How Do l Build Grasscutter Cage

Where can grasscutter starter breed and cages be purchased in ph area?.How much can these items for 6 family of grass cutter cost?.Pls.reply fast.

Ken Odikagbo.

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i quickly made a research and i found this from Nairaland……. i did a slight editing…. but i hope it helps
The grasscutters are kept in pens inside the rearing shed. The number of
pens depends on the production objectives. It is recommended to have one
breeding female per pen. The recommended surface area per adult animal
in the pen is 0.2 m2.
one possible setup could include:
• A pen for fattening young grasscutters;
• A pen for adults;
• A pen for mating;
• A pen for giving birth and feeding the young.
The layout of the pens depends on the type of material used in their
construction. Metal pens can be moved around, whereas brick pens will
be fixed.
It is not recommended to use materials such as straw, bamboo, wood or
matting because they can be eaten away by the grasscutters. The pens
can be open or closed, whichever the producer prefers. There should be
room to move around between the pens

Nigeria Grasscutter Pen Architectural Drawing/ Design

Grasscutter Pen Construction

Proper design and construction of Grasscutter Pen is critical to the success of a commercial Grasscutter farming.

ROOM SIZE: 24 by 10 feet
CAPACITY: 72 matured Grasscutter Holes/Pens
Roof Plan
Section plan
Elevation plan
2D plan
Real picture plans

You can see the video below for better help:

Watch Video

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