Capital Required to Start a Poultry Business in Nigeria

Looking to start a poultry business. I have the capital but don’t know how can we communicate on phone

New Member Asked on October 5, 2017 in Agriculture.
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I don’t get the communicating on phone aspect. you could make that clear below. However, i can give you an idea of what to expect to start a poultry business in Nigeria and make millions from it.

It depends on how big you want it to be. You have at least #500,000 for a standard Poultry farming.

You need to choose a niche..

  • Egg production (Layers breeding)
  • Meat production (Broilers breeding)
  • Chicken breeding (Hatchery)
  • Poultry feed production
  • Poultry equipment manufacturing
  • Egg and meat processing, packaging and marketing
  • Poultry marketing and consultancy

You need  capital, you need location and you need plans.


Over Dependency,
Marketing skills

Threat existing in the poultry industry includes the following:
I. Source of birds: Wrong source of birds will mean wrong output,utilize recognized/trusted agency, company or hatchery.
II. Feed: Feed wrongly formulated could lead to the failure of the project,buy feeds only from reputable mills,agents etc check for spoilage and store in non-humid/moist environment.

III. Water Management: Water is the major source of disease outbreak. Mismanagement could lead to a great loss, ensure that your water source is checked for impurities, equipments/accessories should be cleared often to avoid contamination with faeces.

IV. Vaccine: Inadequate production of local vaccine leads to procurement of vaccines that might have been mishandled. This could result in Vaccine break. Immunity test purchase from reputable vets,agents etc

Disease outbreak-proper monitoring of birds to detect early signs,employ the service of a professional

V. Formite: Veterinary equipment, farm implement etc could carry infective agents. Disease could be transfered from one farm to the other. No worker should keep birds or ever work or assist in any other farm.

Theft -business owners should do proper monitoring,proper records should be kept.

Goodluck bro

Expert Consultant Answered on October 7, 2017.
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Good morning Mr, let me give you an insight from my experience in the business. I have been in the business for the past one year+ now so I can tell based on experience.

Poultry business is not what book will tell you.

Poultry business is capital intensive, not just the capital aspect but to survive, you need to be very conscious, pay close attention. Depends on how big you want to start the business and the type of chicken you want to train.

Being in the business.

The best company I have bought good chicks from is Chi Farms and Agrited. You can buy from others but this is where I buy my birds from.

To cut the story short. If you want to train broilers for meat, probably 3months. Let’s say 500 birds. Budget a minimum of 400k to feed them to avoid loss.

If you want to train Layers. Let’s say same 500 layers. And you are feeding them for 8months before they start laying eggs for you to start selling. Budget 1million naira.

Broilers really don’t consume expensive drugs but layers drugs are very expensive. Some drugs cost up to 150k which is required to avoid outbreak of sickness. Mostly the blind eyes sickness.

Poultry business is capital intensive, avoid loss in the business. If you are a very busy type, I suggest you don’t even invest in the business at all.

The business requires the owner attention not even the people you are employing.

If you need further guides, get back to this blog…

Active Member Answered on October 8, 2017.
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Udcares is very right. The capital should be around 1m or 1.5m or even more for a commercial purpose.

Expert Consultant Answered on November 3, 2017.
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First of all poultry business is capital intensive and demands total concentration. Like aperion said you need to choose a niche from what listed above but I think 500,000 is too small commercial purpose 1m is sounding like it and good luck to you.

Active Member Answered on October 7, 2017.
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