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      How Can One Start Palm Oil Business In Ghana

      Hello am in Ghana and so much interested in this palm oil and other commodity business but I don’t have much money.

      I want to start something, please as an expert in this investment business, how will you advised me on ways I can start palm oil business in Ghana with the little money I have?

      There was a saying that a little drop of water make a mighty ocean. So I know I can do it with your help, cos I know where I can buy them cheap price and so on. Hope to hear from you


      2 Answers
      Expert Consultant

      This a very good idea of business. Let me tell you what most people think.

      When most people hear that palm oil business is very lucrative, they quickly dismiss the idea of taking it up because starting up a palm oil processing company requires much more capital than they can ever afford.

      But the truth is that you too can tap from the opportunities in the palm oil business without necessarily having to set up your own processing company or starting a palm plantation. How? You can achieve this by buying and selling palm oil for profits.

      Read this article below and let me know what you think.

      Thesame process applied either Ghana or Nigeria.

      Answered by Adebisi Opeyemi on March 1, 2018..
      New Member

      Palm oil is viscous oil extracted from the palm fruit. The yellowish red oil attracts a huge market in Asia and West African countries. Entrepreneurs interested in palm oil business need to decide on the business template.Palm oil business is divided into three major sectors. The first is growing the palm, processing the palm fruit and trading the product. The business model you choose depends on your area of interest and funds.

      Understand the Challenges
      To process palm oil you need to understand the palm oil production process. Other things to learn are the different types of machinery used in the production process.Next i will introduction the main process of palm oil processing machine.

      Advantages of Palm Oil
      Palm oil business is lucrative because of the huge market and demand. The oil also has a long shelf life, low cholesterol and lots of vitamin E.  Palm oil is a good substitute to vegetable oil, attract cheap price, abundant and has lots of industrial applications. Palm oil is used to produce biscuits, margarine and soap.

      Once you understand the challenges you need to secure funds. Other things you need are company registration, equipment, labor costs and location. You need to write a business plan and produce a feasibility study.

      This article include the following points:

      Locate the Palm Oil Processing Plant
      Equipment for Palm Oil Processing
      Hire Staff
      How to Trade Palm Oil
      The Supply Chain

      If you want to read the detial, please click in.

      Or you can contact us.   Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd

      We have professional engineers who specially research  on palm oil and palm kernel oil making machine.

      Contact: Ms Sophia

      Skype: sophia.zang1

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      Answered by lisadoinggroup on April 4, 2018..