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You can make real money from cleaning business starting from today. Ordinarily a dirty environment repels while a neat environment attracts. To ensure that a place or thing maintains its cleanliness however is a difficult task for a lot of people. Some avoid to clean up their environment because they lack the time, others fail to do so simply because they are lazy.

The reason people have for being dirty should be none of your headache however if you aim to make money, real money. What is more, you may not need to get your hands dirty. Interested? Please read on and see the opportunities available to you and how to make money from this often neglected goldmine.

Take Your Cleaning Business To Corporate Organizations

Banks and other corporate offices are your primary target market if you want to make money from cleaning business. True some of these institutions recruit cleaners who do their cleaning chores and get paid at the end of the month, these do not have to be staff of the organizations, they can be your staff.

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All you need do is find out the amount they pay each cleaner and try to inform your potential client that you can do a better cleaning job even if they pay a little lower than they are paying presently. You will then take turn to recruit those who will carry out the actual cleaning.
Your Edge is the education you have.

You can draft a proposal that the unlettered cannot draft, you can walk into any corporate office as long as you are corporately dressed. But the ones that you are recruiting do not have this access as they can neither write nor present their case to the prospective client.

Another point that may serve to your advantage is the fact that the contract will be between you and the institution saving them the stress of having to sign different contracts with multiple individuals. They will also be saved the stress of assigning a staff  to oversee the buying of cleaning materials and consumables. Remind them repeatedly that you will handle everything.
Hotels and restaurants

It is an undeniable fact that hotels have an ever ending need to clean. They have to clean the rooms on a daily basis. They have to change and clean the bedspread immediately a client checks out. Sometimes they recruit staff to carry out this tasks. For these recruits to do a thorough job however, the service of a supervisor may be required.

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Then is the issue of staff stealing cleaning materials, over-purchasing and ripping off. When hotels truly count the cost of cleaning, they would rather give you the contract as it would be cheaper and more effective. After all you would not like your soap to be stolen. Individuals

Individuals may be the most  difficult on your list of clients and they may be the least paying as well. But it does not mean that you should ignore them, after all your goal is to make millions from cleaning business. They are also important at the beginning because they pay you immediately while corporate organizations and hotels may offer to pay monthly. So go to them and offer to weed and clean their gardens. Do their laundry and even fumigate their homes.

Remember you cannot do everything on your own, so enlist the help of those who are willing to do them. They are out there! To determine what you will charge, you may need to make brief unscientific research. Ask people around how much they pay and make your own competitive by reducing it a bit. Of course you have to be mindful of the cost of cleaning materials.  With time you may need to ask for more when they have become convinced that your services are inevitable.


300 dollars, (N45,000). This is only needed for you to procure a vacuum cleaner and other basic materials. You really do not have to get a new one. One vacuum cleaner will get you started. With your determination, it only takes few days before you start counting your first hundreds and thousands. With enough self discipline, you will eventually have to count your millions.

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