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    Catering is the business of providing food service at a remote site or a site such that some of all party food for an event is prepared.  Catering service one good business in Nigeria that is highly lucrative. As a caterer you should be prestigious, you should have all the facilities and expertise for providing quality services. You should be able to provide both indoor and out door catering services to your clients for birthday parties, corporate get together, seminars and many others. Starting a catering business means you are your own boss.

    Venturing into catering business can fetch you up to N1,500,000.  You want to find out how you can make this work, please read along. I know of a wedding caterer, who will not charge  her clients  less than N500,000, this charges does not include buying food stuffs and cooking ingredients. The charges only include  cost of renting cooking pots, spoons, serving plates, cooks wages, waitress wages and other running cost. 

    There are various types of catering, in this aspect we are going to talk about the wedding catering, the wedding catering consist of various sections and it includes;
    1. Cook service
    2. Table settings
    3. Waiters

    Cook Service    


    Cook service needs to have gained expertise in offering high quality cook services. You should recruit cooks that are experts in their domain and good enough to provide satisfactory services to clients. All the cooks that will  be offered by you should be well trained and efficient enough to cook all kinds of dishes.
    The food should be cooked in very hygienic conditions, your cooks should be appointed by undergoing a series of test so that you can provide high quality services to your clients. Your watch word should  always be
               Experienced cooks
               Hygienic and efficient
               Best Services at all time.

    Table Settings

    You should work hand in hand with experts in making your clients’ party table look astonished. The table settings must be appealing and welcoming to guest and the host, tables should be well decorated with table covers, cutleries, cups with colorful tissues in them should be well arranged on the table this will make the guest feel homely and comfortable.


    Waiters are fast becoming an integral part of every party, you should have a team of highly skilled and professionally qualified waitress who are well versed with all the aspect  of hospitality, you should be able to choose the best waitress to make your clients’ party a memorable experience.
    As a wedding caterer you should be fully competent in creating a creative menu that will not only suit your taste but also matches the theme of your clients’ party. All the food items should be perfect to taste and also well decorated to match the occasion for making the party a cherished moments for the guests as well as the host. You should also be engaged in  rendering  all religious communities.
    You should have exotic and scrumptious menus, which will delight the mood of the lovers and also create a lip-smacking feast for the guest and host. Steps needed in achieving success in wedding catering business.

    Working  Capital

    Catering business is capital intensive, with N600,000 you can buy all the catering equipment  and they include,
    1. Linens and table covering
    2. Table top accessories
    3. Table decorations
    4. Uniforms for waitresses and cooks
    5. Large gas ranges
    6. Plate racks
    7. Serving carts
    8. Catering and rental glass racks
    9. Catering and rental plate racks
    10. Food storage boxes and covers
    11. Salad bar item
    12. Serving utensils
    13. Stainless steel steam table food pans and accessories
    14. Knife bags, rolls, and cases
    15. Plastic food pans, drain, trays and lids
    16. Chafers, chafing dishes and chafer accessories
    17. Cutting boards
    18. Plastic trays and catering trays
    19. Paper napkins
    20. toothpicks
    21. Disposable bags
    22. Disposable catering trays and food boxes
    23. Plates, bowls, and trays
    24. Large cooking pots.

    All these equipment can be purchased at all way shop at apongbon lagos island. 


    A well and neatly arranged office will boost your clients’ number base, your office should be situated in a high profile area this will attract corporate bodies to patronize you.

    Your Advert Matters

    You need a good advert that will entice passers by, you advert must be inviting, must be well branded. You will need to print complementary cards, flyers to share at every occasion you attend.
    Treat your clients  well they will surely introduce you to their families and friends. With the above steps you are assured of making it big in this business. We would like to hear about your success story peradventure you have any challenge in this business feel free to ask us questions we will gladly reply. 

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