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    Nigerian Men like to relax after work and most of the times, they do it at the Beer Parlour. Seating on a round table with friends and ‘gisting‘ over some bottles of beer and pepper soup is ideal evening setting for most Nigerian men. Imagine the disappointment when you wants to go out for a drink and there is not beer parlor in your area..? That disappointment can be turned into a business starting from now.

    Everyone like the perfect place to unwind and enjoy great food and drink in a laid back environment, and if you provide that for them, you’re in for good business. Millions of bottles of drinks are consumed everyday by Nigerian men and women and Billions of Naira are made from these drinks too. Go into this business and you’ll grab your share of the cash!


    A bottle of Gulder / Star cost about N250 in the bar and the wholesale price is about N200 per bottle. That means, every bottle of beer you sale, you’ll make N50 gain. Let’s assume you sale 300 bottles in a day, you’ll make N50 x 300 = N15,000! That’s for the drink alone, you haven’t calculated the money for pepper soup and food (if you sale foods like rice) when you add those ones, your gain for the day may be going like N20,000. And you’re still there looking for job of N30K per month!
    Beer Parlour business is another Nigerian business that is quite easy to start, if you’re ready to get started, here are simple thing you’d need to put in place.

    Find a suitable place for your Beer Parlour 

    You’ll need to be smart in your thinking when it comes to making decision about where to set up your bar, some places you may think is not good for the business may just be the hot spot. Where do you think men in that area would likely to b

    e comfortable hanging out? I’ve seen a beer parlour in the bush before – as bizarre as that may be, people are still patronizing it and are quite comfortable there! However, I’m not saying you should set up your beer parlour in the bush, just be creative and think up a nice location. Look for a shop that has spacious frontage where you can construct a canopy, and make sure the environment is neat if you hope to attract decent people.

    Equip your Beer Parlour and get your business started

    1. Buy a standard refrigerator for a start, as time goes on in your business, you’ll be getting free branded refrigerators from the Beer companies as promotional item which they’d require you to use only for their products, you may get different refrigerators for different brands.

    2. Buy very strong plastic chairs and round tables, make sure you get the originals, don’t buy fake because that may embarrass your customers if they fall from it. Quality one are more costly and they look bigger and stronger. Buy as many as you think would be more than enough.

    3. Employ sales girls / boys to staff your beer parlour, the number you need depends on how big your beer parlour is otherwise, two staffs would just be OK.

    4. Buy different brands of beers, get more of the popular ones like Gulder, Star, Stout (Big and Small), and Heineken. Then, buy others in a lesser quantity.

    Once you have all these in place, you’re ready for business. Start making money in your beer parlour business but remember my free drink and pepper soup whenever I come around!

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    • adaeze July 7, 2016

      Nice one Darlington. I will serve u chilled beee and hot catfish pepper soup

    • komolafe oladapo September 18, 2017

      thanks for this piece of write-ups. but what is the best way of dealing with habitual debtors and trouble makers without in turn lose them as customers.

    • Aivan March 9, 2018


      Many thanks for your insight,

      How do you get Beer flash coolers, Taps, installed in your beer parlour for fresh beer?

    • Aniefon September 18, 2018

      thanks bro…the business is in my mine. don’t worry when you come I will give you your free drink

    • Nelo May 2, 2019

      Am super happy!. Thanks for this piece of information. Do you have a website?

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