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With an annual population growth rate of 2.43% (2017 est.), Nigeria is one country which continues to witness high population growth. Doubling as Africa’s most populous country, and the world’s most populous black nation, it presents so much potential for business. There is little wonder why businesses continue to come into the country in droves to invest. However, our attention is focused on the baby products industry which continues to expand its operations in Nigeria. To do business in this sector, you do not need to break the bank. Instead, you can simply leverage on the services offered by these companies by becoming a distributor.

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The Baby Products Industry in Nigeria

With steady population growth which shows no signs of abating, the inherent business potentials are endless. The more babies being born, the more baby products are needed. Some of these baby products include diapers. Lately, there has been a scramble for the Nigerian market among major manufacturers. Many of these companies bank on the huge population of Nigeria. However, among these baby diaper brands are those which have attained a national spread. On the other hand are smaller brands with regional coverage.

Some of the major baby products manufacturers in Nigeria include; Procter and Gamble also known as P&G the makers of Pampers. There are other variants of pampers such as swaddlers sensitive, Pampers baby dry, and Cruisers dry. Other major baby products manufacturers are Hayat Kimya (the manufacturers of Molfix Diapers), Fidson Products Manufacturers, makers of Cuddles and PZ Cussons, makers of a wide variety of baby care products.

Other baby care product manufacturers include Huggies Nigeria, the producers of Huggies Diaper, Rainbow Fame Industries, the producers of Cuddsies Diapers and Always Me, the producers of a variety of baby items, including pillows, fabrics, mats and socks among several others. The list can go on and on, however, you have to make your pick from the pack.

Things to Consider

The path to becoming a diaper and other baby care products distributor is quite challenging. This is so because you have to consider several factors when choosing a company to work with. As a distributor, you will not like to do business with a company which struggles with acceptance of its products. There are companies which have done their home work in creating a reliable brand name for themselves. Choosing a successful brand will most likely impact your business positively. Your area of interest will determine the company you do business with.

Another important factor to consider is the coverage of the company. Why is coverage necessary? A company with a wider coverage is likely to have higher demand for its product than those with regional presence. Because they are restricted in their scope of operations, they are fairly known and patronage of their products will be affected.

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It is necessary to scan through all these companies and the services they offer and observe which will be more beneficial for you. You can get more details on this by carrying out a survey of the industry. A good way of achieving this is by making inquiries from people already in the business. They are likely to reveal to you which products are in high demand.

Applying for Distributorship Rights

After using the above mentioned tips in selecting a reliable company, the next step is to make your interest known to the company. Here, you may need to visit its operational headquaters for these and further inquiries, or visit its website. Because there are several of these companies, you may want to perform a google search on your preferred company to find out more about its requirements for doing business. An important requirement to have is the financial capacity to kickstart your business. This usually involves a payment for its products which will be delivered to you.

Most of these companies will require tht you own a shop or warehouse as well as a delivery van. Some companies have different categories of distributors. Each of these has its requirements. However, most large baby care product companies do business with only major distributors. Whatever the case may be, you should try to avoid products which will be difficult to market. When making your choice, you should choose a partner which allows a higher profit margin. By offering you a higher profit margin to start with, your business is more likely to succeed than not.

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