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Dubai is a city with amazing sights, typical for its high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, and accommodating one of the tallest buildings in the world –the Burj Khalifa. Truly, it is the icon of the United Arab Emirates. Little wonder, the city welcomes many foreigners from all parts of the world, usually either for tourism purpose or for seeking greener pastures. In recent years, the city has seen lots of Nigerians coming in to search and apply for jobs.

If you are considering working in Dubai, and want to apply for jobs from Nigeria, then you will find this post helpful as you keep reading.

Basically, there are two ways you could approach applying for jobs in Dubai. For some people, they would favor the idea of traveling to the city, searching and applying for jobs physically. This approach would mean you will have to pay for a visiting trip to Dubai. You will have to get a visa, depending on how long you want to stay and search for jobs. This would not cost you much. You would need to pay anywhere from $82 to $110 for a visiting visa, depending on the duration.

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However, for the purpose of this post, we would not dwell much on this approach. So, we will move on to the next approach, which is our major discussion.

Applying for Jobs in Dubai from Nigeria

For most people, applying for jobs in Dubai from Nigeria seems more practical and feasible. You do not have to pay for any visa before you could start searching and applying for jobs. To get started with your application, you will have to search for prospective employers on the internet.

A good place to begin is the Dubai Yellow Pages (business directories), which you could access by logging onto Also, the Free Zone websites, which you could access at, would help you find a listing of businesses in Dubai. Do well to do intensive research on the individual companies to check for their licensing status, and business activities validity.

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Also, you could check out the following websites for job openings, and make sure to apply for them:


As mentioned already, make sure to verify the authenticity of the business or company before applying for the business. You can visit the website of The Dubai Department of Economic Development at to check for the licensure of the company. Ensure you do the needful by providing your employer with the necessary information and any peripheral details. Make no delay in requesting for your employment letter from your employer as soon as you are approved.

Employment Visa Application

Once the employment letter has been granted, your employer would start making sure your employment visa application process begins immediately. You will have to patiently wait for your employer to be through with the completion and submission of the necessary application for your Dubai employment visa sponsorship. Your employer would fully bear the responsibility of paying for the employment visa as well as for every processing fee.

Immediately this is done, you will be contacted by the United Arab Emirates immigration department for verification. So, it is very important you supply your employer with the correct information.

As a Nigerian who is keen on working in Dubai, you must know that you must have a Dubai work visa. There are three fundamental requirements for obtaining a Dubai work visa which will guarantee you to work and stay in Dubai for two (2) years. Let us consider them one at a time.

Health Card

As part of the three fundamental requirements for obtaining a Dubai work visa, you must have to get a health card. You have to undergo a medical examination which will include a chest X-ray and a blood test to check against any such serious diseases as hepatitis C, HIV, and tuberculosis. You must submit to the Department of Health and Medical Services for the following

Your medical records, photocopies of your passport, 2 passport-size pictures, employment offer verification, and the employment visa application (completed by your employer). This is to ensure you get your health card. You must know that if you are tested positive on any of the serious diseases, you will not be able to secure your residence visa. Hence, you will not be able to work in Dubai.

Labour Card

To get your labour card, you will visit the Dubai Ministry of Labour office to submit the required documents. Together with the required documents, you will have to include three (3) copies of your employment offer (contract), a passport-size picture, and photocopies of your medical records, employer’s labour license, and entry visa.

Residence Visa

This is the third of the three fundamental requirements for obtaining a Dubai work visa. You will need to pay a visit to the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs where you can be able to get a residence visa to complete the proper requirements for working in Dubai. You will be given the residence visa application form which you will have to completely fill right there, on-site.

In addition, the following will be required from you: the original copy of your passport, original copy of your entry permit, original copy of your health certificate or medical records, original copy of your labour card (or labour card processing receipts), and two (2) passport-sized pictures.

Bonus Tip:

Before you leave to Dubai for work; it would be helpful, as part of your preparation tasks, if you can lay your hands on some good books about the Middle East, especially if you have not worked in the Middle East before. A good one to start with is Margaret K. Nydell’s ‘Understanding Arabs’.

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