, the add ups will be around 1740watts or more, here is the right sizing:

One 2000watts of inverter.
One 12volts 300amperes of Deep Cycle Battery.

One car alternator.

One 60 watts of car or standing fan motor.

One 12volts 20amperes or 12volts 30amperes of Charge Controller. However, 12volts 30amperes will serve better though 12volts 20amperes will also work. It is always advisable that you check the watts of the appliances to know the exact sizing. Please, always unplug your refrigerator if you want to iron cloth because pressing iron only consumes 1000 to 1400watts of power.

Why do you need to unplug your fridge or any other? It is because it is not advisable to have load that is up to the exact current output of your sizing at a usage. Always make sure you have some watts left, at least, 100 to 150 watts. The benefit of this is that, your battery’s life-span will be longer.

Specification 3

If you will need to use one air conditioner with the sizing in specification 2 then your project will be higher than 1740watts but may fall between 2800watts to 3000watts, here is the right sizing:

One 3000watts of inverter.
One 12volts 400amperes of Deep Cycle Battery.
One big vehicle alternator e.g. Trailer e.t.c.

One Industrial fan motor.

One 12volts 40amperes of Charge Controller

This sizing will suffice for the project but always bear in mind that you can use more appliances only if you are careful enough to know the capacity of the appliance and unplug some appliances for the other.

In other words, do not exceed your sizing, but if you have more appliances above your sizing just unplug some appliances for the other and when you are through using it just plug back your normal appliance.


You have to get your connection correctly otherwise you may jeopardize your system. Please take extra care while connecting. The connection is so simple that an elementary school pupil can set it up but it requires that you take your time and do it properly. Make sure you read the manual over and over, most especially this connection aspect until you can do it even if you are dosing. You can always refer to your manual.

Please, when doing the connection, always connect the negative wire first before the positive. Also make sure you ask the vendor to differentiate the negative wire from the positive because many at times the wires may not come with the kind of colours you are familiar with. Once you can differentiate between the wires, and then mark them with whatever you like for further easy recognition you can go home with it. Now, let’s have the settings

Setting One

Car Alternator: It comes with a bolt. Always ensure you get one that has a bolt and capacitor attached to the end of the wires, if not, do not buy. Ask for the one that has capacitor.

Take the Car Alternator bolt and the fan motor to a welder and weld the bolt the head of the fan motor rod. Then screw the welded bolt on the fan motor rod to the car alternator tightly so that when the fan motor is connected to electricity it will propel, rotate and energize the car alternator.

As the car alternator rotates, the deep cycle battery charges. Now, since the car motor will propel the car alternator and produce a little vibration then it must be stationary. Something must hold them in place. Just have a carpenter build a kind of box that will hold the car alternator and the car motor in place.

Setting Two

Charge Controller: This controller has 6 ports, 3 positive (+) and 3 negative (-) with 3 different symbols on it.(Get 1mm bundle rolls of wire (cable), not flexible wire, please). The 6 ports are divided into three separately.
The first one has a striped rectangular shape with two holes. First, connect the car alternator negative wire to the hole marked (-) and then the positive to the hole marked (+) and screw them tightly. If you can not differentiate the wires, ask the seller to show you the negative from the positive.

The second has a rectangular shape like a car battery with two holes. Here, connect and screw tightly the negative (-) wire from the deep cycle battery to the negative (-) port first and then the positive (+) to the positive hole, using part of the cable wire.

The third has a diagram like electric bulb with two ports. Using the cable wire, connect and screw tightly the negative (-) wire from the inverter to the port first and then the positive (+) to the positive from the inverter. Do not forget to screw them tightly with screw driver. Always screw the negatives first before the positives.

Setting Three
Extension: At the back of the inverter, there is a plug space there, plug the extension to this space and plug the fan motor on one of the posts on the extension. The other port spaces are meant for your appliances.

After this connection, switch on the inverter. However, your appliances are not yet powered. Why?

The Charge Controller is not yet switched on. There is a button on the flat surface of the Controller.

Switch it on by pressing it. Immediately you do this, the fan motor will start rotating energizing the car alternator to rotate and charge the deep cycle battery. Always put on the inverter first before you put on the controller.

Now you can plug all you sized appliances on the extension and enjoy uninterrupted supply of electricity. However, you need to ask a carpenter to help you build a portable box that will hold compactly both the fan motor and the car alternator.

You might ask; how do I have it power a whole house? All you have to do is to bring in the generator wire and plug it on the extension. You are done! If you do not have this wiring, you can enlist the help on an electrician to help you do the wiring. Period!

Happy uninterrupted electricity!

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  • Anonymous June 13, 2012

    hello sir,
    you above is well appreciated, as cost of fuel is somehow unbearable for a student like myself….
    However i like to ask
    1. according to your post "One 60 watts of car or standing fan motor." what type of standing fan do you suggest? and how can i know it is up to 60 watts.
    2. is there any possible problems or precautions of this system? as i will like to get myself prepared for that…
    thanks once again.

  • Darlinton Omeh June 14, 2012

    60Watt is always written on the body of the electric moto. I will give a detailed answer on this when am back next week. I'm far away now and browsing with phone.

  • OLOYEDE June 20, 2012

    I really appreciate a kind of innovation like yours…I connected the whole thing exactly as describe here…but I realized the alternator is not coming up when I start the fan… but the I tested it where it was purchase it work fine… but when I connect it with the fan it does not even come up…what can I do?

  • Anonymous June 22, 2012

    Thanks for this article, i like more articles please, my e-mail

  • sodiq yinka August 20, 2012

    hello,i really thank u for all this post.however can u pls get us a picture of all this,inverter and may be a link to the picture or the picture it self pls help me with that.

    • Oshmod August 6, 2018

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      Or joint venture.

  • Darlinton Omeh August 20, 2012

    The post have been written and posted, adding pictures now will be a distortion. Besides, this post is a guest post, it will take the auto to do that.

    Meanwhile, I'm planning to write further post on this, just watch out!

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  • VIN January 18, 2016

    do u av a working model dat u av put togeda?

    I av theoretically being exploring this concept for some time now before stumbling on ur article. If you have a functional model, I will like to get in touch for a joint venture on this.

    • Darlinton Omeh January 18, 2016

      No, I currently don’t have a working model. The article was written for education after a research just like most articles on this site.

    • Oshmod August 6, 2018

      hi! Have such project at hand at the moment. You can join. Reply with your email

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