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    likely make dozens of them each day. Many are of little lasting consequence.
    Some, though, can have a profound impact on our lives. What are they? Decisions. In all the decisions that we
    make, big or small, our primary concern is for it bring honorable returns

    you find it easy to make decisions, or is it a challenge for you to do so? If
    we are to progress to we must learn to distinguish right from wrong and then
    make decisions that reflect our own convictions, not those of someone else.
    (What are some other compelling reasons why we need to learn to make good
    decisions? Why is it sometimes so difficult to make them? And what steps can we
    take to make sure that the decisions we make 

    Why Make Decisions at

    we are indecisive others can capitalized on our inability and can easily
    influenced us. standards are involved, our schoolmates or workmates may
    conclude that we are not really convinced of our beliefs and therefore are They
    may lie, cheat, or steal and then try to persuade us to “follow after the
    crowd” by joining them or at least by covering up for them. (However, a person
    who knows how to make decisions will not permit fear or a desire for acceptance
    to cause him to behave that 

    all who want to make decisions for us mean us harm. Well-intentioned friends
    might insist that we follow their advice. If we are living away from home, our
    relatives likely still have deep concern for our well-being and may feel
    compelled to continue to involve themselves in important decisions we face. For
    instance, consider the matter of medical treatment health care, though, are not
    clear-cut and require that each of us make a personal decision as to what
    treatment we will accept or reject. Our loved ones may have strong opinions on
    these issues. However, when deciding about those matters, each one needs to
    carry “his own load” of responsibility

    can place us in grave danger. Like a man in a rudderless boat on a stormy sea,
    he will be tossed about by shifting human opinion. How easy it would be for
    such a person to suffer ruin and then blame others for his sad situation how
    can we avoid that outcome? We must become “stabilized, to achieve stability, we
    need to learn to make decisions that reflect well to ourselves and business may
    hinder our ability to make good decisions?

    Why Decisions Can Be
    Difficult to Make

    may paralyze us fear of making the wrong decision, fear of failure, or fear of
    appearing foolish to others. Those concerns are understandable. Nobody wants to
    make a poor decision, one that causes trouble and possibly shame before
    we make important decisions. We will thus minimize the number of mistakes we
    we always make the right decision? No. All of us make mistakes and can lessen
    the anxiety we feel about making decisions. How? By realizing that sometimes
    there are several correct paths to choose from. Should we be concerned with how
    others view the decisions that we make? To some degree if we acknowledged that
    a decision may not in itself be wrong, yet it could cause harm to someone with.
    What we too need to consider how our decisions will affect the our business
    1 Avoid Being Presumptuous
    Do Research
    Pray for Wisdom
    Make the Decision
    Implement the Decision
    Review and Adjust 

    Avoid being

    Before choosing a
    course of action, we need to ask ourselves, ‘Is this my decision to make?’ We
    can save ourselves and others much anxiety and grief if we modestly make
    decisions only when we have been granted the authority to do so.

    Do research.

    plans of the diligent one surely make for advantage,” wrote Solomon, “but
    everyone that is hasty surely heads for want for example, are you considering a
    business proposal? Do not let emotion rule. Gather all the relevant facts, seek
    the counsel of those familiar with such things, and determine the principles
    that have a bearing on the matter. To organize your research, prepare two
    lists, one detailing the benefits, the other the liabilities. Before you make a
    decision, “calculate the expense.” Consider the potential impact that your
    decision will have on your financial health but also on It takes time and
    effort to do research. But by doing so, you may avoid making hasty decisions
    that lead to unnecessary apprehension.

     Pray for wisdom.

    is no shame in admitting that we need God’s wisdom to help us make decisions.
    After all, relying purely on our own understanding can easily misguide us. When
    we pray for wisdom and search out the principles in God’s Word, we allow Holy
    Spirit to help us discern our real motives for wanting to take a certain course
    of action.

    Make the decision.

    not rush straight to this step before doing research and praying for wisdom. A
    wise person takes time to consider his steps. On the other hand, do not
    procrastinate. A procrastinator may come up with outlandish excuses for not
    taking action. But he still makes a decision he decides, in effect, to let
    others control his life.

    Implement the

    effort we expend to make a good decision can be wasted if we do not follow
    through and vigorously implement it. To succeed, we must be willing to allocate
    the resources needed to implement our decisions.

    Review the decision
    and make adjustments if needed.

    all decisions work out exactly as planned. Time and unforeseen occurrence to some
    extent we are expected to persist with some decisions though we may encounter trials.
    Most decisions, though, are less weighty. A wise person will from time to time
    review the decisions he has made. He will not let pride or stubbornness prevent
    him from adjusting or even reversing a decision.
    of us, therefore, have compelling reason for making decisions that honor

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