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 In this age of cut throat
competition where every products and service is vying for attention of the
already seeming saturated market, the importance of winning customers to your
side and maintaining their loyalty cannot be over emphasized.
Whether you have been in the
business for long or you are a green horn, the following tips may be just what
you need.
Identifying your key customers
If a product needs to be
successful, the notion of general market may have to be ruled out even if
everyone desires what you have to offer, there are those who are financially
crippled or who may not have a pressing need for what you have to see. In view
of this, it is a pertinent to draw a list of those that can be classified as
target market and endeavor to truly target them.
Build on the weakness of the competition
No matter how acceptable it is in
the market, there is no perfect product. So it is important for to identify the
weakness of your competition and build on it. This will give you an edge that
your competition may not be wary of before your entrant into the market. For
decades UAC food (United African Company) made ware in the fast food market
with gala beef roll and they made much profit but with time however chi foods
have been able to leverage their weakness by offering varieties at affordable
rates. Whether it is pricing or quality it does not matter, what is important
is to look for loop holes in competition.

Be Available
When your products and services
are always available your customers will always associate you with seriousness
for the mere fact that you have never disappointed them before. It will
automatically come to their mind to patronize you whenever they are in need of
your product or service. Even if it means incurring loss initially the sacrifice
will be worth it.
Have a strong customer relation
The customer is the king in every
business, the importance of this statement cannot be over emphasized. If a
customer decides to take his business elsewhere both the employer and the employee
will suffer the consequences. So there is a serious need to train and repeatedly
inform the staffs of the need to treat their customers with respect. From the
gate man to the CEO, the welcoming and servicing of a customer should be made a
serious business, because that’s where the secret of the business rely. Hence there
are no excuses for frowning at a customer, even if the one attending to him is
bereaved every employer should keep his or her problem at home with the aim of
serving “The king” that is the customer. Because when a customer is made to
feel big, he will be incline to come back subsequently stayed loyal.
Have a splendid ‘after sales’ service
It is important that you do not
lose touch with your customers and client after every transaction. These days organization
have imbibed the culture of getting the phone numbers of every individuals either
by directly asking or providing a Column on the invoice where they will need fill
in their phone numbers. With this your organization will have the opportunity
of thanking customer after each transaction, also congratulating them when
there is a celebration and event sending them a greeting cards or tips to show
them how to use the products just purchase.

Create a good image
 If you can create a good image then you can be
rest assured that there will be influx of customers, you can create an image
for your company through quality and you should treat your customers very well.
Give your customers ‘delight’:
you should also ensure that you treat your customers specially by surpassing
the satisfaction stage to a state of ‘delight’, this will also ensure their

 You should give incentives to your customers
as this will also create increased loyalty, this could be in form of Christmas bonus,
valentine specials, Easter extravaganza, and also New Year price slash, etc.

 you should create advertisements that will
ensure that your goods or services is adequately communicated to the customers,
this will ensure that they are not only aware of your products/services, they
will also know the functionality of your products or services, you should also
know the target market I which your advertisement is aimed at, is it the young
adults?, or gender?, age?, etc. you should ensure that you know who the users
of your products are so that you will be able to communicate the function of
your products to them more through advertisement.

While the above explanation tips
are not absolute guarantee that you will win the heart of every prospective
buyer, treating them in this way suggested will evidently put you in the memory
of your customers even when they see other related brands they may not be incline
to follower others, so good customer.

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