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      Business in Nigeria is Very Lucrative

      Your business planning begins with an idea and that is one of the things we know how to give best on this site – ideas and plenty of them. Are you thinking about starting a business in Nigeria but don’t know where to start from or which business to invest your money into to make profit? Here are the top 20 most lucrative businesses in Nigeria you can invest your money if you think you are good at managing business.

      This list of business ideas in Nigeria is made up of authentic business ideas, not just some randomly selected junk businesses, they are time tested, carefully selected, high performing businesses you can stake your hard earned capital on and be sure of making profit. These businesses are up to date and relevant in 2016 and beyond. But before we proceed, I want us to look at some of the vital reasons you must start a business in Nigeria today.

      Why You Must Start A Business In Nigeria Now

      The reasons why Nigerians are fleeing their own land that is flowing with milk and honey to scavenge in another lands that does not have half of the opportunities we have here is simply difficult to explain. Why would Nigerians leave the massive business opportunities in their land and choose to travel far and wide to slave, leaving the wealth back home for South Africans, Lebanese, Indians, Chinese, even Egyptians to plunder?

      Most of the current fastest growing businesses and companies in Nigeria are owned by the foreigners. We want the equation to change, go through the infograph below, see why Nigeria is the Africa’s testing ground for business and begin to take the opportunity.

      Business In Nigeria Profile

      Now that you are ready to go, click on any of the business ideas and further read the detail about the particular business of interest. And in case you need additional help, you can drop your question or comment under this article or any of the respective articles for further expatiation.

      List Of Top 20 Most Lucrative Business In Nigeria

      1. Agriculture 

      This is the next revolutionary industry in Nigeria where millionaires are currently being made. Nigerians both home and oversea are beginning to wake up to the huge potentials in Agribusiness, a sector we have been neglecting over the years due to the discovery of oil. Now that the oil is drying up, people are beginning to look into other sectors of the economy to create wealth. Below are some of the farming in Nigeria that are serious making profit for people now:-

      Poultry Farming

      This business is making average Nigerians rich. It is so lucrative that even outsiders are coming in to invest in poultry farming the business in Nigeria. And why not, In a country of more than 150 million people, what would you expect? If you start with 1,000 birds and manage your poultry farm properly, when the turnover on investment begins to come, you will be making millions annually.

      Cassava Production

      People are beginning to turn their attention to this aspect of farming in Nigeria that have been neglected for years. Cassava derived foods are some of the most consumed in Nigeria. If you can invest in cultivating 50 – 100 Acre in a fertile area like Ondo State, your harvest will be great.

      Snail Rearing

      Snail farming is one of the choice Animal farming for many reasons. It is a low capital investment with high yield and the market is big. There are few people currently doing this – and most of them are doing it in a very low scale. If someone invest heavily in Snail farming, he is sure to make good money in Millions within a year.

      Rice Farming

      Rice remains the most consumed food staple in Nigeria and Billions of dollars goes into importation of this product yearly from China and Thailand because the local farmer are unable to meet up the demand due to poor funding and limited knowledge. Anyone who have a million dollar to invest should get in touch and partner with me with 100% return. $1,000,000 = $2,000,000 guaranteed.

      2. Sale of Furniture

      Buying and selling of Locally make furniture is a goldmine. You don’t need to be a carpenter to do this, just arrange for regular supply from reliable Carpenters while you display and sale in your showroom. It is a very big business in Nigeria as only few can afford the imported designers.

      3. Making of Fruit Juice

      Nigerians drink fruit juice more than any other people. That’s why companies like La Carcella and Chivita who came into the country as nobody are today making billions of naira annually. This business in capital intensive but if you can afford it, it’s well worth it.

      4. Pure Water Production

      You know how popular this is in Nigeria and how many that are dispensed daily. Though this business is capital intensive but well worth investing into, especially if you can manage it properly with professionalism.

      5. Oil and Gas Business

      We are blessed and cursed with huge deposit of oil in our land which presents some of the finest business opportunity for Nigerians and Foreigners. Owning a Petrol Filling Station, Supplying of Diesel, and Distribution of Kerosene are some the areas you can invest easily and make good money for yourself. Petroleum product marketing have been making millions for people and creating millionaires in Nigeria for years.

      SEE ALSO: How To Become A Player In The Nigerian Oil And Gas Sector

      6. Haulage Services

      The cost of taking a truck from one place to the other in Nigeria is between N20,000 to N200,000 per trip. Due to poor rail transport system, most of the Nigerian goods are transported through the road, making haulage business in Nigeria a viable one. Petroleum products haulage and movement of goods from manufacturers and importers are the aspect of haulage in Nigeria that is very lucrative now.

      7. Hotel Business

      This is probably the coolest money making opportunity in Nigeria. Invest in small scale hotel of just 10 suites and watch as the money flows in. This has nothing to do with tourism boom of any kind; there is just something in Nigerians system that make this business very lucrative – Nigerians are jolly people!

      8. Fast Food Eatery

      Eatery business is another goldmine though poor management can kill it death! If you wish to go into this business, be sure to get everything right and don’t forget it’s a bit capital intensive and requires good management skills. But if you get everything right, free money is yours.

      9. Importation Of Tokunbo Spare Parts

      If you are in USA, Germany, or Denmark, this business is especially good for you. Don’t just keep importing exotic cars, gather tokunbo spare parts in containers and ship it down to Nigeria. There is huge market for used (tokunbo) spare parts in Nigeria.

      10. Investing in Property

      Property appreciate everyday in Nigeria. Right now, Nigeria is one the countries in the world where landed property is most expensive. If you buy land now anywhere in Lagos, you are sure to make 100% profit within two years. You can buy and quickly resell and make profit. Or you buy keep and sell later.

      11. Dry Cleaning

      Professional dry cleaners at affordable prices are scarce in Nigeria. What we have are professional Dry Cleaners whose service fees are extremely high or mediocre dry cleaners who can never keep with time. Give them cloths today and meet it unwashed after one week. This business is a money maker if you balance it up.

      12. Professional Car Wash

      This business is good if you can set it up in a strategic location in a place like Lagos where there are good number of cars. You.

      13. Sales Of Building Materials

      The rate at which new houses are springing up in Nigeria, you get to wonder why many people still complain of housing problem. Investing in building material is a good business in Nigeria. I can count some guys who are making millions almost daily in this business.

      14. Transport Business

      What we have in this sector of the economy is transport companies badly managed by local chiefs and touts. Invest in this business with good management and you will be wondering what hits you with bags of money. See: How to start a taxi company in Nigeria

      15. Nursery And Primary School

      School business has no rival among it’s mate. My little kids school fees take away close to a million naira per term just to learn ABC! School business in any level is a serious business in Nigeria that generate millions of naira.

      16. Exporting Of Raw Materials

      There is no better way to grow the economy than to exporting some of the raw materials that are abundant in the country.

      SEE ALSO: How To Export Yam To USA And Europe And Make Dollars

      17. Online Advertising Agency

      As the Nigeria’s online presence keeps increasing, so is its advertisers. Thousands of businesses in Nigeria are taking their business online to leverage the massive community of Nigerian internet users and market their products. This influx has created another business opportunity in Nigeria for savvy digital marketing experts. You too can setup your own online advertising agency in Nigeria today and make millions.

      18. Fashion Business

      Nigerian people are probably some of the trendiest people in the world. Fashion designers are becoming millionaires on daily basis in Nigeria, thanks to the  revolution in the Nigerian fashion business orchestrated by the boom in the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

      19. Media And Show Biz

      You and knows Nigeria is the capital of entertainment in Africa? You also knows Nigeria is the highest consumers of media content in Africa? Now you can see how viable and lucrative media and show biz can be in Nigeria.

      20. Investing In Internet Companies

      This is a new crop of investment opportunity that is creating Billionaires around the world including Nigeria. It is simple. You don’t have to be a Tech person, look for a creative online tech startup with good ideas and invest. Within 1 to 2 years you will be counting your profits in millions.

      Our number one goal has been to share business ideas freely and encourage fellow Nigerians to start business of their own. This investment plan is designed for those who really knows how to take advantage of a new opportunity. Don’t let the money sit in the bank for nothing, we can help you make 100% profit on your money.

      Extra: Used Items Sells Well In Nigeria

      Tokunbo market in Nigeria is very big in Nigeria. People prefer to buy used items that are high quality than buy fakes. The cost of buying and importing used cloths is low compared to the prices in the market here in Nigeria. This will guarantee good turn over on your investment.

      The most important thing is that you do something with your money. Pick one of these businesses and start today. Keeping your money in the bank where they will use it for business and give you nothing is not wise.

      Take enough time to browse around this website. You will see hundreds of other lucrative business in Nigeria to invest your money into. Thousands of Nigerians both home and abroad are now reaping the rewards of investing in their own country through the information they found on WealthResult.com. You too can!

      START BY READING: How To Start A Business – Complete Guide And Checklist

      Now that you’ve gone through these businesses, let’s have a discussion, drop your comment below and follow the conversation.

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      • Anonymous September 11, 2013

        I really appreciate your effort. It encourages guys to invest money than to waste it. Please kindly guide me with details on how to start nail and barbe wire manufacturing there in Nigeria. All the requirements, step by step processes in production and marketing. I am happy hearing from you soon.

        • Darlinton Omeh September 19, 2013

          I will write full post about this very soon. Just keep visiting and subscribe to our email update so we could notify you each time we publish new business opportunity

          • mark May 27, 2016

            what i am seeing here is millions to invest but what of people that have thousaire, does it mean that no lucrative business to start from thousands??

            • Bright Achu January 9, 2018

              What of Some One with Small Capital of Thousand ….???

              • Emmanuel May 18, 2019

                Thank god for your life and for your wonderful family wish God has blessed to have you,may God continue to keep you and protect you and your family in Jesus name,am new here but am very happy to find your page,am interested in oil and gas business with fast food restaurants business too,i will continue to follow you until am ready for I only want to continue to know more about both of them because there’s no money for now but am believe God and to continue to study about both of them for now,thank you very much and may god continue to bless you.

              • paul June 25, 2020

                you dont you have so much capital… you just start small and you will surprise at the outcome after a short period of time.

          • DMC November 22, 2019

            Good day, i could not access your page concerning investing in internet business. could you contact me with more details? thanks

        • Seun Falola October 2, 2013

          Good job…

          • Aleem Olanrewaju July 14, 2019

            Thanks for your enlightenment, please tell me how to market cassava because for someone to plant cassava in 50-100 Acres of land, it means there must specific place to sell it.
            Also, please enlighten me on how to become a professional Dry Cleaner. That is, the steps, the materials, the cost and the likely location and all others things that the business entails to make it lucrative. Thanks so much as I am looking forward to receive your response as soon as read.

        • Friday Osayi October 30, 2019

          i run a small scale poultry business , please i need advice or means of selling my Eggs….i am hoping for your reply .Thanks

      • Anonymous September 19, 2013

        This a wonderful list of businesses, can I have your personal contact i would like to talk business with you

        • Darlinton Omeh September 19, 2013

          Well, if it's so important I can be reached on admin[at]palness.com

          • MrBest March 13, 2016

            I would to connect with you via Facebook or whatsapp.
            There’s a great potential in you, and I’d like to have certain discussion and probably contract with you.

          • Christian October 13, 2019

            Please confirm your contact address i can reach you on, i would like to get in touch for a new business tips,Urgent and ready here,Thank you!

      • Anonymous September 19, 2013

        Thanks for this insightful post.pls do you know how one could start nursery and primary school in nigeria

        • UZo Agu January 2, 2014

          Well i can help you on that one but we should talk

          • Ifeanyi July 15, 2020

            I really need a good business that I can do with, within two weeks I will get the money back

        • Darlinton Omeh July 5, 2014

          There is article on this website that explained How to start Nursery and Primary School Nigeria. Just browse around, you will see it or use the search box.

          • Ola March 15, 2018

            Please Omeh is that any business one can do and have his money back within a it doesn’t matter the profit percent.
            What happened is that I have access to fund that I can only use for 30days.ol

      • Nana September 20, 2013

        Thank you pls what about chin chin making is it lucrative?? can u tell us hw to go about it

        • Darlinton Omeh July 5, 2014

          Chin Chin is a very popular snack in Nigeria and people have been in the business for a long time but, the problem is that most of them do it small scale. If you can take it more serious and take it to the next level, I can assure you that it's profitable. Thank you!

          • Sandy November 30, 2017

            Thank u so much I want to be a Coca-Cola distributor my space is not as big as what u advised. Can I still go ahead?

      • Anonymous September 20, 2013


        • biodun January 7, 2019

          yes i can get hectares of land for you in ondo state depending on what you want to use it for call 08032271044

        • Gold ventures April 10, 2019

          Yes there is.I have up to 5 plots of land for hire just before badagry Lagos state.if ur interested buzz me on 08025208053

        • Gold ventures April 10, 2019

          Yes I have about 6 plots of land for lease just before badagry Lagos state. If ur interested buzz me on 08025208053.

      • Anonymous September 20, 2013


      • Anonymous September 23, 2013

        Please it possible you write a post on rice farming, and how to go about starting a rice plantation including its logistics? Thanks

        • Darlinton Omeh July 5, 2014

          Click on "Rice Farming" on this list of top 20 lucrative business in Nigeria and read the full details.

      • Anonymous September 27, 2013

        Good stuff

      • Ifiokobong Ibanga October 3, 2013

        This is a great insight. Also do not neglect doing business in the oil and gas sector. It's still under exploited. I have been writing on How to do business in the Nigerian Oil and gas industries for a while now.

        • umah April 3, 2014

          so what are your findings considering that the industry is majorly monopolized by power brokers

      • Anonymous October 8, 2013

        Thanks for your ideas.Am intrested in the internet business.Pls how do I go about it.

      • Edwin okhamafe October 15, 2013

        I'm interested in d internet business, tell me wat 2 do

      • Edwin okhamafe October 15, 2013

        I'm interested in d internet business, pls tell me wat 2 do

        • Darlinton Omeh July 5, 2014

          Take enough time to learn how to do business on the internet. Depending on the type of internet business you wants to do, there are couple of articles on this site that teaches how.

        • Suresh S October 22, 2017

          Please get in touch with us for the opportunities

      • fola October 18, 2013

        May God bless you richly for creating such awareness. Please, how can I start snail farming in my backyard? I want to give it a shot.

      • Oluwadare Sola October 26, 2013

        Thanks for this post, I'm currently into isp business but looking for other things to be fone with it fetch more income. We need to talk on ur online project u mentioned

      • SunMic November 13, 2013

        This is a very great article. All the ideas here are still working…in Nigeria. I encourage anyone who is not lazy to pick any of the ideas stated above and He/She will not regret it.

      • victor dike November 15, 2013

        Tnx for the writeup
        Very impressive.

      • Idris Sule November 20, 2013

        Thanks for the insight into various lucrative business. Please can you expanciate on Haulage Services?
        I am planning on relocating back to Nigeria from UK. I worked all my life in the corporate world,but want to venture into business. What are the steps to take?
        Thanks in anticipation of your prompt response.

        • Darlinton Omeh November 20, 2013

          I'll write full article on Haulage business in Nigeria in a matter of days now, keep checking. Meanwhile anyone who invests N5 million with us gets N500,000 monthly for two years.

          • Anonymous January 25, 2014

            Thanks for all your business ideas, you are a blessing to the world especially for those who are passionate about achieving their purpose in life. Earning from their sweat and being a blessing to others. In regards to the Haulage Business, you mentioned about monthly return of N250,000 for two years. What will happen after that. Does that bring the contract to an end, or is there a lower return after the initial two years contract.Please specify. Lots of people are interested in making their money work for them ( investment) to be able to live a meaningful life. With a country of approx. 160 million and doing what is right in a legalised way, success is sure.
            I noticed you said you attended NIIT. This is a ministry for you as you are enlightening lots of people. It will be nice to consider further training in blogging as well, for those who are unable to make it now financially. We wish there are Charity organisations that can sponsor people with talent, but financially displaced. If people are comfortable, the better the peace of the country.
            In my days, going shopping at UTC, Kingsway, Leventis, Bhojsons, PZ and the rest , weren't a luxury. May God continue to empower you in all areas of life in Jesus Name Amen. Expecting your confirmation about the contract.

            • Darlinton Omeh January 25, 2014

              Thank you for appreciating what we do here. About the investment with us, yes the contract terminates after two years. But you have the option to reinvest after two years. You can contact me for more details. Thank you!

              • Anonymous March 7, 2014

                How can we contact you

              • Karlimah July 30, 2017

                Sorry Brother, kindly tell me what you know about Pig farming or Piggery business in Nigeria….Is it a business you can advice someone to go into or there is other business you can refer instead of that…thanks a lot

              • Darlinton Omeh July 30, 2017

                There are countless of business ideas we have written about on this website, including pig farming. Browse around, read as many ideas as you can, and make your choices. Ours is to suggest business ideas, it is your ultimate responsibility to decide which idea to implement. Thanks

              • Tunde Oyerogba February 5, 2018

                I will like to have your contact and talk business as you have talked about one of my area of interest.
                kindly contact me.

          • Anonymous November 14, 2014

            As profit/interest or how?

          • akorede January 24, 2016

            If i invest 200 thousand how much am i going to getnat the month

            • Darlinton Omeh April 10, 2016

              Akorede, thank you for the interest but unfortunately I don’t accept N200,000. The minimum you can invest with us is N2million.

          • IK Ezugwu April 29, 2016

            Hi Darlington.

            I am interested in the business you mentioned earlier i.e invest a minimum of 2 million naira and get a fixed return monthly.

            Can you please get in touch to explain further.

            I live in the UK and am looking to invest in Nigeria.


          • sochimaolisah July 16, 2016

            Pls sir how can i getur contact

          • Mosangel October 27, 2017

            darlinton omeh you are blessed, adviceing people on business to do is your business, makeing people invest is your investment – you are blessed… I wonder where you got that brain from.

          • Marcel November 28, 2017

            Darlington umeh. Can I have your phone number. For I reside in Australia and planning to invest in Nigeria. And where is your office at?

          • Joyce July 16, 2020

            Pls how can I make 5ook every month if I invest 5mill am interested

        • Darlinton Omeh July 5, 2014

          Come to our office or do me a mail

      • Becky Blu November 22, 2013

        i want to know steps in supplyin or sellin of buildin sand in nigeria, hw much ll cost to own a personal truck nd d procedure to d buisness in Nigeria

      • Darlinton Omeh December 1, 2013

        Happy weekend everyone! I will soon be back to base

      • foma badi December 2, 2013

        These are all wonderful businesses,and if you really have the desire to be rich,any of these businesses will take you there,guaranteed.But with hard work.

      • Anonymous December 21, 2013

        GOod work. I'm interested in the INtERNET business. I'm based in abuJa. Pls give full details on participation.

      • Anonymous January 22, 2014

        Kindly inform me when the 2014 internet business school would commence.

      • Daniel Remi February 4, 2014

        This is the question that most people ask themselves every now and then. People wake up every morning with no inspiration, all they perceive is past glories and and a wicked fear for the future. Everyone has a potential or a value to present to the society, these potentials are in us for a purpose. We can't just fold our hands and watch as others make good names for themselves. There is nobody who can't be a celebrity or an icon in this society, all you have to do do is determine within yourself, fight all fears, be extremely confident and my friend, the sky will be a starting point.

        You may say "i don't have money, how can i achieve this or that?" My friend, not everyone was born with a silver spoon but it is your right to make sure you don't die a poor man. Everyone that is being celebrated today did not just make it in a day, there is a saying that "a drop of water makes a mighty ocean", start small and make it big. Don't envy anybody, be yourself and stand tall no matter what. You deserve to be celebrated!

      • Anonymous February 6, 2014

        I'm deeply pleased to see a great forum like this. I have been living in the United States for few years now, and trust me, it has never occurred to me that the Nigerian market can be worth considering for investment of any type. But thank God for person like Darlinton (admin, if that's his name) for his great insight and wealth of information.

      • Ifiokobong February 28, 2014

        Thank you Darlington, for this long list of lucrative business ideas. All these business are all feasible here in Nigeria. Really, anybody that do ay of them well will surely gain from it. Thank you for all your work. i will soon try and submit a guest post on your blog. Nice work you've done here. Keep the flag flying

      • Anonymous March 18, 2014

        May be at this point you should advice people to venture into fish farming..

      • Vivipedia March 29, 2014

        This is a very incisive work.

      • kamoru April 14, 2014

        Thank you for great work you do, more power to your energy.

      • Anonymous April 23, 2014

        Can you manage my mack truck for your business? if yes, send me your contact details.

        • Darlinton Omeh July 5, 2014

          We are not managing trucks for now except if it's up to five. Who is currently managing it for you and why do you wants to withdraw it?

      • queenlaz April 24, 2014

        wow.this is interesting and is good to get ideas on each of the biz I wil lik d internet or oil and gas but how much wil it cost.thanks

      • queenlaz April 24, 2014

        great ideas on business.but on each of these what wil it cost to start.thankz

      • Anonymous April 29, 2014

        you doing a great job please i would love to start the car wash business in lagos but i do not have a location or a land to start it up please can you help me or give me info on that.

      • Uche May 8, 2014

        Something is missing in this equation. Factor in the cost of generating electricity and water supply because there is none, cost of security, and transportation then watch your profit evaporates. Tell me a place or state with steady electricity and water supply I will go there and invest.

        • Darlinton Omeh July 5, 2014

          There is probably no company in Nigeria that use power more than telecoms and hotels. Yet, you still have big MTN, Etisalat and big hotels like Protia, Sharaton, and Intercontinental thriving in our land. Anyone can give any reason when he is not ready for business but those that are ready see thousands of reasons to move forward.

        • Anonymous October 31, 2014

          Am Abubakar Musa.If you are serious in investing in Nigeria,please come to Jebba Kwara State, power is constant 24hrs,if you come i will pay for your accomondation for 2 days

        • Adesholami September 29, 2017

          There are places in Lagos that light is great.. Just the right information… I will tell you where

      • chibuzor emmanuel May 9, 2014

        Hi, how much as capital is needed to start ghe poultry business

      • chibuzor emmanuel May 9, 2014

        Hi, how much caoital ii needed to start a poultry business. . I really appreciate th e write up.

      • Anonymous May 11, 2014

        pls wat bou hairdressing business,is it good enough?am 21yrs old on my I.T and i want to go into it.pls reply

        • Darlinton Omeh June 12, 2014

          Yes, hairdressing business is good and has been big and will remain big. Women can't do without making their hairs you know! But make sure you learned the art of making hair first and be good at it before venturing into the business

      • Anonymous May 11, 2014

        pls is hairdressing good enough.am 21yrs on I.T and i want to go into dat

      • Muhammad Tofa June 8, 2014

        Hit me through my emails, I think I am interested in the Rice business.

      • Anonymous June 12, 2014

        It's terribly that disspointing that we expect the author to go out there get all the little chunks of info, logistics and even feasibilty studies needed to start certain businesses. The idea on here is to create a spark hence u go out there and do the rest work. It's never so easy in the beginning and all the businesses are not risk free. That we should note.

      • Anonymous June 24, 2014

        @op… Your articles are great… Keep the good work up pal!!

      • Anonymous June 24, 2014

        Thanks for these great business ideas, I am presently in Germany , but coming to nigeria soon and I will be in lagos. My interest is in the sewing business , how lucrative you think this will be? Pls what advice can you give. I have experience with sewing of only women clothes. Thanks.

        • Darlinton Omeh July 5, 2014

          I have only one thing to tell you: Any business worth doing is lucrative in Nigeria. We have big name designers already in Nigeria

        • Abiola September 3, 2018

          Good day!
          U WILL imPlore you to invest in schools, both nursery, primary and secondary. It lucrative businnes. I bet it with you. You will be making more than 20million in a year.

      • Sola Meghoma June 26, 2014

        How can I start oil and gas distribution

        • Darlinton Omeh August 17, 2014

          It depends on two things: The amount you have at hand, and the knowledge you have about oil and gas. Maybe you can specify – which aspect of oil and gas do you want to venture into?

          • Anonymous November 10, 2014

            On the oil and gas business, I intend buying truck to distribute fuel but I don't know how to get the offer. Do I have to go to filling stations to ask if I can bring fuel for them or do I go and buy fuel and then start looking for people who will buy it from.

      • Anonymous July 3, 2014

        I want to thank God almighty very much for leading me to this site and also thank you for taking time to come up with these write up.You see, I am interested in poultry and snail farming for a start.Pls advice me on all I need to know for the business to move on well including logistics, Thanks and God bless you richly.

        • Darlinton Omeh July 24, 2014

          Try and locate the poultry farming articles on this site, you can see one among the trending posts on the sidebar, it contains most of the advices you need. You can as well get the ebook. Thank you!

      • Victoria Oluremi Akinsete August 1, 2014

        I am new on this site and quite happy to be here. please i need an advise on how to secure a loan and what it takes to start a creche around the mainland. Thanks.

        • Darlinton Omeh August 1, 2014

          I have some articles here that talks about how to secure loans in Nigeria. The best and surest means is through your bank, or through micro finance banks. Opening up the doors to investors is nice too if you know how to truly manage investment.

          As regards the creches, Search for the article "How to start nursery and primary school in Nigeria, it will be of help to you. Thanks!

      • Jerry Obukohwo August 1, 2014

        This is quite impressive.It is nice to see that we still have people like you among us. Please keep up the noble work. Should you come to London, I will be glad to meet with you in one of our numerous pubs. Cheers. Jerry Obukohwo

      • Anonymous August 1, 2014

        inspiring business ideas, please keep up the great work

      • Nadine Stojanoff August 10, 2014


      • Nadine Stojanoff August 10, 2014

        This is inspiring and thanks for the good work. I would like to know what happen to my 5m invested if I chose to have my funds back within a period of 6 month,

        • Darlinton Omeh August 10, 2014

          Yes, you can recall back your investment after six months by giving us one month notice. So if you need your money for other things after six months, just give us one month notice and we’ll make it available to you.

      • JENNIFER August 19, 2014

        I need article on investment in internet. They are different types, can I know which of the articles you have written on.

      • Anonymous August 22, 2014

        Pls i borrow and invest money on selling of computer accessories and nt really bringing profit in this my area, pls i nid Ʊя̅ advice on wht other thing to with this in assisting me in Ado Ekiti

      • senegal August 31, 2014

        I would like to start imorting Senegalese clothing (from senegal) to sell them in Nisgeria but specially in Lagos. Anyone has advise on where to show the clothes or anyone to introduce me to in order to sell the clothing.


        • Adesholami September 29, 2017

          If the cloth, materials are beautiful and different from what is already here I can market it 4 u….

      • Adeloba September 15, 2014

        Am so happy I stumbled on this website..I have about N3m tho currently working but would want to start the frozen food business do u think this will be lucrative considering the fact that this business is capital Intensive

      • Anonymous September 20, 2014

        How much will it cost to start up dried fish factory

      • Anonymous September 21, 2014

        I am interested in d internet business pls like how much will I need to start d business nd wot nd wot do I need to start up d business thank u.

      • adetola adele September 22, 2014

        Hello Mr. Darlinton Omeh, I have being following your blog for almost a year and half, and i have already invested in a business your blog thought me ( PURE WATER/ BOTTLE WATER) this has really took alot of funds.. My new plant is located at IKORODU LUCKY FIBER. i have all the machines, 3 sachet water machines, and 1 full automatic bottling machine, my nafdac is out both for Sachet and bottle, i have a 27kva power gen set diesel and also 8.8kva petrol… i have a white iveco truck 20ft… we have started production about 2 weeks now and i am having serious issue… 1 with my truck… its not serving as expected because its too big, and i plan to get a smaller one but the problem im having now is i am out of cash to get a smaller truck… and that is why i am posting this on here to see if there is anyone who could help with giving us a truck and also i dont mind heir purchase, i have not done it before so i dont know my way around it, i need advice, the iveco truck has being parked and water distribution has stopped… Please what should i do? i approached a bank and they told me i have to run the business for 3 month get an account with them before they can give out a loan… How can i run a business without trucks? The truth is the business is very lucrative, i have the records of sales since we started 2 weeks ago and every day the sales record keeps increasing… Please i need your advice any body who can help… i will really appreciate your advice and comment and if you are interested in helping i can take you to the factory, its at IKORODU. Thanks.

        • Darlinton Omeh September 22, 2014

          Hi Adetola, it's nice to hear you are already in business but sad you have to stop momentarily. I think the best option in this regard is to approach a micro finance bank, there is one in Ikorodu garage called Jessefield micro finance bank, they can give you load within few days if you qualify. What you'll do is to used the IVECO as collateral, that will be enough to get you at-least one million from them. We pay our investor on monthly basis so we have to be prudent with money management to be able to generate enough revenue to meet up conveniently to our obligations to the investors

        • Sunny July 8, 2019

          Adetola please how do I go about this business ? I want to start mine in my state . I’m very interested in water production . Please can I have ur contact number to discuss further ? . Thanks

      • adetola adele September 22, 2014

        Oh thank you so much Sir please what is there interest rate, and also how many months do they allow to make payment? How does it work? i like to have more idea Thank you Mr. Darlinton.

        • Darlinton Omeh September 22, 2014

          The interest rate is about 4% though I'm not very sure about that. You decide the payment duration but must be within six months. Find time to approach them. Another that is very good too or even better than the former is ACCION also in Ikorodu guarage

      • Anonymous September 24, 2014

        hmm am intrested in dis haulaging business….i want evri full detail of wat is needed on it for a start up….

      • Anonymous September 28, 2014

        Good write-up may God bless you.
        For those that may be interested in making extra income in investment, click on the link above for a guaranteed investment with ROI Payable to your local account every month end.
        Note: This is not MLM or Punzy scheme. Your money simple work for you.
        Very transparent.

      • Anonymous October 1, 2014

        Hi sir pls I really need ur email address I would like us too discus business.thankx and God bless

        • Darlinton Omeh October 1, 2014

          Hello, Pls go to the "invest" page, you'll see my contact email there. The only discussion I'm willing to have is in relation to the investment. Thank you!

          • Rhoda August 13, 2017

            Am interested in opening a bakery for bread u didn’t say anything about it is it a good bussiness and how much capital is required thanks

      • Anonymous October 19, 2014

        . You wake up and do your research yourself.m surprised people are asking for amount to start a business

      • Anonymous October 21, 2014

        Sir you have done a great job, but most of the business idea you shared here required a big capital, not only rich man must make more money. please come down to fresh graduate level. Which business can i start with just only 200,000 naira.

      • Anonymous November 17, 2014

        I most thank u sir for this great job well done. I want to know what business one can do with 250,000 and how one Can go about it.

      • Anonymous November 24, 2014

        Morning mr darlinton I read ur post on the 20 lucrative business,one can do,and am so please about it and I sincerely appreciate you and d good job u are doing,please I want your advice on how yu think I can invest 100k on snail business.pls can u help out.

      • Anonymous November 28, 2014

        Dear Mr Darlinton thank you for this post its just what I have been looking for. I have been doing my research on okirika clothing. Can I export to nigeria from the UK or is it banned? Please help me out.

      • odeco one December 24, 2014

        Sir I want to known how good is selling of mobile phone in nigeria. If it a good business to go in to in nigeria

      • Anonymous December 27, 2014

        God bless you sir, am interested in investing with you but am based abroad what do I do.

      • Anonymous January 16, 2015

        Fear is my challenge

        • Festus August 16, 2016

          Good day Mr Darlington,i read your article relating to investment in your company and the returns on the it,but not well understood.Can you please explain it more clearer to me for better understanding?I expect to hear from you soon. Thanks.

      • biola omolayajo January 26, 2015

        This is a good site darlignton! I want to go into the sand business, I would like to know what it entails? if I need to join an association? what type of sand is good for what? for starters, is t better I rent trucks to save cost or I buy my own truck? because I am of the opinion that when u start small, you can garner the experience learnt on build on it.

        • Darlinton Omeh January 26, 2015

          You may consider starting as a supplier and possibly expand with time. Suppliers generally don't buy trucks, what they do is after getting customers to supply, they go to the sand field, negotiate with truck drivers who load and deliver to the customer. The supplier collect money from her customer, pay the truck driver and walk with the profit. You can start with that.

      • Anonymous February 10, 2015

        are u or do u hav anyone who is into agriculture business nd seeks funding or anyone with a startup business plan..there is huge fund waiting for u.

        • Ify October 31, 2017

          I am interested in the funding, for poultry and snail farming businesses. Please how can I contact you?

        • Eric Onyenonu June 14, 2020

          I planning to start poultry business at mararaba in Nasarawa state but I need funding

      • Anonymous March 17, 2015

        The copyright infringement scared the shit out of me (lol). 200k dollars? Anyway, nice post. Just keep doing what you are doing, bro.

      • Anonymous March 20, 2015

        Thank you for the write up.

      • Anonymous April 17, 2015

        Dear Sir,
        Thank you for your enlighten. I need business proposal on plastic recycling and pet bottles blowing business.
        Can you assist me with this. You can reach me on
        Thank you.

      • Gerald Cella April 25, 2015

        Hello, good thing you are doing here. First I must say that some people have money to invest in a business, but do not have the idea of where to invest into. And some people do not have the money but they do know where to put it when it comes. It's very complicating. Just like me. (Sadly).
        I would like to get some ideas on some businesses that can flourish well with 15M (fifteen million naira). I'm not considering the truck, farming and other likes of it. I'm more of fashion, women's bags, shoes, Gadgets and stuffs like that. Please I need your advice. The funds might be bigger.. Please help.

        • Darlinton Omeh April 25, 2015

          There are plenty of business ideas here that you can chose from depending on your experience and circumstances. Take enough time to browse around this blog, you'll see one or two businesses to work on. Cheers!

          • WALE April 4, 2016

            Dear Darlinton Omeh,

            I am a follow of your write ups, How can my Organisation benefits from your pool of knowledge and information? We are planning to start a Fuel Station but looking for a dependable and trustworthy feasibility study.
            Sir, i will be looking forward to your reply.
            Thank you.

            • Darlinton Omeh April 10, 2016

              We are currently working to create a (Hub) business to business platform where you can easily meet services providers and other business owners. I do not have a catalogue of service providers for now. Thanks.

      • Anonymous May 12, 2015

        I really appreciate what your doing! keep it up sir…. but am confuse right now, i want to start up a poultry but don't know where to start from.. i need guide please. thanks

      • fada.. May 28, 2015

        mr Omeh,please is this OIL and GAS business real please.

      • fada.. May 28, 2015

        mr Omeh,is OIL and GAS business by Joke Enaks and Maureen Onome real please..

      • Anonymous June 12, 2015

        Hi please am so much interested in Making of Fruit Juice, how can I start it, and how much can't I start it with? please reply

      • Tokunboh Michael June 15, 2015

        how can i get you on facebook so we can talk much better

      • Anonymous June 18, 2015

        What a wonderful write-up. Very impressive.

      • Anna Olaru June 25, 2015

        I just recently read Nigerian Naij News and see what the IT sector in Nigeria is still little developed, I wonder why this industry is so profitable to invest. Besides news say that the Internet and all that it involves in this country enough to effectively promote.

      • Kingsley Okpoh August 19, 2015

        A job well done. Kudos. I want to add an online dimension to all these. Nigeria is the 5th fastest growing country in a "quiet" world-wide online business which is seen as a second income business that can make you between $200 – $500 monthly on a part time basis. Best of all, it is FREE to join and you can be paid in your local currency if you so wish. If you are serious about this and want help in getting it right, contact me and I will put you through for FREE. Check out this money-making opportunity here now

      • anonymous January 23, 2016

        Thanks so much for your enlighten. More grease to your elbow. kindly help with a write up of a financial proposal to a bank for them to finance a nail production company in Nigeria.looking forward to hear from you sir.

      • akorede January 24, 2016

        How can i start business with 200 thousand naira

        • Fabian December 19, 2018

          Hello depending on where you are, there are opportunities everywhere!
          It takes a little creativity and determination for anyone to come up with a lucrative business from anywhere as long as there is a healthy sustainable population there.
          On that note that means even businesses not listed above can be discovered……
          Yo answer your question, I will say from experience that one of such lucrative yet little known business is Used Books.
          As it was rightly mentioned above, used items sell well anytime, any day, anywhere….
          Used Books is very Profitable, and you can start with as little as N2,000 in this modern day Nigeria!
          It’s even easier for someone who loves Books and is a bit Creative and hardworking.
          It has up to 1,000+% profit margin in most cases.
          You can run it with getting directly involved and make a full time income from it….
          I’m talking out of 20+ years experience in the business without slowing yet…..
          Wishing you the best…..

      • Ejembi January 31, 2016

        Thanks for the info.What about nylon bags production. I am interested in doing some thing that will not take me out of my house for long.

      • Pius February 22, 2016

        Great insight, more power to ur elbows, BT it analysis or estimation for poultry business was wrong. There is no how u can make N30million wt 1,000birds in a year. Pls. Do it calculation well.thanks

      • Kianersi February 23, 2016

        Good Day to You Sir/Ma’am,

        We have direct providers of Bank Guarantee (BG’s), Insurance Guarantees, MTN, Confirmable Bank Drafts, Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Third Party Guarantees. If you are a potential Investor or principal looking to raise capital, we will be happy to answer any questions that you have about this opportunity and to provide you with details regarding these services. Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work directly with the providers of these instruments. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal costs to lessor compared to other banking finance options. This offer is open to both individuals and corporate bodies. If you have need for Corporate loans, International project funding, etc. or if you have a client that requires funding for his project or business, We are also affiliated with lenders who specialize on funding against financial instruments, such as BG, SBLC, POF or MTN, we fund 100% of the face value of the financial instruments. Inquiries from Agents/Brokers/Intermediaries are also welcome. If you are interested in seeking to raise finance for your business/projects in this way.

        Thank You,

      • Godfrey odali February 27, 2016

        Thankyou for the information about the business please guide me on am interested in internet advertising agency and investment in internet company

      • Okechukwu Ngene March 21, 2016

        Apt and informative. Only if people can let go FEAR and PROCRASTINATION. This two are harbinger of business death. People should learn to be optimistic in whatever business they wanna delve into…..Calculating risk before hand is good; but staying positive is better.

        Mr. Omeh (Admin), you probably forgot to add food stuff business in the list. It could be Yam, maize, palm oil business, just name it. The fact is that no matter the economy, people must eat food to stay alive and healthy. Food stuff like this foodstuffmillions.blogspot.com can spur someone here up…..

      • Ken April 1, 2016

        Thanks so much my brother,i love your post and the impact you are building in greater Nigeria. I expect our religious leaders to do the same rather grab money and type Amen on facebook.

      • prince Magnus April 5, 2016

        i must commend you Mr Omeh for you insightful works. i have deep and good knowledge of Beverage production all flavours, i mean i can give Chivita ,Dans etc a good run for their money and can produce Alcoholic beverages both Foreign and Local brands and have developed my own drinks and flavours, you need to have a practical look at my works and you will be marveled. several other products like Custard, Coldwater starch, Perfume,Air freshners etc have i perfected their productions. i seek a Finance partner to help me unleash this potential to the Nigeria market, i have approached finance institutions but their conditions dosent help a starter hence my resort to individual partnership. any advise or help on this.

        • Darlinton Omeh April 10, 2016

          I really don’t have any useful advice to give on this because Nigeria is not a place you can strike partnership easily. Everyone just have this mentality of starting his/her own which is very bad for serious business growth. Partnership is what build great companies

          • David July 28, 2019

            @Darlington first of all I commend you for a great secret to sucess which you have just shared on your forum, will 5 million start the building materials business and as well furniture showroom business?

        • Darlinton Omeh April 10, 2016

          I really don’t have any useful advice to give on this because Nigeria is not a place you can strike partnership easily. Everyone just have this mentality of starting his/her own which is very bad for serious business growth. Partnership is what build great companies.

          • Benita April 7, 2018

            Mr. Omeh, Thank you for the useful write-up. I m based in the United Kingdom with the plan to invest in the area of farming and fruit juice production in Nigeria. Please, can you give me your contact to enable me to contact you in private for more discussion and advise?

        • Chinweuba August 22, 2016

          Hi prince, am inspired by your knowledge. You are a true definition of Asset. I have a special interest in learning more about cold water starch. This is especially the powdered one. Again, I did d liquid type and it came out good but got decayed after two weeks. Kindly put me through on 1: how to do d powdered cold water starch 2: what preservatives I can add to d liquid one to made it durable.

      • Omofela April 20, 2016

        This site is helpful will like to join you to achieve my aims and objectives on lucrative work in Nigeria.
        Thank you.

      • Wilfred April 21, 2016

        Sir, i am very happy to visit your site with full of business ideas. Plz i need your help. Am a dj and i need to start up any other business to boost my pocket. I need your help. What kind of business will i start with 300 thousand naira. Thank u

      • Dal Lawrence April 27, 2016

        Pls is their any info on how to get a crapped vessel for sale in Lagos.

      • WilliamKit May 3, 2016

        What’s debt consolidation?

        Consolidating personal debt consists of taking right out new credit to repay existing credit usually. Most people do that to lessen the interest on the debt, to lower their payment amount or even to reduce the volume of companies they owe money to.

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        Debt consolidation reduction or arrears management?

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      • gerald May 4, 2016

        Waoh. glad i found this site.

      • Tola May 5, 2016

        Good job u re doin,pls how can i go wth selling of attachment and waveon,i really need information abt d business,cus its a business i wil lk to start now bt i dnt knw how to go abt it.tnks

      • osinachi May 10, 2016

        Please am intrested invd schol business how will i start.

        Where will i get money to start it

      • Samuel kelvin May 19, 2016

        I wan to start profession cars wash,how can i start.wer can i get money to start

      • Jennifer May 26, 2016

        Such a great job you are doing. May God continue to increase you in wisdom and grace. Please I would like to start a recharge card printing business, could you please advise me on requirements and how to go about starting? Thank you and God bless you.

      • Emily omoze June 3, 2016

        God bless u sir,dis is a great ideal sir pls I do I start poultry farming like hw much do I need 2 start with

      • adejumo afolabi June 21, 2016

        Hi. This may be coming late but I’m new on this thread but I’ve actually been searching for people with business acumen. I have business/investment opportunities in oyo, osun, ondo and ekiti states presently , particularly osun at the moment. This is something that can give more than 50 percent profit within 3-4 months . It is not network marketing or anything of that sort. It is a project that is being executed in partnership with reputable organisations like skye bank and some trade unions. I am actually a consultant working on the project. Everything is above board and you will be taken along every step of the way and infact, you don’t have to drop physical cash. Please reply on this comment section should you want to learn more. Or if leaving my contact information will not violate forum rules you may reach me at. thanks.

      • Innocent July 12, 2016

        Good insight.May God bless you.the fear of unknown is my problem because of my experience in the past. I have supplied diesel using someone to run it.The person disappeared with my money till date. Now what type of biz to u think one can start with 500k

      • Idiong July 23, 2016

        As a student what lucrative business can I get involved with in Nigeria?

        • Emmanuel June 7, 2018

          Go study science and have a career that is need around the world, everyone shall not be a business person.

      • Idiong July 23, 2016

        That can make me make lots of profits as time goes on

      • Anabel July 24, 2016

        What about a business like selling of cream, deodorants and make up?

      • P.A. NAYINA August 5, 2017

        Am a graduate from a health institution and want to start pharmaceutical business, please any idea?

      • Wale Banire August 31, 2017

        Hello Darlinton. I couldn’t find the “Training” or “Invest” page so that I can attend a training and also invest the minimum amount. Please.direct.


      • Blog a Biz September 17, 2017

        Nice ideas you got here. But most of these business ideas requires some initial start-ups. I do advise people to acquire skills and start freelancing on sites like fiverrs, upwork and more.

      • GetdTips September 22, 2017

        this is one of the most committed blog on business tips, nice article

      • Adesholami September 29, 2017

        If you people to help you market your products..you can mail me

      • Felix October 13, 2017

        I’m just a student, I was told to look for hand made lucrative job that I can learn before going to school. I am good in cooking of different delicacies of food, someone who wants to sponsor me says that I should learn shawarma and barbecue that really streamline with the talent but I have doubt about it I want something that will carry both the average and rich people along and another idea of shoes and pam with different designs like Ankara and good quality of leather use in designing or u can tell me any lucrative business I can do for a living while I am in school for part time. Thank u.

        • Essien November 1, 2017

          Don’t forget your mission is to go to school and study , youhould only engage in a business that gives you time to study last time I cheeks cooking is hard work and full time so think we’ll and hard to know what is the right buisness to door your environment.

      • Emma October 14, 2017

        With NGN20,000, advice me on the best profitable business to start.

      • vandan October 16, 2017

        We are from India, and we are looking forward to do business in Nigeria, we can supply all the required material . we deal in pipe fitting ,expansion joints ,building materials ,second hand clothes ,shoes ,cosmetics, good quality rice.
        we are even looking for starting up a business in Nigeria.
        Anyone interested please reply on comment or mail me .

      • StepfonXLewis November 2, 2017

        This is an awesome site… I’m from the US and looking to invest in Nigeria… I see so much opportunity and growth available. I can’t wait to get started.

      • Justino Latino November 7, 2017

        This is great efforts.
        I want to know who I can start a wine distribution business in Abuja.

      • Adebiyi November 10, 2017

        Please i will like to do business with you on the aspect of the 2 years contract if i invest 2m means i will be getting 200k every month for period of 2years please i will like you to get in touch with me on that

        • Darlinton Omeh November 10, 2017

          No, If you invest N2million you will get N4million total pay in 12 months. Thank you

          • uche March 15, 2018

            Hello Darlington,
            I like to know the investment that gives me 4 m in 12 months if I invest 2

      • obadeeone November 20, 2017

        hello sir, i am an employee. i just got a job and i have been wondering what business can i start and easy to manage with my work. pls help me. i await ur advice

      • anuli January 16, 2018

        pls i need to start a business but my problem is money and the economy is too bad here in nigeria imo state to be precise. can you help.

      • Cynthia February 2, 2018

        Hello Sir,Thanks a lot fro this article. please sir, can you throw more light on starting a Second hand clothe business .
        Thank you.

      • jonathan February 6, 2018

        Your ideas are honest truth. There are wealth in Nigeria and we are running around selling our selves into second slavery. I am really interested in a small start up since I can not affors millions I can start with thousands. I really need to speak to a life person on this matter.

      • Joshua Vincent February 13, 2018

        Please do you have any idea on bees wax

      • Anonymous February 17, 2018

        This is a nice article but I just want to ask how much will be enough to start up a haulage service, how do I start investing on real estate I.e property? How much is required to start investment in oil and gas.
        your response will be appreciated

      • Wilson March 7, 2018

        Am Electrical/Electronic Engineer by profession. Will wish to register my own company with CAC. Will wish to know the exact amount that will be involve to get into the oil and gas business. If there is a reliable and honest person will equally want to move into partnership with such a person. How do i talk with you one on one as this is not enough to conclude authenticity. Thanks

      • edozie March 8, 2018

        Please help me I want to open a pure water and bottling company how do I start.hear from u soon.

      • Johnson April 4, 2018

        I’m happy wit this ideals. It’s very interesting & good one. May God proceeds to support ur effort.

      • Samira April 8, 2018

        Hello Mr .Darlinton, what profitable business can i start with 500k to 1m, thanks.

      • Baamshan Cyril April 8, 2018

        This is one of the most inspiring site I have ever visited. Hope to see more of this from you sir

      • Dickson April 27, 2018

        What do you think about cashew nut business? I want to be exportation cashew nuts. How do I get my customers

        • Shittu kasali August 6, 2018

          Cashew nut business is very lucrative but is a seasoning business. This is what I do, and getting customers is not a problem but getting trustworthy and committed business minded people is the problem. If you are interested and ready please see my details below and let discuss.

      • Promise April 28, 2018

        Good consultant.

        Making Nigerians to be productive.

        Thank you

      • Abiodun May 1, 2018

        Please how can I import goods (bags, shoes, clothing s) from Malaysia, Italy, UK, and other parts of the world

      • RICHARD EXCEL May 20, 2018

        how do I start a business of electrical electronics outside the country

      • Daodu Abayomi May 21, 2018

        what of printing press

      • Pwaduluwi May 28, 2018

        Great write up and thank you for taking the pain to provide this great information.
        In addition to all that you said, I think our people need a start up business training before giving loans out. Also this is about the security challenges in some part of the country. All these fulaniherdsmen killing and destruction of businesses and properties. It does not wholly encourage investment in Nigeria.
        I want to invest in poultry and snails, but I would need people to supply snails to within and outside Nigeria.
        I discover that many countries don’t want to export agricultural items from Nigeria.

      • John Ken May 30, 2018

        I want to invest 1.5m naira with you, kindly contact me @ my email address. Hope to hear from you soon

        • Darlington Omeh May 30, 2018

          Hello John Ken,

          Thank you for your interest in investing with me. In your comments, you mention N1.5million and N2million, how much exactly do you want to invest?

          I have you read the details about my investment plans? If you haven’t done so, see it at https://wealthresult.com/invest

          Thank you

      • Kenneth Uhunoma Michael June 10, 2018

        Dear Darlington.

        Thanks for your post. We are looking for tangible investors and shareholders who will like to invest in our salt product.

        Our investment can generate up-to 52% returns per annum.

        We are looking at N3. 5m with remarkable prospects.

        Anyone interested can reach us.

        Warm regards

      • Jameson Wealth June 19, 2018

        If you are coming from outside Nigeria to setup a business here, you can contact me through my email if at all you would need any help. I will be willing to render any kind of assistance as regards to business and investment. Thank you.

      • Kalusha June 19, 2018

        Good site. Will like to start the poultry farm or transportation business. I will like to know the break down of how much it will cost for a start. Thank you….

      • John Scott July 15, 2018

        please what kind of lucrative business can I start up with 15million naira i intend going to selling construction and building materials I dont know so I need your advice and guidelines on this thank you

      • John Scott July 15, 2018

        please Mr Darlington is it possible to venture into sales of construction and building materials with the sum of 15 million and where can I found a suitable location for the business purpose where would you prefer for me Lagos or Port Harcourt

      • John Scott July 15, 2018

        I’m looking forward to hear from you soon thank you

      • Frank July 26, 2018

        Thanks for your good work. I want to go into truck business. I plan investing about 50 million. Am always away from the country.

      • Chinzu Nwankwo December 3, 2018

        What’s your number? Would like to discuss with you about the 1 million dollars investment on rice and 100 percent turnover… I might be interested if the plan is feasible

      • Saviour esara December 17, 2018

        Thanks for your good work

      • Thandie January 9, 2019

        According to research by global consulting company McKinsey ecommerce in Africa will account for $75 billion by 2025 which will be equal to 10% of all retail sales. In particular, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa are expected to dominate ecommerce as they are already doing it now. As such, ecommerce holds a lot of potential especially since technology is making it easier to start an ecommerce business and it often does not cost a lot to get started. Plus, an ecommerce business can be run from anywhere whether that is Nigeria, the UK or South Africa riseafricarise.com/business-opportunities-south-africa Digital will present many incredible business opportunities in the coming years as the economy is digitizing at an accelerating pace.

      • Jite London January 16, 2019

        Thank you for this wonderful ideas of your, i so much appreciate you. and i am looking forward to settle down with any of this listed above

      • Irobun February 4, 2019

        I love the content of this article and I would like to be part of one of them. Presently I based in Europe and I am really willing to get intouch with you. Thanks. Irobun

      • KolaOjo Olumayowa February 5, 2019

        Your posts online has been a great deal of help to me and I believe so many other individuals
        Please keep up the good work
        God bless you

      • Emmanuel February 15, 2019

        Thanks so much for this article, it really helped me decide.

      • Charles February 21, 2019

        Your write up was quite insightful. Keep doing the good work. Please am interested in rice business and haulage likewise. May I get your contact for further discussion.


      • busayo adejayan February 23, 2019

        Thank you for this awesome content
        Agriculture remain the best business to invest in in Nigeria but it still hidden to some Nigerians.

      • Unity March 8, 2019

        Thanks for the opportunity to have this information, I wish to start a supplying business i.e buying goods from south and selling it in the north and vice versa. Please Sir I need information on which of the product to start with ? I have tried Garry supply but it did not work because the sellers buys directly from the wholesalers. Please I really need your help.

      • Daps April 24, 2019

        I fond this piece worth the read. Thanks greatly. Let’s start doing good/profitable business in Nigeria

      • Mayowa May 23, 2019

        I’m so glad to have come across your page, you are indeed a blessing. But sir, could you please advice me on what sorts of business that I can do with 300k capital

      • Franklyn July 5, 2019

        Please contact me on. Let’s talk business.

      • Philip July 16, 2019

        How do I invest in a tech businesses

      • Momohjimoh Aminat July 31, 2019

        please which profitable business can i start with N50,000 only

      • Emmanuel Daudu August 24, 2019

        Highly informative and thus provide a direction on how to start a profitable business in Nigeria

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      • Umurhurhu ovigue destiny September 19, 2019

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      • Yemi October 8, 2019

        Is uber business a lucrative transportation business?
        Can I invest on it pls I need ur advice.

      • michae October 16, 2019

        please my name is Michael , currently resides at south East of Nigeria. I have vision &
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        But to do most of this things government will also collect their share ??
        Yes or no ?

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      • Bayode Margaret F. January 14, 2020

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        I must say,Great write up.
        Impactful information.
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        I really must commend you.Asides this though, I admire the fact that you relate with your readers and I also have a question for you.
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      • Emmanuel Nwachuku June 22, 2020

        Nigerians will continue to leave Nigeria as long as the life of a cow is more valuable than a human being. As long as tribe is more valid than merit and as long as crime, militancy, killer police, ritualists and witchcraft prevails.
        Stop wandering why Nigerians leave to places were merit counts and you don’t get robbed of you income or life. When Nigeria gets a government ( which has been lacking for over 30years and getting worse), Nigerians will come home in droves.

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      • Ken isi July 8, 2020

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