Company that Process Plantain Flour for Exportation

I want to go into commercial plantain and banana farming in Rivers State.

I am done with my business plan but still need some information that are vital to this business in the area of marketing. Apart from selling our products to local markets, we also want to sell majorly to processing Comp.

Hence,  my need to know many of them.

I want you to help me with names of processing plants In Rivers State, South South and Nigeria as a whole.

You have always been of help to me,  please I need this one too. Thanks

New Member Asked on November 7, 2017 in Agriculture.
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Companies are seriously the best option for constant deals and making more money. Before I give you a list of companies that if you contact them, and they approve it, you will be so glad to work with with them, I will tell you a little thing about how Companies works.

Selling in the local market requires nothing. You take it there, they buy, you collect your money and till next time.

However, companies are different. They are companies because they get Plantains in quality and quantities from a reliable source or a farmer who constantly supply them as they process them into flour.

They have their terms and conditions. Sometimes, they might even tell you to plant a particular species of plantains or even tell you some other things just to match the standard of what they want. You should be ready for flexibility.

Another thing is that, you don’t just go straight to a company. You have to make an arrangement, or even a proposal to get on their list. And when everything I done with papers signed, you enter into a contract.

And then you become their regular supplier.

You should have those in mind before putting a call through. To us just an ordinary farmer, Plantain Is plantain. But to some professional personnel, it’s more.

So now to the list of companies that will buy from you.

There is a list on this same site and to avoid duplicate posts, I will just give you a link below.

check the link above, contact them and make some money bro!

If you still need anything, the floor is open below.

Expert Consultant Answered on November 7, 2017.
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