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Now that you’ve set up your blog and continually adding quality great posts, the next step is to see how you can earn money from your blog. If you really whats to earn money with blog, you must choose the best and easiest monetization option. First of all, what is monetization? It simply means setting up your blog to earn money for you or act of earning money with your blog.

Gone are the days when Bloggers just blog for fun and for the sake of it. Today, making money with blog is the top priority in blogging. Some blogger earn decent income annually from their effort. However, you need to keep your eyes simple while trying to make money with your blog. Sometimes, you don’t make money with your blogging until you master the strategy.

How Easy Is It

Earning money with blog is easier than blogging itself. The reason being that, you don’t spend extra time with monetizing your blog other than the time you put in to maintain and promote it. As you do that, the money will come naturally. More effort more money, little effort little money or even no money! That’s the hard truth, money comes when you do what you should do with your blog. My first blog started with less than $2.00 a day and averaged $3.8 per day after six months of consistent effort. Yours may be more or less but the central point is, put effort to earn money with your blog.

Having made up your mind on monetizing your blog, the next step should be which monetization means to choose and which technique that will be the best for you. Below are some of the best known means of earning money online that you can apply to your blog:

Contextual Ads: A pay per click advertising is one of the easiest and best known means through which bloggers earn money with blogs. If easy to apply foe, you can get it from ads serving websites and companies like Google (Known as Google AdsSense), Yahoo, MSN Ads, Business.Com Ads, etc. The most popular of them all is Google Adsense.

You can’t use all of them together to avoid violating their ‘Policies and Terms of services’  so, you need to choose one at a time – Assume you decided to go for Google, then sign up and get adsense account at: Adsense.Google.Com, it takes less than two days for your blog to be reviewed by one of Google’s agent before relevant Ads could be served in your blog.

Please, take time to read the adsense policy before you proceed. As soon as your account is approved, copy the ads code and paste it where you want it to be in your blog and you get paid each time some one clicked on it.

It’s the same process with all the rest mentioned and the policies are just similar, don’t click on the ads you are serving and don’t solicit for same, let your click comes naturally and legitimately! That is the rule, respect it at all time, violation could constitute ground for termination of business relationship with you by the ads serving company and all earnings withheld.

How Much Can You Earn

You can earn something between $0.1 to $10.00 per click and when piled up, could just be enough to pay some bills. To make decent amount from pay per click ads, you need to get more traffics to your blog, $200 monthly is the ideal earning for average publishers, $500, $1000, $2,500 are all possible however, effort is required for you to attain that. Forget those deceptions!

Affiliate Programs: Another great means of making money from blogging is through affiliate programs, promoting affiliate products in your site.There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of affiliate programs online. Each of them comes with different benefits and different promises, capable of making you some bulk is put in the efforts required to make success out of it.

Go to any affiliate directly website or affiliate review sites, choose your choice affiliate program and sign up directly with the merchants website after reviews or you sign up with ClickBank to promote affiliate programs in their platform. You can do the same with Amazon which works perfectly with Blogger in-case if you are using as your blogging platform, sign up as Amazon Associate and begin to promote their numerous affiliate products which ranges from books and software to Furniture and Cars etc.

If you wants to run affiliate programs through the most credible platforms, then think of Amazon.Com, Commission Junction and many more you can find from search engine. Before you enter into affiliate agreement with any merchant outside Clickbank and Amazon, you’ll be wise to check about their credibility record so that you don’t end up working for nobody for nothing.

Don’t rely much on the information from affiliate review site except if you trust the review site in question. Do extra research with related forums, ask others and weigh the comments you may get before you decide to promote.

You can locate your choice affiliate through word of mouth or from Affiliate directories, just open the search engine and key in “Affiliate directories” into the search box and hit ‘Search’ button, when the result is out, select your choice affiliate and sign up to promote. Make sure the product you are promoting is targeted  to your blog content in other to increase chances of high conversion. With good traffics, a decent income could be generated from promoting affiliate programs in your blog.

Sell your products: Nothing wrong if you can sell your own product within your blog and keep the 100% profit. After all, you are helping others sell their own products from your site. Therefore, if you can do it for others, you can equally do it for yourself. Sell directly from your blog or you advertise it from your blog and sell at your desired platform.

Look for product you can sell if you don’t have any, it can be ebook, softwares or any thing else. Remember, this is just for the beginning other means of making money from your website will come up later. I will be writing more of the monetization means in my subsequent blog post, be sure to check back regularly.

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  • peter umejei May 26, 2012

    i already have a google acct with,ii it different from this one i m directed to @

  • Darlinton Omeh May 27, 2012

    Adsense account is for those who wants to run Google adverts on their website. If you wish to monetize your traffic through google adsense, you must have one.

  • peter umejei June 5, 2012

    i tried to sign up @ clickbank for for the affiliate stuff you suggested,but i could not because Nigeria is not listed among the countries ,so how do get clickbank account?

  • peter umejei June 18, 2012

    i have a question.i wanted to purchase a product @ DNforum,paypal was the only means of alternative payment method was introduced to me ''google ticket'' i lost about $300 in the question is how do create paypal acct NIGERIA is not in the acct opning form.pls i need your help

    • Emmanuel July 23, 2016

      please using paypal payment solution has been made easier for Nigerians. Do you have first bank account if no do have a current account with FBN. FBN has agreement with paypal so as the FBN account onwer you become an automatic owner of paypal a/c. But you must ask FBN you want to own e-channel after opening C/A with FBN, then you sign up with paypal on the FBN e-channel page and you can link your naira mastercard or visa debit card with the paypal like i have done.

  • Adeline Lee August 3, 2012

    Hmmm… Being into affiliate programs is a good thing, but one has to make sure that everything's clean. Scam sites should be avoided. You, your blog and reputation lies beneath what you're doing online.

  • Alex August 20, 2012

    Hello Mr Omeh

    I've gone through several of your articles here and have been on it for over three hours now. I must confess that you are doing a wonderful job for many like me who are still trying to find a place on the internet. However one of the biggest problems with Nigerians doing business on the internet is having a Paypal account. Can one successfully operate a Paypal account from here in Nigeria and also withdraw his earnings? If so how? If not, what are the best alternatives? I will be most grateful should you throw more light on this. Thanks a Billion.

    • Emmanuel July 23, 2016

      Paypal is real if you have FBN c/A or better still you can apply for a payoneer mastercard from USA. Here in Niaja you can load and withdraw on niaja ATMs simple.
      apply for it here and get yours.

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