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Are you experiencing a low turnover in your sales? And What is the biggest benefits you sell to your customers? Before making your advertising plan, kindly consider the following details to ensure you will increase your sales successfully. 

Define your Medium of Advertising: 

Creating a business awareness, analyse costs of advertising,
forms of advertising medium.

Are you using radio, television, bill board or newspaper and magazines. Determine which is most appropriate for your campaign.

Be Effective In Your Message

Ask yourself: who are my competitors? Carry out an analysis of competitors. How do they carry out their communication? Who are my target market? etc.
For you to be successful and increase the level of sales, your message must be well planned. This will help convey what your business is all about to your prospective customers. Therefore, a good message  should be clear and not misleading. It must be precise, specific and easily understood  by your target market and how your product or services are different from others. 

Your Strongest Selling Appeal 

In order to increase your sales in your marketing business, the biggest selling appeal is to reach your customer weakest points; to make purchase possible is the ‘benefit’ you offer them.

Therefore, tell them the benefits. Use it to attract prospective customers through the right advertising channel. Since Television is usually considered the most powerful form of medium to reach people’s hearts in your promotional message.

State the benefits in the headline of your advert, put it in first sentence of your sales letters, you can include it in your title at the top of your web page, if you have a web page. With this benefits, you will capture your customers attention and provide a compelling advantage and reason to continue to buy your products.

Use The Right Media

The choice of which mediums to use in reaching the right target set of customers is a crucial decisions that had trouble many business owners and marketers.

Of course your budget is the key factor in this area. Placing your advert with a major national chain will be way more professional journals that can helps you reach your targets audience.

The following are media you can choose from: 


This is referred to as the most powerful medium in the media. It reaches the prospective customers heart, with the powerful role it deliver images in reaching people emotions.

Television Sponsorship:

This involves the selection of a program in your business affinity that will end up creating a brand presence for you and will direct customers to your websites,if you have a functioning websites.


Radio as a means of advertising medium can enhance your commercial offering and will encourage action through promotional offers, referring directly to your place of purchase or to your websites for more details.

Flash Sales

Increasing your sales through flash sales is a great way to drive result. Flash sales create a fantastic sense of urgency in the mind of customers who are your target market.

This is sometimes considered as one of best strategy in advertising. Offer a special price for a shorts period to time. Announce your intention to have a flash sale in weeks before across your social media sites, but don’t say exactly when it will take place. This will ensure that customers will continuously check your feeds to see when it will take place. When you hold the flash sale, be sure you are prepared for heavy traffic in your website.

Therefore, ensuring that your message is effective and you have chosen the right medium of reaching your prospective customers will definitely increase your sales. Take time to think it through and do your research works.

Apply these suggestions in your plans,to experience huge profits in your business.   

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