Can I Use 1 Hectare Of Land For Watermelon Farming

Hello everyone, i want to know if i can farm watermelon on one hectare. Please I also want to know the steps and  What are the expected yields.

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There is no meaning in discussing the benefits of watermelons, they are quite obvious: pleasant succulent fruits are recommended in healing illness of heart as well as capillary, kidney, liver, problems of salt metabolism, obesity and lots of various other conditions. It is the wealthiest resource of potassium, magnesium, iron, folic acid, vitamins, acids and pectin compounds.

Watermelon thrives fairly well in hot and also completely dry environment; this is why it is commonly grown in the North part of the nation. Nonetheless, the only planting region isn’t always the North

Land Preparation
The land should be ploughed before growing; nevertheless you could grow the very same day of ploughing. It has been observed that planting this way is much better compared to waiting till the day after.

Choice of Seed
There are many versions of the water melon plants from which you could choose from when beginning your ranch. Some of these include:

Black Diamond
This certain specie is almost black in colour as well as its peel is bruise resistant rind. It is also sweet tasting and has a delicious flesh.

The Congo species of the watermelon has a succulent red flesh as well as it has a high sugar material. The melon is oblong and also moderate green with dark-green stripes. This specie is particularly usual in the nation.

Crimson Dessert
This is an exceptionally pleasant selection; it has a deep red flesh with an one-of-a-kind dark-green striped peel. This is another usual selection in Nigeria

Moon & Stars
This is one more selection of water melon. It is characterized by its red flesh.

Water melon can be planted on the level land or on ridges. If the soil is clay, planting on a ridge or bed is advised. On the various other hand, you could plant on a level land if the dirt is loamy. The hole should be 30 centimeters

When expanding in industrial amounts you could grow on ridges.

The plant rows ought to have to do with 2 metres apart and the spacing in between plants ought to be 1 foot apart. Expanding the plant in elevated rows ensure excellent water drainage. Usually, the method of planting also depends upon the variety. If you are planting the Congo or Crimson Variety, you should make certain the rows go to least 10 feet apart.

Prior to planting, you could examine the quality of the water melon seeds by dipping them right into a salt service (3-5%). The ones that should be grown must readily penetrate all-time low of the dish. Furthermore, the leathery seeds should be softened before they can be grown.

Also, you can make the plants extra immune to pest as well as conditions by drying the seeds imaginable for a week prior to growing. You should add humus to the dirt before planting. This is better than organic manure because manure usually affects the taste of the watermelon and also it deteriorates the resistance of the plant to disease. You can additionally make use of not natural fertilizers like phosphorus as well as potassium.

Go on and start saving lives with your watermelon. If you need anything else, lets discuss below.

Expert Consultant Answered on February 20, 2018.
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