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    Have you ever wondered where are some of the major brands of the past? They disappeared from the shelves, lost their customer base and are no where to be found. The lack of effective customer service is a major reason for business failure. Good customer service is the bedrock for profitable businesses. Business freezes without it.

    The essence of good customer service is to make your customer happy when they buy and feel good to come back. A satisfied customer goes to replicate sales for your business. A disatisfied customer poisons the business. The secret of great brands in the market is their capacity to develop and provide good services to their customers.

    You might be good at throwing out awesome promotions and sales discounts, all these without a good customer service will not grant you that special advantage. Create that relationship with your customer that affords him the comfortability to keep coming back by doing these:

    Know Your Customer

    Create a relationship with your customers. Get interested in their affairs and interest. Go beyond the usuals, develop a rapport. This will establish a strong bond between your customers and your business. I have seen people who would buy at a higher price in a business they have a bond with. Get interested in knowing where your customers live, their birthdays and special times in their lives. Celebrate these days with them. Get involve.

    Exceed The Expectations of Your Customer

    When a customer walks in through your door, treat him better than he’s expecting. Everybody wants a little pampering. Embelish in your business goals, how to treat customers exceptionally and be commited to it. They will come back when they know they are important. Exceed customers expectation, beat the competition, dominate your market.

    Respect Your Customer

    People will always go where they are respected. Your customers must know that you think well of them. If a customer wants a product, don’t force another on him just because you want to satisfy yourself. Respect his choice. Don’t lie to a customer. They will find out and it will be disastrous for your business.

    Train Your Staff  Constantly

    A trained staff will respresent the business well, even in your absence. Train your staff on customer care services. Let them know how they should greet customers at the front desk, answer the phone professionally, offer to help customers when they need help. These act of courtesy will multiply your corporate effectiveness and productivity.

    Promise Only What You Can Deliver

    Don’t make an impossible promise unless you can deliever on it. Keep to your promises. An unkept promise gives a customer a feeling of betrayal. You lose customers trust when you operate on double standard, which turns around to hurt your business. Be commited to your word.

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