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Factually, I fill sad when I see our young youth traveling outside the country without having any defined means of secured leaving in another man’s land.

I know that this information will help millions of Nigerian graduates who are looking for what to do to make a leaving.

Here in Nigeria, especially Lagos sate Accommodation is the first priority in the scale of preference to anyone leaving in Lagos because of the over populated status.

Kitchen Utensils

After the accommodation the next is to acquire some basic electrical utensils such as, Iron, Stove, Blenders, toasters,  Hot plates, microwaves, Gas cookers of different forms and brands based on the company that produce them, it is on this categories you have potable two electric Burner and two gas Burners, portfolio gas cooker and others .

All this are necessities in a home which can sale itself anywhere is it located. In the island here in Lagos, take your time to visit Oroyinyin Street in Jankara market at Seamen’s lagos island. Each of these products is sold with 1,000-1,500 naira profit and above. For instance, you will buy iron at 700 naira sale at 1,500. This is the cheapest prize for it.
How do you get this business started?

1. Look for a busy place: Because people are in need of all this things but for the fact that they leave the house in the morning and return in the evening, most of them don’t have time to start searching for which market to go for the thing they need, so if they see it anywhere they are bound to buy them.

2. Get a table or rent a shop if you can afford one: you have to ensure that you are realistic in strategic thinking; if you are using a table with canopy you can go for empty land lose to a fence or shop and negotiate to pay them some money at the end of the month. Better still, if you are going for a shop, make sure it is in a busy place.

3. Proceed to Jankara market to buy your goods: with not less than 100,000.00 Naira, you will buy reasonable goods that will make your shop look attractive. With this in place you are in for a money making business.

This is a guest post written for by Runcie Ikeri

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  • Omo August 12, 2016

    Thank you for this post. I am a start up. Will I be able to get other home ware items in this Jankara market i.e bathware, souvenirs and home decor. I dont stay in Lagos and i will be travelling down. Thanks again

  • Vijay Kumar khandelwal October 8, 2017

    I’m interested to export of house hold items
    Stationary item

  • erhinyore julius September 17, 2019

    thanks 4 enlighten my exprience of business more with less capital and the location to get my materals needed.

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